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10 Best Appliances to Buy for Your Luxury Dream Kitchen

July 29th, 2022 | 6 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

10 Best Appliances to Buy for Your Luxury Dream Kitchen

This article will teach you all about the ten best appliances you can buy for your kitchen.

It's probably not the best article for you to read without asking yourself a few questions first:

  • How much space do I have?
  • What will be the layout?
  • How do I use my cooking appliances?
  • What appliances do I most frequently use?

Asking these questions helps you assess your space, how you will design it, and what's important to you.

But in this article, you will learn what is considered the best in our industry and some alternatives.

Let's get started.

10 Best Appliances to Buy for Your Luxury Dream Kitchen

1. La Cornue Château Suprême Professional Range

la-cornue-chateau-supreme (1)La Cornue Château Suprême Pro Range


La Cornue is the only appliance you can completely customize.

Do you want induction, gas, a griddle, and a grill on the same top? La Cornue can arrange that.

How about gas and electric ovens so you can roast (gas) and bake (electric) in a natural convection arched oven to bake evenly?

They will even match a specific color for you.

I picked the Château Suprême for its detail and special finish work. Drake (the rapper) has one in this magnificent kitchen.

La Cornue is still handmade, but the price is steep. The cost of the Château Suprême is approximately $130,000, so it isn't exactly cheap.

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Best Alternatives:

Wolf Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

wolf-pro-range-with-a-french-top-1Wolf 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range DF484 with a French Top


Wolf is still family-owned and American-made.

Their dual fuel ranges have new blower-style convection, an infrared grill, and a griddle for precise, directed heat.

The range is w-fi-enabled and has the Gourmet setting allowing you to set the time and temperature.

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BlueStar Platinum Professional Ranges

bluestar-platinum-range-in-purpleBlueStar 48-Inch Pro Range in Purple


BlueStar is another family-owned, American-made manufacturer.

Their ranges are powerful, with multiple 25,000 BTU burners.

It is also the only gas pro range with pure convection meaning the air is blown from the back for more even heat.

You have 1000 color choices with ten trim packages for a unique look.

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2. Luxury Ventilation

Wolf-Kitchen-and-Oven-at-Yale-Appliance-in-FraminghamWolf Custom Range Hood at Yale Appliance in Framingham


Ventilation is incredibly important, especially with the high output ranges above.

Sometimes, your best option is to customize your range using your custom cabinet.

For custom metallic hoods look at La Cornue, BlueStar, and Yale:

La Cornue Pro Range Hoods

La-Cornue-Range-yale-appliance-hanoverLa Cornue Custom Range Hood at Yale Appliance in Hanover


La Cornue has elegant yet pricey ventilation hoods starting at $25,000.

BlueStar Pro Range Hoods

bluestar-48-inch-culinary-rnc-rangeBlueStar Custom Range Hood


BlueStar has invested quite a bit in ventilation lately with a ton of custom options as well.

To learn how to vent properly, download our free ventilation buying guide by clicking here.

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3. Sub-Zero Professional Refrigeration

Professional-refrigeration-at-yale-appliance-in-hanoverSub-Zero Professional Refrigerators at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Sub-Zero is the leader in luxury refrigeration, pioneering the two-compressor system.

They added air scrubbing, their vacuum seal, and magnetic crispers to keep food fresh for a longer period.

You can buy Sub-Zero in their Pro line shown above, Classic line, or the Design line of integrated refrigerators.

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Interesting Alternatives:


True-Professional-Side-By-Side-Refrigeration-in-Cobalt-BlueTrue Professional Refrigeration with Custom Cabinet Panel in Blue and Yellow Hinges


True is another solid American-made, family-owned company. They are the largest commercial refrigeration manufacturer in the world.

They only manufacture solid, pro types. However, they offer a choice of 11 colors with six different hinges for a unique look.

They make green look good. The website makes creating refrigerators fun (then again, this is my job).

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Integrated Refrigerators

subzero-built-in-refrigerators-with-custom-cabinet-panelsSub-Zero Integrated Refrigerators with Custom Cabinet Panels


Integrated refrigerators are less than 24 inches deep and hidden by the cabinet.

Sub-Zero is an excellent option, but Thermador is another good brand.

It is wi-fi enabled and can be controlled on your phone. The interior is stainless for easier clean-up and better absorption of cold air.

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Column Refrigeration

SubZero-Columns-Model-IC-24CI-IW-18-nlSub-Zero Integrated Column Refrigeration with Custom Cabinet Panels


Then you can buy columns with colors by True. They manufacture a beverage column for wine, cans, and bottles.

4. Steam Ovens

Gaggenau Steam Oven (The model I would buy if I knew what I was doing)


Gaggenau BS485612 400 Series Steam Oven


Gaggenau has more modes to do whatever you want and is the most precisely controlled steam oven you can buy for any type of food.

The style is distinctive as well. The only problem is the controls are harder to use.

Miele (The I would buy because I don't know what I'm doing)

Miele combination steam oven DGC6500XLMiele DGC6500XL Combination Steam Oven


The Miele MasterChef is simple to use. You just touch buttons after prompts. It may not have the overall functionality of a Gaggenau, but you don't have to worry about learning steam cooking.


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5. Miele Built-In Coffee System

Miele-Built-In-Coffee-In-HomeMiele Built-In Coffee System


My sister brews an unbelievable blueberry latte. She never worked at Starbucks or Peets or a fancy coffee house.

It's so good. I will drive out of my way for a cup.

Miele is all programmed to help you brew that perfect cup of coffee without the guesswork.

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6. Microwave Drawers

Smart-Sharp-Built-In-Microwave-InstalledSharp 24-Inch Built-In Microwave Installed


I could have used a speed oven, but I am not much of a microwave person. The drawers are installed under the counter, making them easy to incorporate into a kitchen.


Sharp-SMD2499FSSharp SMD2499FS Microwave Drawer


Sharp manufactures all the drawers for every manufacturer. Their best is convection, so you can use it as a separate oven.


Beko-MWDR24100SSBeko MWDR24100SS Microwave Drawers


If you don't need convection, then you don't have to spend more money on a premium brand.

They are all the same, so buy the least expensive.

Right now, that's Beko. They were also smart to limit the logo and keep it minimalist to match any appliance.

Quick Tip: Many premium manufacturers have rebate programs. You can use the rebate towards their microwave drawer and buy it for under $300.

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7. Miele ProLine Dishwasher ($4,250)


The Miele ProLine is the only dishwasher to sanitize to NSF standards like a commercial dishwasher.

The ProLine has Miele's Clean Air drying system, directing cooler air into the dishwasher, so the warmer, steamier air dissipates as water.

You also have their three-level wash system and flexible racks.

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The Best Dishwasher You Can Buy Now: Beko DDT39434 - $1,399

Beko-Dishwasher-DDT39434XBeko DDT39434X Dishwasher


Miele has been out of stock on most dishwashers for almost a year. Bosch won't have dishwashers until next April.

It's late July as I write this.

But life without Bosch and Miele hasn't been a catastrophe. LG, Profile and Beko have competitive dishwashers.

The best and most available dishwasher may be the Beko DDT39434.

The Beko DDT39434 is not on a fixed axis like most other dishwashers. It sprays in a square pattern.

They call it "CornerIntense" because more wash is directed in the corners, unlike other dishwashers.

You also have three racks, smart operation, and better drying with the door opening at the end of the cycle to release steam and heat.

Beko is far below the quiet standard of 44 decibels at 39 decibels.

It even has an ion generator to pulse negative ions contracting the positive ions of odors for a fresher-smelling dishwasher.

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8. Sub-Zero Wine Storage

sub-zero-wine-refrigerator-paneledSub-Zero Wine Refrigerator


Most brands started manufacturing wine refrigerators by installing wine shelving into preexisting refrigerators.

Only Sub-Zero designed a wine refrigerator addressing the needs of storing wine.

Wine is still a living grape. It's affected by humidity, vibration, light, and temperature changes.

A Sub-Zero wine cabinet has slide-out shelves with compressors installed on rubber grommets to dampen vibration.

You have a UV-resistant door to prevent light from damaging your wine.

You also have two separate evaporators to create two distinct temperature zones. This ensures the storage of your wine.

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9. Galley Sink and Workstation

Galley-Kitchen-Sink-Work-Station-nlGalley Sink and Workstation


Don't be surprised.

You spend more time at your sink than any other appliance. The Galley is like the Swiss army knife of sinks.

You have tons of accessories to truly entertain with your sink.

10. Luxury Faucets

Waterstone and Galley

wolf-kitchen-with-a-kitchen-sink-in-the-island-nlWaterstone Wheel Faucet at Yale Appliance in Boston


Both brands have beautiful faucets, handcrafted in the US. Shown above is the Waterstone Traditional Wheel faucet in our Boston showroom.

Bonus Section: Good Ideas

Pot Fillers

la-cornue-kitchen-with-pot-fillerLa Cornue Kitchen with Pot Filler Above Range


Cook a lot of pasta or lobsters, then why drag the big pot from your sink to your stove? You can water from on top of your stove with a pot filler.

Air Switches (for Your Disposer)

Waterstone-Industrial-Pull-Down-Kitchen-FaucetWaterstone Faucets, Dispenser, and Air Switch Collection


My mom used to walk across her kitchen to turn on her disposer. Some people still place the switch underneath the cabinet.

The air switch activates your disposer and is located next to your faucet.

Sorry, Mom.

Point of Use Refrigeration

Sub-Zero-Refrigerator-Drawers-Built-InSub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers


In any good kitchen design, the refrigeration should be on the outside. It's not crucial to be in your refrigerator like your stovetop, sink, and dishwasher.

However, point-of-use refrigerators allow you to have refrigeration closer to the middle without sacrificing tons of room.

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Key Takeaways

So, what did you think?

These appliances are considered the best, but are they the best for you?

That's the most important question.

Once again, that depends on your layout and how you use your kitchen and appliances.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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