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Bosch 500 Series vs. Miele Compact Washer and Heat Pump Dryer (2023 Update)

May 12th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Without question, Bosch and Miele are the two best compact laundry manufacturers.

In this article, you will learn about their best features and reliability based on our internal service figures.

We will only be focusing on dryers with heat pumps in this article.

Miele only manufactures heat pump dryers, while Bosch's most popular dryer is a heat pump, but they do have other options as well.

When comparing the drying times between the Miele and the Bosch 220-volt, something odd happened during our tests.

Let's first look at heat pump dryers and why the industry is moving in that direction.

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What is Heat Pump Drying?

Miele-Compact-Laundry-with--Heat-Pump-Yale-Appliance-FraminghamMiele Compact Laundry at Yale Appliance in Framingham


Heat pump technology has been around since the 1990s, so they aren't new. Ventless or not needing a vent is a main benefit, so you can place your compact set anywhere with water and power.

Think upstairs closets. You can even place compact laundry in your standard 24-inch kitchen cabinets.

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump dryer recirculates air using a compressor and air exchanger. We have other videos on heat pumps, but here are the basics:

  1. First, the dryer recirculates air in the drum.
  2. Then, it pushes that air through a heat exchanger. 
  3. Next the air is cooled down and dried, and then reheated back into the dryer drum.

Regular dryers pull air into the dryer and then expel it through the back.


Heat Pump Benefits

Heat pump dryers have several benefits over traditional dryers, especially energy efficiency.

With skyrocketing energy prices, you will save $100-200 per year.

Your clothes will also wear better because heat pumps dry at lower temperatures, plus it's ventless as we said, so you can put it anywhere. But there are drawbacks.

Heat Pump Drawbacks

It does dry at a lower temperature, so it takes longer. Heat pumps tend to be more expensive, and you must vacuum the air exchange filter (except for one brand). And you have more parts to repair than the reliable heating elements.

Bosch 500 Series vs. Miele Compact Washers and Heat Pump Dryers


They're both the same size, they're both the most energy and water efficient.

Despite marketing claims, they're both the same interior size as well, and you can control both from apps on your phone that work.

Bosch Compact Laundry

Bosch Compact Washers

The Bosch lineup has three models: the 300, 500, and 800 series, ranging from $1,020 to $1,550.

When you step up in the Bosch machines, you have more cycles and added quietness.

We are going to focus on their most popular 500 series model, the 500 Series washer WAW285H1UC.

Bosch 500 Series Compact Washer WAW285H1UC



Bosch's signature cycle is SpeedPerfect.

It increases the drum speed, adjusts the water temperature, and optimizes the wash cycle for maximum efficiency.

After that, you have several different cycles, from a delicate 45-minute wash to Sanitize and Allergy washes that run over two hours.

Bosch Compact Dryers

The 500 series dryer is the only Bosch dryer with a heat pump.

Bosch Compact Heat Pump Dryer WTW87NH1UC



This model has an array of features, including 14 drying cycles.

Dryer Cycles

Bosch's signature cycle again is SpeedPerfect, which dries clothes up to 40% faster than the normal cycle.

The SpeedPerfect process works by increasing the intensity of the heat and the airflow inside the dryer.

After SpeedPerfect, you have different cycle options from 40 minutes to about two hours.

Miele Compact Laundry

Miele Compact Washers

Miele has four models priced from $1,499 to $2,499.

Miele is so technologically advanced that even their basic model offers more features than any other company's best machines.

Miele Compact Washer WXD 160 WCS


Basic Cycles

You have several cycles available, ranging from delicate to a 2-hour and 35-minute cotton cycle.

Signature Miele Features

Honeycomb Drum

The washer and dryer drums are perforated and designed to wash even fine washables.

In the washer, clothes glide on a sheet of water rather than touching the drum, while in the dryer, the design prevents zippers and buttons from catching and causing fraying, ripping, or snagging.


Miele has a special dispenser dedicated to caplets. You can use your own caplets or choose from Miele's special application caplets for woolens, down parkas, and other specialty clothing.


Miele, along with Electrolux and Samsung, offers steam functionality in their compact washers. Steam loosens tough stains like wine, grass, or blood during the wash cycle.

RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) Spin Speed

Miele's spin speed is 1600 RPM, making it faster than the average 1200 RPM of other washers. The higher spin speed pre-dries your clothes, reducing drying time.

Miele Compact Heat Pump Dryer TXD 160WP


Miele's dryer operates at 110 volts. You can purchase an adapter to plug both the washer and dryer into a 220-volt receptacle. Later in the video, you will see an interesting comparison between the 110-volt Miele and the 220-volt Bosch.

Drying Cycles


Drying times range from 88 minutes to 153 minutes (about 2 and a half hours), depending on the selected drying level.

Mineral Sensing

Miele calculates precise drying times by employing mineral and moisture sensors. These sensors automatically adjust the drying times based on the minerals present in the moisture from your clothes, whether you have hard, soft, or well water. We will discuss this in more detail later in our comparison.


You can add fragrance to your Miele dryer using fragrances designed in France and a special fragrance dispenser.

Which Washes Better?

Both Miele and Bosch will effectively wash your clothes. Miele's honeycomb drum design is gentler on your clothes, as they are insulated by water and do not touch the sides during the cycle.


Miele spins faster at 1600 RPM compared to Bosch's 1400 RPM, extracting more water and reducing drying time.


Both Miele and Bosch have a normal dispenser, but Miele has added a caplet dispenser as a standard feature.


Steam functionality is a standard feature in most full-size laundry appliances.

Miele, Samsung, and Electrolux are the only compact washers offering steam. Steam is particularly effective against tough stains.

Which Dries Better?

A heat pump dryer is the best way to dry, but which heat pump dryer is faster? Bosch's heat pump dryer requires 220 volts, while Miele's requires 110 volts. Typically, 220 volts should be faster. We tested both using the same GE washer as a control to wash the clothes.

Drying Test Time

Miele's drying time was like that of Bosch's. I was not expecting a 110-volt dryer to match a 220-volt dryer.

The only possible conclusion is that the sensors in the Miele must have optimized the drying process based on the moisture and minerals in that specific load.

In a pair, Miele will be even faster due to the 1600 RPM spin speed of the washer.

Before you buy a Miele based on features and technology, there is one reason to consider a Bosch heat pump dryer: It's self-cleaning.

Bosch has a unique self-cleaning heat pump. Unlike others like Miele, which need to be vacuumed to prevent lint-related service problems, you don't have to worry about cleaning the filter with Bosch.

Which Compact Laundry Set is More Reliable: Bosch or Miele?

Based on over 33,000 service calls logged last year, both Bosch and Miele are more reliable than the standard for appliance repair, with a rate of 9.7%. 

However, Bosch's reliability was significantly better, with a service rate of 2.5% compared to Miele's 8.5%.

According to our service data, Bosch is the most reliable compact washer brand sold at Yale.

The following service rates are based on at least 50 products sold and a sample of over 1300 units over 12 months.

Compact Washer Reliability for 2023

  Service Rates
Bosch 2.5%
Miele 5.8%
Beko 13.3%
Grand Total 9.7%


So, what do you think? In the end, it all boils down to the balance between usable features, reliability, and convenience.

Keep in mind, this comparison only features Miele's basic compact laundry set. For a more detailed comparison between several Bosch and Miele models, click here.

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