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Are The New Miele G 7000 Dishwashers Any Good? (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  September 04, 2020  |  6 Min. Read

Miele  |  Dishwashers

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In my 34 year career at Yale, few appliances have had the kind of brand and product loyalty as a Miele dishwasher.

However, the Miele dishwasher line has increasing competition from increasingly sophisticated competitors.

In the last few years, Miele has lost its cutting edge reputation.

Bosch has changed their dishwasher almost every year. They now have the world’s best drying system in CrystalDry, a volcanic element to emit heat and reduce moisture.

KitchenAid has been the most popular dishwasher over the last two years. This year’s iteration has a new third rack, once a Miele unique feature, and four wash-action levels.

Premium manufacturer Sub-Zero is now in the dishwasher manufacturing business with its new premium Cove dishwasher.

So, this new dishwasher is crucial to Miele's future success.

Did they do enough for you to buy a new Miele dishwasher over some pretty good products?

Let’s review why you should consider a Miele, and then you will learn all the new features.

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Why Buy A Miele Dishwasher: Miele's Best Features

Miele-Dishwasher-at-Yale-Appliance-in-Hanover-1Miele Front Control Dishwasher at Yale Appliance in Hanover


1. Washing System

Miele-Dishwasher-Wash-ArmsMiele Dishwasher Interior With Several Wash Arms


Miele has a sensible wash system with three full spray arms. It seems reasonable, but most do not. Bosch has two plus a sprinkler head.

KitchenAid has four levels in their better dishwashers, but the wash arm up top is smaller, and the four-level is holes from the rack.

2. Drying Capability

Miele had the best drying system until a couple of years ago, but it’s still excellent. There is an intake allowing air to the side of the dishwasher.

The hot steamier air is attracted to the cooler air and dissipated as water.

Bosch has their new CrystalDry and can completely dry even plastics by using the volcanic element Zeolite.

KitchenAid has developed a similar system to the Miele with a fan to intake air. They added an element to dry residual moisture, as well.

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3. Dishwasher Racks

Miele-Dishwasher-Racks-BottomMiele Dishwasher With Adjustable Racks


Miele's racks, especially $1499 and over, are exceptional. Anything in orange can be flipped up and removed so you can fit any odd-shaped dish or platter.

KitchenAid has its large top rack, but the bottom doesn’t have that functionality.

4. Double Insulated Pump

Every brand has some form of leak detection. Miele’s pump is double insulated as well. So if you live in a condo tower, it's some good piece of mind.

New Miele G 7000 Series Dishwashers


Only the better Miele dishwashers, $1,499 and, over have changed. Under $1,499 has stayed the same from $999-1,299.

This may be a bit complicated, but there are four series of the Miele G 7000 dishwashers.


They are all similar looking with three exteriors: Top controls, front controls, or panel-ready.

  Description Model Number Price
Miele G 7100 Series 24" Dish - pre-finished with front controls G7106SCUSS $1,499
  24" Dish - fully integrated G7156SCVi $1,499
  24" Dish - pre-finished with top controls G7156SCViSF $1,599
Miele G 7300 Series 24" Dish - pre-finished with front controls G7316SCUSS $1,899
  24" Dish - fully integrated G7366SCVi $1,899
  24" Dish - pre-finished with top controls G7366SCViSF $1,999
Miele G 7500 Series 24" dish - panel ready with front controls G7516SCi $2,099
  24" Dish - fully integrated G7566SCVi $2,199
  24" Dish - pre-finished with top controls G7566SCViSF $2,299
  24" Dish - fully integrated, K2O (ADA) G7591SCVi $2,499
  24" Dish - fully integrated, K2O G7596SCVi $2,499
Miele G 7900 Series 24" Dish - panel ready with front controls G7916SCi $2,999
  24" Dish - fully integrated, K2O G7966SCVi $2,999

The Differences Between The Miele G 7000 & G 6000 Series

G 7000 Quietness

The new dishwashers are quieter. That’s a major improvement. The minimum standard for not hearing your dishwasher is about 44 dB.

You have to spend $1999 for a 44 dB dishwasher in the previous series. It’s quieter and more reasonable in the newer series.

  Silence Rating (dB) Extra Quiet Rating (dB)
Miele G 7100 Series 45 N/A
Miele G 7300 Series 44 39
Miele G 7500 Series 42 38
Miele G 7900 Series 42 38

Miele is much quieter. They might be the most silent as a line.

However, it adds to the cycle time, up to 4 hours.

According to Miele, the program works by slowing down the mechanical action in the machine for up to 4 hours.

It will not affect the performance. However, the cycle will be longer due to the machine’s slowing down.

Still, at 42 to 45 dBs, it’s pretty quiet without the cycle.

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They all now have Auto-Open, so the dishwasher pops open at the end of the cycle, even on their most basic G 7000 dishwasher.

It releases steam and speeds the drying process. Samsung and Bosch also have an auto-opening dishwasher on a few models, but Miele  was the first.

Miele AutoDos With PowerDisk Dishwasher Dispenser

Miele-Dishwahser-Installed-With-AutoDos-and-PowerDiskMiele G7000 Series Dishwasher Door featuring AutoDos with PowerDisk Dispenser


You can now load up to 20 loads of detergent, starting with the G7300 series. The machine will calculate the right time and temperature to release the detergent.

Their “TwinDos” feature inspired AutoDos with PowerDisk.

Miele's laundry is the best on the market and features “TwinDos.” It dispenses the right amount of detergent and bleach at the right time.

Miele's AutoDos With PowerDisk [Video Courtesy of Miele]

If you didn’t understand that video, don’t feel bad. Neither did I.

Dishwashers are different than laundry. People add way too much detergent to a front load washer. You only need a capful.

The leftover detergent foam affects the machine causing expensive service issues.

Today, you have those detergent pods for your dishwasher, so it is precise and straightforward to use your dishwasher, unlike your laundry.

Still, it’s nice to pour 20 loads without having to reload each time. You have the ability just to throw in pods as well.

Miele-Dishwashher-AutoDos-PowerDiskMiele G7000 Series Dishwasher All-In-One PowerDisk Dispenser


You can also buy the Miele detergent in “PowerDisk” or 20 detergent loads for $12.99, or you can go disk crazy at 6 for $69.99.

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Differences Between The 7100 Series & G 7300 Dishwasher Series

  • Extra Quiet - 45 dB versus 39 dB
  • Grates and Filter Cycle - It’s designed for the two grittiest kitchen items, the stove grates, and hood filters. The cycle is 3 hours and 24 minutes.
  • Clean Machine - It's a cycle designed to scrub out any residual odors.
  • More precisely -  it is the main wash 167 degrees, and the final rinse is 158 degrees. This program runs on an empty dishwasher to remove odors and bacteria to ensure a clean environment.
  • Wi-Fi - You can turn the machine off remotely or check cycle time. The benefit is you will not open the dishwasher while it’s running. At 38 and 39 dB, you won’t hear it running.

Differences Between The G 7300 & G 7500 Series

  • Knock2Open - Hit the dishwasher three times, and it opens automatically. You don’t have to put a handle on the dishwasher, BTW, so it's a nice design element.
  • Intense Zone - It's a longer wash cycle for the lower basket with increased temperature.
  • Sensor Wash - Sensor Wash tests the “turbidity” (the industry term for the leftover food and liquid on your dishes) of the water to ensure the correct time and temperature.
  • Extra Dry - increases the final rinse temperature and extends the drying phase at the end of the cycle.
  • Brilliant Light - There is LED lighting inside the dishwasher

Differences Between The G 7500 & G 7900 Series Miele Dishwashers

  • A cycle for tall items - no-rinse aid with a warm wash rinse
  • Soak Cycle
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • MasterChef Touch Controls - MasterChef operates with the same swipe features of your phone. It’s pretty cool.

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What Miele Could Have Improved In The G 7000 Series

In the G 6000 series, the bottom grid pops out to better accommodate an odd dish. You cant do that in the G 7000 series.

The sound is an improvement over the G 6000, but they could have kept the cycle under 4 hours.

Beko and KitchenAid have 39 dB dishwashers under $900 but without the cycle time.

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Is The Miele G 7000 Series Dishwasher Worth Buying?

Miele-g7000-series-dishwasherNew Miele G 7000 Series Front  Control Dishwasher


Let’s look at two years of reliability.

Dishwasher Reliability For 2020

  Service QTY Shipped QTY Service Ratio
Whirlpool 38 1471 2.58%
GE Appliances 1 37 2.70%
Cove 2 44 4.55%
LG  5 81 6.17%
Samsung 134 1297 10.33%
Bosch  398 3573 11.14%
Café Appliances 3 25 12.00%
KitchenAid 90 688 13.08%
Thermador 126 872 14.45%
Gaggenau  16 104 15.38%
Maytag 2 10 20.00%
Miele  185 903 20.49%
Fisher & Paykel  56 193 29.02%
Bosch Benchmark  25 70 35.71%
JennAir 188 493 38.13%
Asko 103 190 54.21%
Grand Total  1377 10166 13.55%

Dishwasher Reliability For 2019

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Signature Kitchen Suite 0 17 0.00 %
Whirlpool 44 1030 4.27 %
Gaggenau 2 42 4.76 %
LG Electronics 4 78 5.13 %
Samsung 85 915 9.29 %
Maytag 3 29 10.34 %
Bosch Appliances 303 2735 11.08 %
Miele 155 1078 14.38 %
KitchenAid 115 705 16.31 %
Thermador 123 711 17.30 %
JennAir 170 908 18.72 %
Blomberg 6 28 21.43 %
Fisher & Paykel 42 175 24.00 %
Bosch Benchmark 38 158 24.05 %
Asko 47 195 24.10 %
Amana 3 11 27.27 %
Frigidaire 10 22 45.45 %
Frigidaire Gallery 5 8 62.50 %
Grand Total 1159 8852 13.09 %

At one time, the Miele dishwasher was the standard for reliability in this industry.

Then in 2018 there was a batch of frozen motors. In 2019, it was noisy solenoids. They weren’t huge problems in operation, but more of an annoyance.

However, the series has to be a flawless introduction. Miele should once again be the most reliable dishwasher sold, especially at these prices.

That said, Miele covers the basics of washing, drying, and leak protection better than any brand.

They are measurably quieter than last year as well, even without the Extra Quiet cycle.

Some of the other cycles are highly specialized and may benefit how you wash your dishes.

You may even like the dispenser for convenience and not loading your dishwasher every time.

But, dispensing isn’t an issue in a dishwasher like laundry.

The Miele G 7000 is a nice advance for the Miele brand and sorely needed. As long as it is reliable, it should be on your shopping list.

However, you should still consider the better Bosch and KitchenAid dishwashers as well.

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