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Should You Spend $4,250 to Buy the Miele ProLine PFD 104 SCVi Dishwasher?

Steve Sheinkopf  |  April 20, 2022  |  3 Min. Read

Miele  |  Dishwashers

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Why should you spend $4,250 for a dishwasher or any dishwasher? You do not have to.

This article might dissuade you from doing so except for a few key features. So, you will learn all the features and fundamental differences between the ProLine and Miele’s best G 7000 series dishwashers.

You will also learn a bit about commercial dishwashers customarily found in restaurants. You will be able to determine if spending $4,250 for the Miele PFD 104 SCVI dishwasher is suitable for you and your family.

Let’s get started.

Miele ProLine Dishwasher Review

ProLine and the G 7996 Common Features


Miele ProLine PFD 104 SCVi Dishwasher | Miele G 7966 SCVi Dishwasher


First, the G 7996 is Miele's best-featured dishwasher, priced at $3,000. It is considered the best dishwasher on the market.

ProLine shares the most critical features of the G 7996 series dishwasher and then adds better cleaning and sterilizing.

Let’s review these features.


Clean Drying

Miele has an efficient drying system with two ports at the bottom, allowing outside air into the dishwasher. The cooler outside air attracts the steamy hotter air and is dissipated as water.


At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher pops open, releasing excess heat and moisture to speed drying.


3D Cutlery Tray

miele-dishwasher-cutlery-trayMiele's Dishwasher 3D Cutlery Tray 


Miele's third rack expands to hold more or accommodate more dishes below.

Maxi Comfort Racks

Miele allows you to flip or remove any part of the rack with an orange tab to fit odd-shaped plates and platters.

Wash System

The wash system has three levels on both dishwashers. Yet, the ProLine is a bit different. You would think all dishwashers would have three full arms, but most do not. It becomes more critical with the third cutlery tray on top.

Other Features

Knock to Open

Miele-Dishwasher (1)Miele Dishwasher Installed with a Knock to Open Feature


Knock the dishwasher two times to open it automatically. It is an interesting feature if you are not placing a handle on your dishwasher to mimic the adjacent cabinets.


You can turn the dishwasher on or off through an app on your phone and see the time remaining.

5 Year Warranty

Both dishwashers have a 5-year full warranty.

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Key Differences Between the G 7996 and the ProLine PFD 104 SCVI

Temperature 180 vs. 167 degrees

The ProLine is a professional dishwasher and can sanitize to NSF standards without a separate booster.

One hundred- and eighty degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature required to sanitize and meet sanitation regulations as determined by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

The NSF/ANSI 3 Standard 184 requires commercial dishwashers to eliminate 99.999% of microorganisms and bacteria. This standard exists because the surface of dishes must reach 160°F in 10 seconds, achieved by exposing them to a final rinse temperature of at least 180°F.

So, the ProLine has the same sterilizing and cleaning as you would find in a restaurant dishwasher.

However, most restaurants will opt for the more expensive 240-volt version for more speed because they are rewashing dishes all night. The 240-volt dishwasher is also available, but you will need to rewire your kitchen to accommodate the extra power.

Heating Elements

The ProLine has three heating elements compared to one for the regular series or any dishwasher to reach the 180-degree temperature.

Washing Systems

Miele-Wash-ArmMiele Dishwasher Wash Arm


The ProLine will deliver the best wash with two circulation pumps and three spray arms working simultaneously compared to the alternating wash action in the one pump G 7000 series. Your dishes will be cleaner and better sanitized than any other dishwasher.


The ProLine has been tested 12,500 times in Miele’s factory. A dishwasher must work in a restaurant, or they will have to close until repaired. Mieles' regular dishwasher is "only" tested 5,600 times.


You are saving about 10% of the time per wash cycle. The 58-minute QuickIntenseWash, for example, is 52 minutes in the ProLine.

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser

Miele-Dishwahser-Installed-With-AutoDos-and-PowerDiskMiele G 7966 SCVi Dishwasher with AutoDos and PowerDisk


The G 7996 has the "AutoDos," or auto dispenser holding 20 loads of detergent and releasing the right amount of detergent at the right time. The ProLine does not offer an automatic dispenser in any dishwashers in this series.


Availability has become a key feature for Miele and almost any appliance until 2024. The ProLine is available, whereas you (and me) will have problems buying a Miele G 7000 in the next two years.

Along with the sterilizing power of the 180-degree boost, availability is the other reason to consider this dishwasher.

Should You Spend $4,250 to Buy the Miele ProLine PFD 104 SCVi Dishwasher?

Miele-G5006SCU-dishwasher-racksMiele G 7000 Dishwasher


No, you do not. You can buy a Miele G 7000 or a premium Bosch dishwasher and be happy. However, availability on regular Miele and Bosch will be challenging for the next two years.

The ProLine is the best dishwasher you can buy.

It reaches the same sterilizing temperatures as a commercial restaurant dishwasher costing a thousand more. If you cater out of your home or use the dishwasher frequently, the washing capabilities are worth considering added on to the best features and drying of a Miele dishwasher.

If you are looking for a premium dishwasher, it is a unique alternative because you have few choices. Whether that is worth $4250 is for you to decide.

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