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A $1,799 dishwasher should have every option you can imagine as well as flexible racking in the interior. GE and Miele have both.

Strangely enough, your decision should be about other factors than washing the dishes (both do that too).

We will look at both companies, both products and then compare.


Miele is the largest family owned appliance manufacturer in the world and based in Germany. They are incredibly different, because they manufacture their products down to the component level. Miele does not outsource any parts for this dishwasher except the rollers under the racks.

Such attention to detail is the cornerstone of Miele's reliability story. Their dishwasher is the most reliable product sold at just over 7% serviced within the first year.

Miele Futura Lumen G6565SCVISF - $1,799


  • 40 db with Extra Quiet Program
  • 3d Cutlery tray
  • Interior Light
  • Water Softener
  • Clean Touch Steel
  • 11 Wash Programs
  • 5 Program Options
  • Auto Open Dry
  • Double Waterproof System
  • Energy Star Certified
  • China/Crystal Cycle
Wistia video thumbnail - Miele Dishwashers

GE Monogram

GE Monogram was created in the late 1980s as the luxury GE brand based out of Louisville, Kentucky. GE was recently acquired by the Chinese Haier brand in May of 2016. Although they have new products like French door wall ovens, their appliance brand has always appealed to builders, rather than consumers.

To be transparent, we have not sold GE products since 2013.

GE Monogram ZDT870SPFSS -$1,799


  • 39db
  • 3rd rack for silverware
  • 7 wash cycles, 11 options
  • Interior lighting
  • Energy Star certified
  • Hard Food Disposer
  • 102 Spray jets
  • Both heated and condensation drying options
  • Floor protect with alert
  • Pro handle
  • Stainless Steel


Both of these dishwashers are very, very quiet. Anything under 47db is quiet and these both hover around the 40 db mark. The GE piece is 1 decibel or 10% quieter.

They both have plenty of cycles and options that you would need to tackle any job such as heavy, normal, short and express type cycles.

Both have interior lights for being able to gauge how clean your dishes are. Both are able to install flush in a standard 24” cabinet base. Both machines have leak protection.


Both have adjustable top racks and fold down tines for storage. They even have 3rd racks for silverware, but you can slide the Miele racks to accommodate larger pans below.


The GE has a pan underneath that catches the water as opposed to a sealed bottom. The GE has 102 spray jets, and has a special bottle spray jet for sport bottles.

The GE has a hard food disposer which will grind up food, whereas the Miele has a double tiered filter catch on the bottom that will catch any large particles.


GE has the condensation dry as well as heated fan air dry. Miele, however, has a unique system. It allows to the outer wall of the dishwasher. The hot air is attracted to the cooler side wall and is dissipated.

This model also has an auto open drying function, which opens the door a few inches upon cycle completion for more effective drying.


Statistically, Miele is the least serviced dishwasher sold at just over 7%. We haven’t sold GE since 2013, but their reliability was average for the industry.

Final Thoughts

These are two very good, yet different dishwashers. Both have plenty of features. GE has that special sport bottle jet. Miele has better racking, drying and reliability.

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