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Confused about Ventilation?

Choosing a hood is one of the most important decisions for your kitchen especially if you use your stovetop.

You want to remove the naturally occurring fumes from your house.

You also do  not want your home smelling like the food you just cooked.

Yet most vents are not designed to remove the fumes, grease, and smoke from your home.

In this Guide You Will Learn:

  • How to size a hood to a range properly for proper capture
  • What CFM is best for the way you cook
  • The proper way to duct your hood
  • The 5 Hoods you should never buy
  • Make Up Air Laws explained so you will not have an inspector issue in your project
I didn't have to ask any silly questions or have the salesperson make comparisons as I had all the appropriate info from your buying guide. Thanks so much. I love the confidence of buying as an educated consumer.

Steve B.

Yale Appliance customer

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