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The 4 Best Built-In Coffee Machines (2024 Update)

November 17th, 2023 | 8 min. read

By Anthony DiNatale

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Best Built-In Coffee Machines

Our top picks for 2024:


Built-in coffee systems give you the best cup of coffee - better than any other option at home.

With a built-in coffee maker, you can make personalized, high-quality coffee beverages at the touch of a button. Not to mention, you will save money and time.

I don't know about you, but I can't do anything in the morning without having a coffee. K-Cups or Nespresso are quick and convenient compared to ordering coffee at your local coffee shop.

Kind of like hot dogs, but are we thrilled with the hot dog level of coffee? There are better experiences out there. Not to mention that you are paying double, or sometimes MORE than double, what a drip coffee maker would cost per cup.

According to the investment company Acorns, "the average American spends $1,100/year on coffee."

Their data also showed that 34% of Americans spend more on coffee than investing in stocks or bonds. The math is pretty straightforward.

If you spend $5 a day on coffee, seven days a week, for a whole year, you will have paid $1800+/year. Keep in mind these figures are for just one person. Imagine the yearly cost for a coffee-drinking household.

If you are like me and crave a high-quality cup of coffee or handcrafted beverage, consider purchasing a built-in coffee machine.

After you overcome the upfront cost, you will start to save money using it over the long term.

A built-in coffee machine is an investment. The good news is there aren't many options, and they all do the same thing.

In this article, you will learn all about the best built-in coffee machines from Miele, Gaggenau, Wolf, and Fisher & Paykel.

In the end, you will also see some cool accessories like warming drawers and vacuum seals, as well as how to maintain your coffee machine.

Let's get started.

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The 4 Best Built-In Coffee Machines for 2024

Best Overall: Miele M Touch CVA 7775 - $6,499


The Miele CVA 7775 CTS built-in coffee maker is Miele’s newest coffee system and is the best on this list for its build, convenience, and usability.

Miele is a German-based, family-owned company that prides itself on quality control. They produce more of their own components in-house than any other appliance manufacturer.

This 30-inch stainless steel coffee machine is plumbed and is available as left hinge only. It’s also self-venting.

As for convenience, this coffee machine can dispense two cups of coffee when placed side-by-side with the “OneTouch for Two” option and dual dispensing spouts.

It also has a cup sensor that will automatically adjust the spout to your cup's location.

With their whole bean coffee system, you can select how bold you want your coffee, along with what type of coffee, from a regular cup of joe to cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, and lattes.

Additionally, with Miele’s coffee pot function, you can hold up to eight cups.

All of Miele’s built-in coffee makers have their signature M-Touch controls to make your selection of coffee.

Miele’s M touch controls are easy to navigate by simply swiping the screen. This system will save your favorite or custom selections for up to 10 user profiles.

In terms of maintenance, Miele’s coffee machine is incredibly easy to clean. It essentially does the work for you with its automatic rinsing and cleaning programs. Each cleaning function is automatically activated when the machine is turned on or off.

If you need to access the bean container, milk reservoir, water tank, drip tray, capsules, or waste, the door will also swing outwards to easily access these components.

Lastly, all of Miele’s built-in coffee makers are plumbed or non-plumbed. You can install the non-plumbed version anywhere you have an outlet. However, you must empty the drip tray and refill the water reservoir manually.


  • Auto Descale
  • Separate dispenser spouts keep coffee, milk, and water separate to avoid crossover flavor and bacteria
  • Built in grinder for fresh coffee with every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Tea Pot and Coffee Pot Function
  • Multiple tea programs
  • 3 compartment bean selector
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create profiles and save favorites
  • Two cups at once for any drink, including milk-based drinks
  • Instant double shot button
  • Party Mode
  • Wi-Fi and Remote Start

Technical Details:

  • Thermoblock water heater
  • Stainless slanted conical grinder
  • 91.3 fluid ounces (fl oz) water tank
  • 17 fl oz milk jug
  • 21.16 oz coffee bean capacity (rubber sealed, 3 compartment selector)
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Drip tray (rubber sealed)
  • Optional accessories such as a warming drawer and a vacuum drawer

Runner-Up: Gaggenau CM 470 712 - $4,999


The Gaggenau CM 470 712 built-in coffee system is among the most innovative coffee systems with its visual touch display, personalization function, and automatic cleaning programs.

Gaggenau is German-based and owned by the BSH Home Appliances Corporation along with Bosch and Thermador. Like Miele, Gaggenau also manufactures many components in-house.

This 24-inch built-in unit is available tanked or plumbed, stainless steel, and left-hinge only. The plumbed model also has a drain line.

Gaggenau’s interactive touch display offers text in 25 languages. Its touch display has One-Touch options pre-programmed and can add up to eight personalized beverages to the menu for easy brewing.

As for making your coffee, this machine offers four size options, from small to extra-large. Additionally, this machine offers eight strength levels, mild to extra strong, and four level ratios to select from for milk.

Gaggenau’s coffee maker maintains a constant brewing temperature with its continuous flow heater.

As for cleaning, Gaggenau has similar automatic rinse options when turning the machine on or off. However, Gaggenau offers automatic steam cleaning for the milk system after every beverage. It also has an automatic descaling program.

The differences between 200 vs. 400 series coffee makers are the 200 series is flush install only, tanked only, no Wi-Fi, and no matching vacuum drawer.


  • Built-in grinder, fresh coffee every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create profiles and save favorites
  • Two cups at once for any drink, including milk-based drinks
  • Instant double shot button
  • Homeconnect and remote start

Technical Details:

  • 1600 watt heater
  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • 80 FL OZ water tank (no splash tank design)
  • 17 FL OZ milk jug
  • 16 OZ coffee bean capacity (rubber sealed)
  • 19 bar pressure
  • Optional accessories
  • Water filter
  • Warming drawer
  • Vacuum drawer

Best for Beans and Ground Coffee: Wolf EC2450TE/S - $4,480


Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove are well known today as a reliable luxury appliance company that makes their appliances in the U.S.

In this case, however, Wolf has outsourced its coffee maker to De'Longhi along with Fisher & Paykel's built-in coffee machine featured below. De’Longhi is an enormous Italian company producing appliances from slow cookers and air conditioners to espresso machines.

The Wolf EC2450TE/S built-in coffee system is available as tanked only in 24 or 30 inches. It does not include a trim kit.

The Wolf transitional style built-in coffee machine is available in black or stainless steel with a full-color touchscreen, making it easy to operate and make selections.

It’s also available in Wolf’s contemporary or professional styles to best match your Wolf appliances. All wolf models have the same controls, warranty, and features. The only differences are cosmetics.

Like Gaggenau’s and Miele’s coffee systems, you can customize every aspect of your coffee drink.

You can select the coffee type you want, its strength, temperature, milk preference, and size. You can save up to six user profiles and custom selections.

Additionally, Wolf’s coffee machine can accept whole beans or ground coffee. Lastly, this coffee maker is self-cleaning.


  • Built in grinder, fresh coffee every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create profiles and save favorites
  • Brew two cups at once, excludes milk drinks
  • Coffee pot mode selection (25.4oz) unique to wolf
  • In unit storage

Technical Details:

  • 1200 watt heater
  • Stainless steel burr grinder
  • 84.5 FL OZ water tank
  • 16 FL OZ milk jug
  • 12 OZ coffee bean capacity
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Optional accessories
  • Water filter
  • Warming drawer
  • Vacuum drawer

Best on a Budget: Fisher & Paykel EB30PSX1 - $3,799


Fisher & Paykel, a subsidiary of Haier, has produced appliances since 1934. Based in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel sells their products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Their coffee system, the EB30PSX1, is the least expensive on this list and has the most options. You have 13 options to choose from such as an americano, macchiato, or latte.

With an intuitive touch screen display, you can select your favorite coffee, select a brew time, and access maintenance data.

What’s unique about this model is that you can set your favorite coffee beverage to brew automatically at the same time each day. This way, your coffee is ready and freshly brewed when you are.

The difference between the Wolf and Fisher & Paykel coffee machines, both outsourced to De’Longhi, is that Wolf includes a coffee pot mode. Both of these machines have the same internals.


  • Built in Grinder, fresh coffee every cup
  • Makes everything from coffee to espresso to lattes and hot water.
  • Customize the perfect strength and cup size
  • Create Profiles and Save Favorites
  • Brew two cups at once, excludes milk drinks
  • In Unit Storage

Technical Details:

  • 1200 Watt Heater
  • Stainless Steel Burr Grinder
  • 84.5 FL OZ Water Tank
  • 16 FL OZ Milk Jug
  • 12 OZ Coffee Bean Capacity
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Optional Accessories
  • Water Filter
  • Warming Drawer
  • Vacuum Seal Drawer

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Which Built-In Coffee Makers Should You Buy?


Miele narrowly edges out its competitors due to its more straightforward interface and engineering. This unit has the most features and should last years if properly cared for.

Gaggenau’s coffee machine is still amazing. However, Miele’s auto-descale feature is why I nudged Gaggenau into second place.

The biggest differences between all four machines will be the user interface, installation type, and accessory options. Ultimately, your decision is based on what you value.

Best Built-In Coffee Machine Accessories

There are a few neat accessories available to compliment your coffee machine such as waring drawers and vacuum-seal drawers.

Warming Drawers


Warming drawers are great if you want to drink your craft beverage from a pre-warmed mug. They also work amazingly as towel warmers or when you must keep food warm before serving. There are some variations between brands.

  • Miele 24" / 30": Miele's warming drawer can plug into their coffee machine to link up. You can set a timer for the coffee machine to turn on, and the warming drawer will preheat 30 minutes before the set timer. There is also a rubber mat to prevent slippage and handleless and panel-ready options.
  • Gaggenau 24”30": They have handleless and panel ready options.
  • Wolf 24" / 30": The 24" option has a rubber mat, and you could get a buffet container set accessory. There are also handleless and panel-ready options.

Vacuum Drawers



Vacuum drawers are fantastic accessory that serves multiple purposes. If you have a steam oven, you can use the cooking method of sous vide.

Sous vide cooking is sealing your food in an air-tight bag and then cooking your food in the water at precise temperatures.

You can quickly marinate meats. You can preserve food or coffee beans. These do not vary between brands other than warranty. None of the options are panel ready, and they are all handleless.

  • Miele - 24" only.
  • Wolf - 24" only.
  • Gaggenau - 24” only.

Trim Kits

Wolf, Miele, Thermador, and Bosch have compatible trim kits. Not Gaggenau. Every coffee machine is 24" comprehensive, and trim kits are an excellent option to pair with 30" warming drawers or ovens. You would not want to put a 30" warming drawer under a 24" coffee machine.

Best Built-In Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Remember, a coffee machine is an investment. Be prepared to maintain your machine so it lasts for years.

For those of you who already have a built-in coffee machine, here are some tips on how to get the best out of your machine and how to extend the life of it.

  • Very cold 2% milk will give you the best results for your milk beverages. Oat milk is the recommended non-dairy alternative due to its creamy consistency.
  • Never put oily beans in your machine; it will clog the grinder. If you absolutely must, spread them out on a baking sheet and pat them dry with paper towels.
  • Make sure you descale whenever your machine tells you to.
  • If your coffee has too little cream or isn't strong enough, dial-in the grinder for desired results. Another solution may be to change settings on bean consumption per cup. Consult your user manual for directions.

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