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The Most Reliable Wall Ovens for 2024

January 12th, 2024 | 6 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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most reliable wall ovens

For cooking appliances, wall ovens offer the most options.

The features can seem endless, from unique controls and convection systems to steam integration and smart functionality.

But what happens when your high-tech, expensive oven fails right before a major holiday?

That's where reliability and repair come into play.

Before shelling out thousands of dollars for a new wall oven, it's crucial to consider the likelihood of breakdowns.

Then, you also must consider the even less likely occurrence of prompt repair.

Buying a reliable wall oven is the best way to avoid a holiday nightmare.

This article delves into the most reliable wall ovens based on over 37,000 service calls logged by our service department just last year.

Key Takeaway: Look at reliable brands PLUS reliable service. Google reviews on service in your area.

How Wall Oven Reliability Is Calculated


We now have 35 service technicians averaging 8-10 calls per day or over 37,000 service calls per year.

We determine the reliability of our appliances by dividing the number of products we serviced by the number of products we sold in 12 months.

Many people have commented that they would like to see a greater history.

So, would I.

However, we perform service free in the first year.

So, we assume that everyone would use us.

After that, it's hard to accurately know or predict, especially as homes are sold.

2024 Service Trends

In 2023, we delivered 8% fewer appliances yet had 10% more service calls.

Well, you can expect a deviation of sorts from year to year.

This year is more ominous.

This increase in repair needs may be due to expanding the supply chain and working with various parts manufacturers.

We will see if that is the case in the future.

Let's get started.

The Most Reliable Wall Oven Brands for 2024

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 45 products sold and a total sample of over 1,000 products within 12 months.

  Service Rates
Gaggenau 2.1%
Miele 3.9%
LG Studio 4.4%
Café Appliances 4.7%
Thermador 5.7%
GE Profile 9.1%
Fisher & Paykel 10.9%
Bosch 11.6%
JennAir 23.1%
Grand Total 6.9%

Gaggenau - 2.1%


Gaggenau is always in the top three for built-in wall ovens. It's French-made and German-engineered.

It is a solid oven with side-swinging hinges and 17 cooking modes. The temperature setting is adjustable by one degree.

I don't think Gaggenau had issues in the pandemic because it is unique and expensive.

Miele - 3.9%


Miele is an excellent wall oven. Their MasterChef controls are the simplest to use for any wall oven.

Just input the food and how you want it cooked. Then, the wall oven will set your recommended time and temperature.

This oven also has a steam assist and 17 automatic bread-making recipes.

Would you like to make sourdough bread or cook lamb to medium-well? Simply press a button and let the wall oven do the rest.

Miele is reliable because they manufacture almost all their own parts, including controls.

LG Studio - 4.4%


LG Studio ovens are incredibly popular.

This double oven is 9.4 cubic feet with convection cooking and 14 cooking modes for $2,499 versus $4,000-$8,000 for comparable models.

It even has an InstaView door. Tap it twice to darken or see inside.

You can buy a steam wall oven combination for under $4000. That's less than most single steam ovens from many brands.

And it works.

Whereas many steam ovens do not perform as well.

The LG Studio wall oven is reliable and functional because LG manufactures more of its own parts than any other large manufacturer.

However, LG is not as good when there is a problem.

Their success at manufacturing affordable appliances outstrips their ability to service them properly.

Café Appliances – 4.7%


Most Café ovens purchased at Yale are French door wall ovens. You can access food more easily with a side-swing or French door wall oven.

This is because you don't have to lift heavy items over the door, unlike in a traditional fold-down door.

The display is full color and lets you know the ideal internal temperature

Café wall ovens are unique because they are available in stainless, black, or white with a choice of six handles.

GE is one of the last companies to have a service department.

So, a Café wall oven is a great consideration if you are buying from a store without service.

You probably will because 95% of the stores do not have service departments.

Thermador - 5.7%


Thermador is the high-end division of BSH along with Gaggenau.

Thermador wall ovens have Wi-Fi, rotisseries, and better broil functions.

However, they don't offer the same guided cooking system as some other upscale brands like Miele, JennAir, or Wolf.

Most brands offer convection systems that come in two types - single and twin convection. Thermador's wall ovens only offer the more basic convection systems.

In terms of service, BSH (Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau) varies by the region.

Check yours before buying.

GE Profile - 9.1%


The GE Profile wall oven is similar to the Café and is now available with side-swing doors.

These wall ovens have side swing doors that allow you to access your food without reaching over the oven door. It's similar to how Café ovens work.

The ovens are huge at ten cubic feet for a double oven or five cubic feet for a single oven.

The controls and functionality are similar to a Café without the color options.

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Are Wall Ovens More or Less Reliable Than Other Appliances?


Wall ovens need repair about 6.9% of the time within the first year, which is lower than the average of 8.3% for appliances overall.

I would have expected wall ovens to be serviced more than the average appliance.

Many of these are sold as double ovens.

You would expect a larger percentage of having two wall ovens than a dishwasher or washing machine.

Installation and education issues are also more common with wall ovens than other appliances.

What Are the Most Common Wall Oven Problems?

The three top problems for wall ovens are: 

  1. The oven shutting off in mid-cycle.
  2. The display not lighting up.
  3. The oven shutting off in mid-cycle.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Wall Oven?

It's funny.   

Many brands will claim 20 years of life with absolutely zero proof of the claim. 

According to the American Servicers Association, the average appliance will last 6-10 years. 

Wall ovens are on the higher side because they don’t have ignitors and elements like ranges. 

When Should You Replace a Wall Oven? 

Our service manager has a good rule to consider.   

Replace your wall oven if it is more than 30-35% of the cost to repair. 

You also should consider the installation cost at $250-$500, depending on whether you need to cut the cabinet and/or change the power. 

Key Takeaways


Wall ovens were incredibly complicated to fix even before the advent of these new controls. 

Remember, what is paramount is finding a service company to support you. 

Technology is becoming more complex, so service becomes more of a challenge. 

If you add all the service rates, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and wall ovens, you will need service on at least one appliance within two to three years. 

Service has to be part of your buying process. Check reviews of every warranty service agent. 

I know I sound repetitive. New wall ovens may be able to answer Alexa.  

That's cool.  

However, having a working wall oven before Thanksgiving is far more important. 

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