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Compact washers and dryers are the most innovative laundry you buy.

The features like better dispensing, cycles, and higher RPM spins are more compelling on a compact than a regular washer.

The two most popular brands are Miele and Bosch. Most of the time, you would not compare the two because Miele has more features, whereas Bosch is less expensive.

However, Miele introduced a newer, less expensive model at the same price as the most popular Bosch. (It is even cheaper October 14-30th with $200 in rebates).

So now which brand is truly better at the same price, Bosch or Miele.

In this article, you will look at a side by side comparison for features and reliability based on actual service calls.

Unlike most laundry comparisons, the dryer may be more critical than the washer.




Bosch is a German-owned company, and since its launch in the American market in 1996, their appliances have become more popular for style and value.

Although Bosch is best known for its reliable and quiet dishwashers, its compact washers and dryers are best sellers nationally.

Their 500 series is their most popular.

You can purchase both the washer and the dryer for $2,259.98.

Bosch Compact Washer WAT28401UC - $1,129

Bosch Compact Washer WAT28401UC


  • Snag-free stainless-steel drum
  • Large LED display screen with time remaining
  • 15 Wash cycles: Permanent Press, Permanent Press Heavy Soil, Permanent Press Light Soil, Delicates, Quick 30 min, Rinse/Spin, Hand Wash/Wool, Drain, Cotton Normal, Cotton Light Soil, Towels, Sanitize, Jeans, Bulky Items, Drum Clean
  • End of cycle signal
  • Washer plugs into the dryer - 220 Volt
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Internal water heater
  • 1400 RPM maximum spin speed
  • 2.2 Cubic foot drum

Bosch has a whopping 15 cycles on this machine. It also spins at 1400 RPM. Your old top loader spun at 410, and most front loaders are about 1000-1200 RPM.

With a spin speed of 1400 RPM, your clothes dry in the washer for less time in the dryer. It also prevents shrinkage of being over dried.

Equipped with AquaShield, the washer has two burst-proof AquaShield hoses that will prevent any potential flooding. If this were to happen, the water flow to the washer would be blocked.

If you live in a condo with units below, that is an added peace of mind. There are other aftermarket options worth exploring for stopping leaks like Intelliflow.

SpeedPerfect gives you a 40% faster wash than the regular normal cycle would.

Bosch Compact Dryer WTG86401UC - $1,129

Bosch Compact Dryer WTG86401UC


  • Condensation Dryer - Does not require any ducting or venting.
  • Moisture sensor prevents wasted energy and over-drying
  • 15 Dry Cycles: Permanent Press, Permanent Press Extra Dry, Permanent Press Damp, Delicates, Quick 40, Time Dry, Hand Wash / Wool, Air fluff/No Heat, Cotton Dry, Cotton Extra Dry, Towels, Sanitize, Jeans, Bulky Large Items, Quick Dry Auto
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Stackable with the washer
  • Door can be Reversed
  • Anti-vibration sensors monitor load weight in the drum to eliminate imbalances, which reduce noise levels by 30%.
  • 4 Cubic foot drum

This dryer is ventless, so it will dry your clothes by using condensation. The heat and steam from your clothes turn into water and drains out the back of the dryer.

Pro Tip: You can hook the dryer to the washer waste, so you don’t have to empty the dryer after every load.

The dryer will use the Moisture Sensors inside the drum to measure how wet or dry your clothes are. This way, your clothes aren't being removed, still damp or hot, which can cause some severe damage to your clothes.

Like the washer, the dryer offers a Quick 40 Minute Dry option. However, keep in mind that this cycle is for lighter loads, such as dress shirts.

It's important to note for installation purposes that the washer will plug directly into the dryer. The dryer plugs into a three or four-prong outlet.

To learn more about choosing the right kind of dryer for your home, click here for our free Compact Laundry Buying Guide. 



Miele is also a family-owned German company. Miele differs from most manufacturers by not outsourcing the production of components.

They even produce their controls. Typically, a Miele will last longer than any other comparable machine.

Miele's new washer and dryer set were recently released to compete with Bosch directly.

This laundry is $2,198.00 after a $200 rebate for October 14th-30th, 2019 only.

Miele Compact Washer WWB020WCS - $1,199

Now through December 7th, receive $100 Mail-In Rebate on qualifying Miele washers and dryers.

Miele Compact Washer WWB020WCS


  • Stainless steel honeycomb drum
  • Enameled front
  • Cap Dosing
  • 11 Washing Programs- Outerwear, Normal, HandWash, Dark/Denims, Drain/Spin, Delicates, Proofing, Wrinkle Free, Extra White, Table Linens/ Drapes, Quick Rinse
  • Direct Sensor Interface
  • 115-volt washer
  • 2.26 Cubic foot drum
  • Safety

Like Bosch, Miele engineers leaks out of their machines with a sensor. If there is a leak, the water intake closes automatically. A float switch in the drip tray can also detect leaking water.

Of all the machines on the market, Miele guarantees against leakage for 20 years.

The washer has a honeycomb designed drum, which allows water to flow between the drum and your clothes gently.

Miele is the only washer with the ability to wash silks and other fine washables due to their drum.


Miele HoneyComb Drum

Another unique feature of Miele is its Cap-Dosing System. Like a Keurig, you can pop in a pre-measured wash detergent capsule, and the washer will dispense it at the right time.

But what makes the Cap-Dosing system genuinely unique is the individual wash capsules themselves.


Miele's Cap-Dosing System

The capsules are designed to rejuvenate old cotton T-shirts, waterproof jackets, and even strengthen the synthetic fabrics in your work out clothes, so they never lose elasticity.

This is a feature unique to Miele.

To learn more about Miele's compact laundry features, click here for our Compact Laundry Buying Guide. 

Miele Compact Dryer TWB120WP - $1,199

Now through December 7th, receive $100 Mail-In Rabate on qualifying Miele washers and dryers.

Miele Compact Dryer TWB120WP


  • Heat Pump Dryer- Ventless
  • Honeycomb Drum
  • FragranceDos- will emit perfume into your clothing, so clothes come out smelling great
  • 12 Dry Cycles
  • Reversible Door
  • 115 Volts
  • 4.03 Cubit Foot Drum

Miele dries clothes using a ventless heat pump system. This system will recycle the hot air trapped inside the dryer to dry the clothes.

It is the most efficient drying system available and is only a 115-volt heat pump on the market. It will also dry clothes faster than a standard condensation dryer.

This dryer also does not have to be stored in a well-vented area because it does not release any heat, unlike conventional ventless dryers.

Like the Bosch, this Miele dryer does have sensors, but they are spread out throughout the entire dryer.

The sensor system will prevent the over-drying of clothes, and it is perfect for drying delicate items.

You can also add fragrance to your dryer with specially designed scents.

Regarding installation, the dryer will require a 4-prong outlet. Fortunately, Miele offers a NEMA Adaptor.

Miele’s NEMA Adaptor

Miele NEMA Adaptor

The adaptor plugs into any 220-volt line, and it will split the outlet into two 110 ports. The adaptor allows for the washer and the dryer to both powered from the same outlet.

Bosch Vs. Miele Compact Laundry

Bosch Vs. Miele Compact Laundry


Bosch is the most reliable for compact laundry. Some of it is multi-unit builder related jobs like towers. That work tends to have less service.

Most Reliable Compact Washers For 2019

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
LG Electronics 0 1 0.00 %
Bosch Appliances 47 710 6.62 %
Whirlpool 2 29 6.90 %
Samsung 18 201 8.96 %
Miele 19 180 10.56 %
Fisher & Paykel 1 6 16.67 %
Blomberg 36 196 18.37 %
Asko 13 29 44.83 %
Maytag 2 1 200.00 %
Grand Total 141 1378 10.23 %

However, Miele just introduced their new machine, and there is a learning curve with the installation.

It is a 110-volt dryer but needs the adapter. Many of the problems are installation rated.

What Do Bosch And Miele Have In Common For Compact Laundry?

First, they are both ventless dryers, so you do not have to vent them outside. In the compact laundry, some are vented dryers: Samsung and Blomberg.

Most are ventless like Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, and LG. Both are reliable and offer several cycles to wash and dry.

Both washers are designed and engineered to prevent leaks. If you live in a condo or Brownstone, there is some peace of mind there.

Both washers spin fast to dry clothes for less time in the dryer. Bosch is 1400 RPM, and Miele is 1600 RPM.

Pro Tip: Most water damage is from poor installation. You want to be certain, especially in the first 24 hours, with any water products in your home. We use leak detection pads on every laundry and dishwasher installation.

What Are The Differences Between Bosch And Miele For Compact Laundry?

Miele has the better-perforated Honeycomb drum so you can wash silks. You can adapt the dryer with fragrances.

CapDosing is a unique way of washing, especially with the special detergents designed for different applications.

The heat pump is a better, more efficient way of drying. It will not emit heat into the room and save you $75-100 per year. It is also gentler on your clothes and uses less power.

Bosch is easier to install and is technically more reliable.

Should You Buy Bosch Or Miele Compact Laundry? 

Both laundry systems are perfectly capable of washing and drying clothes. Usually, this conclusion with most appliances ends with Bosch being cheaper and Miele having better features.

In this case, the comparison is a bit more straightforward.

Bosch is technically more reliable, although both are very good.

Miele may have the best compact laundry for the price.

The washer can handle silks. However, heat pump drying is the future in the laundry.

It is far more efficient, gentler on your clothes than elements, and does not project heat into the room.

With a $200 rebate, Miele may be the best machine to consider.

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Get the Yale Compact Laundry Buying Guide with features, specs, and inside tips to all the brands, to dimensions and explanations of every washer and dryer type are included. Over 600,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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