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The Best 48-Inch Professional Ranges for 2024

May 8th, 2024 | 25 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Best 48-Inch Professional Ranges (2024 Update)

After spending $10,000-$20,000 on a 48-inch professional range, you would think that it meets all your needs.

With so many options available, it's easy to make the wrong choice.

Most people are pushed into buying the wrong range.

In this article, you will learn all about the best 48-inch professional ranges and their pros and cons.

This is a long article punctuated by videos to help.

Let's start this long journey.

About Us

Last year, we celebrated our 100th year in business, spanning three generations.

I have worked at Yale since I graduated college in 1986, but we have been publishing blogs and videos since 2007.

To maintain impartiality, we do not accept payment from any of these manufacturers in exchange for a mention on the blog or YouTube channel.

The list is compiled of the best features and reliability based on over 37,000+ service calls logged just last year and over 100,000 in under three years.

Now, let's help you pick the best range, starting with the differences between all gas and dual fuel ranges.

All Gas Vs. Dual Fuel Pro Ranges

All gas vs dual fuel is so complicated that we wrote an article on the topic.

Consider all gas:

  • If you like to broil, the gas infrared broiler is the best you can buy with its directed intense heat.
  • Roasting is better in an all-gas range because gas is a moist heat source.
  • Gas only requires 120 volts, 12 amps, far less than the 40 amps of a dual-fuel.
  • All gas is 10-15% less expensive than dual fuel.

Consider dual fuel:

  • The even dry heat of an electric oven is better for baking.
  • Many brands offer upgrades only on dual fuel. You will learn more by brand.

As always, please ask any questions in the comments section below.

Let's dive in.

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The Best 48-Inch Professional Ranges for 2024

Wolf All Gas 48" Pro Ranges


Wolf is a well-respected cooking brand owned by Sub-Zero and made in the USA. They are best known for their professional-style ranges with signature red knobs.

Wolf's 48-inch pro gas range is an excellent range for those looking to elevate their kitchen or for the experienced chef.

Best Wolf All Gas 48" Pro Ranges

Best Features of Wolf All Gas 48" Pro Ranges

Grill and Griddle


One of the best features of this range is its infrared grill and griddle, which can reach temperatures as high as 16,000 BTU and 15,000 BTU, respectively.

Wolf's grill operates like an outdoor grill's sear zone.

Furthermore, the grill and griddle are easy to clean as the infrared technology burns off drippings or residue.

Plus, Wolf offers the option of having a double-wide (24 inches as opposed to 12 inches) griddle on their all-gas range.


Stop here if a grill is on your must-have list, and then flip to Monogram with the other infrared grill.

Many manufacturers like Thermador and Miele have discontinued grills on their pro ranges.

BlueStar is the only pro range on this list with a grill, but it's regular gas, not infrared.

French Top


In addition to the grill and griddle, Wolf offers a French top option in their dual fuel range. A French top looks like a griddle but functions differently.

While a griddle is designed to provide consistent heat across its surface, a French top is designed to vary the heat outward, so you can cook many items at different temperatures.

You can also leave the food in the pans on a French top instead of placing it directly on the surface.

This allows for greater versatility in cooking, making it a popular option for those who want to achieve professional results at home.

Wolf Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


The Wolf 48-inch pro dual fuel range offers more benefits and features than Wolf's all-gas pro ranges.

Best Wolf Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges

Best Features of Wolf Dual Fuel 48" Pro Gas Ranges

Upgraded Burners


The Wolf 48-inch pro dual fuel range features upgraded burners that are much more powerful than the gas models.

Wolf's dual fuel ranges have multiple 20,000 and 18,000 BTU burners compared to the 15,000 BTU burners in Wolf's all-gas models.

However, Wolf does simmer incredibly well at a consistent 340 degrees on every burner. Thermador and SKS simmer at a lower temperature of 100 degrees, but it's intermittent.

Wolf VertiFlow Convection


The Wolf 48-inch pro dual fuel range has recently been updated with "Vertiflow" convection.

The convection system moves air faster using twin fans and two heating elements to deliver more consistent temperatures.

In gas, you have a straight single convection.

LCD Screen (Dual Fuel Only)


The Wolf 48-inch pro dual fuel range has a more user-friendly LCD screen replacing the clock and timer.

Wolf Gourmet

1 Wolf Gourmet Guided Cooking System with Temperature and Rack Position Recommendations 
2 Wolf Gourmet with Protein Selections
3 Wolf Gourmet with Baked Good Selections
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4 An optional caption for the image that will be added to the gallery. Enter any descriptive text for this image that you would like visitors to be able to read.

This range also features Wolf Gourmet, a guided cooking program that allows you to select the food and how you like it cooked.

Wolf's Gourmet program will then choose the exact time and temperature for your meal and determine the best rack position for optimal cooking.

Additionally, Wolf Gourmet features 50 automatic recipes that can simplify meal preparation.

Wi-Fi System

The new Wolf Wi-Fi system is available in the Wolf 48-inch pro dual fuel range. It allows you to control your Sub-Zero refrigerator, Cove dishwasher, and Wolf range on the same app.

This feature provides more convenience and ease of use, allowing you to control all your appliances from one place.

After-Sale Service

Wolf is a family-owned American company renowned for its exceptional after-sale service.

yale-service-tech-team-hanoverYale Appliance Service Team

Service is critical, especially if you are buying from a store without service (which you probably are).

Pros & Cons of Wolf 48" Pro Ranges

Wolf Pros

  • Wolf's gas range features an infrared grill, griddle, and broiler for exceptional heat distribution.
  • The simmer function is outstanding, with each burner capable of producing up to 340 BTU.
  • Wolf has the best convection systems with its new VertiFlow system.
  • Wolf has the most configurations for 48-inch Pro ranges (along with BlueStar and Thermador)
  • Wolf is one of the best appliance brands in the market for after-service support.

Wolf Cons

  • Unfortunately, gas models fall short on power with a maximum of only 15,000 BTU. With just basic features
  • Wolf ranges lack advanced features like Steam and Induction, which are featured in other pro range brands like Miele and Thermador.
  • Additionally, they do not offer any color options yet. By the end of the year, they will offer black and white.

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SKS All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


And now for a completely unique range.

SKS is the luxury division of LG, and unique is an understatement.

Best SKS 48" Pro Ranges

Best Features of SKS 48" Pro Ranges

Burner Output


One of the standout features of the SKS Pro range is its burner output.

The burners can produce 23,000 BTUs of power, with a combination of 15,000 BTUs.

In addition, two of the burners have a 100 BTU output, tied with Thermador for the lowest.

Chromium Griddle


If you're looking for a range with a griddle, the SKS pro range has one option in all gas.

If you prefer a dual fuel range, SKS offers two options, one with the griddle and the other with an induction set and a sous vide water bath option for the stovetop.

The griddle is chromium, which is known for its easy-cleaning surface. Like Thermador, SKS has added induction to the stovetop.

Induction Burners


The induction burner on the SKS dual fuel pro range is faster than a professional gas burner and has a better simmer output.

In addition, it requires less venting, which is why more companies are adding induction to their professional gas ranges.

With cities like New York, Boston, and Cambridge banning gas ranges, we can expect to see more induction ranges in the future.

Quick note: BlueStar and Fisher Paykel will be introducing 48-inch induction ranges later this year.

Sous Vide Cooking (Dual Fuel Only)


I have to admit; I didn't think much of sous vide cooking before I saw it in action.

With sous vide, you can cook with precise results.

Simply add your protein and marinade in a vacuum-sealed bag, then wait for it to reach the core temperature for a perfectly cooked meal.

I recently attended an SKS training event where the chef used sous vide to cook the meat. I was amazed at how perfectly cooked the meat was, with great color and flavor.

The chef mentioned that with sous vide, the meat retains its quality even if you reheat it the next day.

But you must also finish your food on the stovetop to add texture.



The controls on the SKS are simple swipe controls, like those on your iPhone. You can easily swipe the mode and then choose your time.

Once again, technology is made simple

Combi Steam Oven (Dual Fuel Only)


You can cook by steam, convection, or a combination of both.

Thermador also offers steam, but SKS is simple to use with its swipe interface.

Cooking with steam is the best way to add moisture. Everything you cook will taste better in a steam oven.

I have a steam oven and vow to be able to cook everything by year's end.

Gas Pure Convection

1 SKS 48" Pro Range Ovens
2 SKS 48" Pro Range Convection Oven


Stop here.

You've probably heard terms like Pure, True, and European convection before.

These terms refer to a specific design feature found in convection systems: an element positioned behind the fan, which blows heat straight across the oven cavity.

This setup is designed to keep heat distribution nice and even, unlike your regular convection, where the heat starts from the bottom and gets pushed around by the fan.

Quick note: Every electric oven utilizes pure convection by default. However, when it comes to gas ovens, only BlueStar and SKS offer the option of pure convection.

Pure convection in gas ovens cooks just as evenly and reliably as electric ones do.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Lastly, SKS has enabled its pro-range Wi-Fi through LG's ThinQ app. This allows you to control and monitor the range remotely.

Pros & Cons of SKS 48" Pro Ranges

SKS Pros

  • SKS offers impressive features, including a chromium griddle, 23,000 BTU burners, and a unique combination of induction and sous vide options.
  • Additionally, their dual fuel ranges include a steam oven, making it a top choice to expand your cooking capabilities.
  • Three-year full warranty

SKS Cons

  • Unfortunately, SKS lacks recipe integration in their Wi-Fi feature
  • Very few choices
  • Does not offer a grill

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Thermador All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


BSH Home Appliances Corporation owns Thermador. Although BSH is a German corporation, Thermador products are manufactured in the United States.

Thermador offers 15 different 48-inch ranges, ranging from $11,499.98 to $19,000, which can make choosing the right one confusing.

However, the decision can be made almost by the process of elimination.

The first choice you need to make is whether you want a Pro Grand or Pro Harmony series range.

Thermador Pro Grand and Pro Harmony Series Ranges

The Pro Grand series is the premium offering of the two. It has a larger capacity oven, a high-BTU burner of 22,000 BTU, and is self-cleaning in all gas.

The Pro Grand series also offers steam ovens, warming drawers, and an induction stovetop option.

On the other hand, the Pro Harmony series is also popular because, unlike the larger capacity Pro Grand, it does not protrude from your cabinets.

The Thermador Pro Harmony is also less expensive.

Dual Fuel vs. All Gas Features

There are some differences between the Thermador dual fuel and all gas ranges.

The dual-fuel option allows for the steam oven and warming drawer, and all dual-fuel models are self-cleaning, unlike the all-gas option, where only the Pro Grand has self-cleaning.

Best Features of Thermador 48" Pro Ranges

Star Burners and Output


Both ranges have star burners, which can simmer at 100 degrees on two burners. Thermador's star burners are also raised for easy cleaning.

However, in 2019, they changed the style and dropped the back burners from 18,000 to 15,000 BTU while adding Wi-Fi connectivity.

Electric Grill and Griddle


Both the Pro Grand and Pro Harmony series feature an electric griddle. However, electricity is not as responsive as gas.

Thermador did discontinue its electric grill model.

Pros & Cons of Thermador 48" Pro Ranges

Thermador Pros

  • This range has impressive simmering capabilities, seamless Wi-Fi integration, and easily cleanable star burners that deliver consistent results.
  • Notably, they offer competitive pricing and attractive promotions.
  • Additionally, their Pro Grand model self-cleans in gas.

Thermador Cons

  • While the Thermador range features a single convection oven and limited color options, the electric griddle may not be as speedy as some other models on the market.
  • No grill option

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Monogram All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


Monogram, a luxury appliance brand owned by GE, has recently launched new professional ranges, including a new 48-inch smart dual fuel range.

Let's start there.

Best Features of Monogram 48" Pro Ranges

Smart Technology


The Monogram smart range allows for connectivity via their SmartHQ app to numerous recipe sites.

Monogram offers two series of dual fuel ranges:

In their better series, the front burner is connected to the Hestan Cue system, providing step-by-step recipe guidance.

The burner also allows you to cook at specific temperatures. You also have a 7-inch articulating LCD screen for easy use.


Their smart range is one of the few in the market to offer such advanced technology features.

The all-gas and less-featured dual fuel offer regular clock controls



Monogram's burners are made of more durable brass; only the La Cornue range, priced at over $50,000, features brass burners.

The burner outputs are impressive, with one 23,000 BTU burner, one 21,000 BTU burner, and two 15,000 BTU burners.

Grill and Griddle


The Monogram Pro range features an infrared grill and griddle as well.

The grill and griddle both offer high heat output, with the grill capable of producing up to 18,000 BTU and the griddle up to 14,000 BTU.

All Gas Ranges


Monogram offers both dual-fuel and all-gas models in their pro range lineup, with the all-gas models offering the same level of power as their dual-fuel counterparts.

Dual fuel is self-cleaning using heat.

Both models use Steam for self-cleaning, which is convenient but must be used after the cycle is over.


Monogram is known for its promotions and currently offers a $3,500 credit to be used to purchase other Monogram appliances.

Pros & Cons of Monogram 48" Pro Ranges

Monogram Pros

  • The Monogram range has impressive smart features.
  • It has high-output brass burners and a top-of-the-line grill and griddle.
  • Priced well

Monogram Cons

  • Monogram's 48-inch pro range lineup has a limited selection of only three models.
  • It's also not available in custom colors.
  • Monogram's ranges do not have special features like induction burners, or sous vide options.
  • Few SKUs and choices

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BlueStar All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


BlueStar is a Pennsylvania-based company specializing in commercial cooking appliances.

Among the various professional ranges available on the market, BlueStar is renowned for its commercial style and high BTU power.

The company's latest dual-fuel range features four burners at 25,000 BTU and four at 18,000 BTU, and a griddle model is also available.

Best BlueStar Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


Best Features of BlueStar 48" Pro Ranges

Sealed Eight Point Burners


One of the standout features of this new range is the sealed eight-point burners, which provide a larger cooking surface than competitors' models.

LCD Clock and Timer


An executive at BlueStar once vowed never to have a clock. True cooks don't need clocks and timers.

Then again, maybe they do.

BlueStar has a seven-inch LCD screen with eight different cooking modes.

Oven Capacity


The main oven can accommodate 18-26-inch commercial sheet pans.



The BlueStar range is highly customizable, with over 1,000 color options and 10 trims available.

Over 75% of the BlueStar ranges are purchased in color at Yale. For an additional cost, you can customize the cooking surface.

All Gas Ranges

BlueStar's all-gas range has five different series, with the Platinum and RNB series being the most notable.

Best BlueStar Platinum Series Range

The Platinum series features open burners, which are ideal for high heat but can be challenging to clean.

The range uses pure convection in its ovens, with the heating element located at the back.

The RNB series has a built-in grill and griddle, slightly lower BTU output, and no pure convection in the element.

Best BlueStar RNB Series Ranges

French tops are also available in the RNB series.

The grill is regular gas, which diffuses the heat. However, it is not as effective at sear as infrared.

Pros & Cons of BlueStar 48" Pro Ranges

BlueStar Pros

  • With impressive features, including powerful performance and convection capabilities, as well as various colors and configurations to meet individual needs, these ranges offer many options for the discerning cook.
  • TONS of options

BlueStar Cons

  • Platinum's versatile range comes with an interchangeable griddle and grill, but the RNB series is the better option for those who prioritize a better grilling experience.
  • However, it's important to note that the dual-fuel model does not include a grill option.

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Fisher & Paykel All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges

Fisher & Paykel offers five pro ranges that are very similar, except for the fuel type: all gas or dual fuel.

Best Fisher & Paykel 48" Pro Ranges


The BlueStar RHV3-484-N range stands out as the most unique offering.

It features a combination of 23,500 BTU and 18,500 BTU gas burners and four induction burners, offering a glimpse into the future of larger ranges.

The other dual-fuel models come with either eight burners or five burners with a powerful 24,000 BTU griddle.

The RIV3-486 is Fisher & Paykel's all-induction range with six burners.

Best Features of Fisher & Paykel 48" Pro Ranges

Powerful Burners and Griddle

fisher-and-paykel-pro-range-RHV3-484-N-stovetop (1)

The griddle is particularly noteworthy as it heats up unusually fast.

Cooking Modes and Wi-Fi Enabled


Dual-fuel models also offer more cooking modes and Wi-Fi connectivity, but they do not have grills, which are only available in all-gas models.

Pros & Cons of Fisher & Paykel Pro Ranges

Fisher & Paykel Pros

  • Fisher & Paykel's pro range offers various grill and induction options with powerful burners.
  • Guided menu cooking with a large touch screen.
  • Traditional self-cleaning oven

Fisher & Paykel Cons

  • The Fisher & Paykel pro range lacks a grill and French top and has limited options compared to other brands.

Miele All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges


Miele is a relatively new company in the professional range market, having started producing professional ranges in 2014.

Despite being a newcomer, Miele has managed to incorporate several standout features in their 48-inch pro ranges.

Best Miele 48" Pro Ranges

Best Features of Miele 48" Pro Ranges

Infrared Griddle



One of the standout features of Miele's pro ranges is the infrared grill, which distributes heat well.


Additionally, Miele has added several other useful features, including self-cleaning racks and dishwasher-safe grates, which make cleaning up after cooking much easier.

Steam Assist


Miele's dual fuel ranges include a steam assist feature. Steam is great for caramelizing foods like roasts and can be used to harden tops like crème brulée.

Speed Oven

A speed oven that can cook food as a microwave, convection, or combination, allowing you to cook faster without the rubbery microwave texture

The warming drawer below can keep food warm for up to three hours without dehydrating it.

MasterChef Guided Cooking System


However, the real highlight of Miele's 48-inch pro ranges is their MasterChef controls.

These controls simplify the cooking process by allowing you to select the food and its weight, and the oven calculates the required time and temperature.

Additionally, Miele offers many automatic cooking presets, including 15 different bread modes, ranging from focaccia to sourdough.

Pros & Cons of Miele 48" Pro Ranges

Miele Pros

  • Miele's pro range has an infrared grill and griddle.
  • Miele's advanced MasterChef controls make this pro range a top choice if you want the best controls and cooking experience.
  • Miele is one of the easiest ranges to clean.

Miele Cons

  • This range may be considered underpowered compared to other brands, with only half of the burners at 19,000 BTUs and the other half at 12,000 BTUs.
  • The contemporary look may be an issue in some kitchens.
  • Miele does not offer an all-gas option.
  • Miele is not available in colors.

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La Cornue All Gas & Dual Fuel 48" Pro Ranges

la-cornue-chateau-in-pink (1)

You probably have a sense of what we said in the beginning. No one range has the best of all features - except for the La Cornue Château.

Best La Cornue 48" Pro Range

Le Château 120 Pro Range



Best Features of La Cornue 48" Pro Ranges

Stovetop Customization


Unlike other ranges, it's fully customizable, allowing you to choose from a range of options for the stovetop, including wok burners, induction burners, a grill, a griddle, or a French top.

Gas and Electric Ovens


The range also features both gas and electric ovens, with the gas option providing moister heat for broiling and the electric option providing dry heat for baking.

One unique feature of La Cornue's ovens is their natural convection design. In this design, air is emitted from the bottom, creating even heat without using fans.



The range comes in 56 different colors with eight trim styles, so you can customize it to your heart's content.

The coloring process is also noteworthy. It uses a dripping process to wet enamel, which results in a richer color.


However, the one major drawback of the La Cornue range is its price, starting at over $60,000. But if you want the best of the best, this range is worth considering.

Pros & Cons of La Cornue 48" Pro Ranges

La Cornue Pros

  • The La Cornue Le Chateau 120 range has the most customization options, including several stovetop configurations and over 40 stunning color choices.

La Cornue Cons

  • Be prepared to shell out a hefty price tag, as the La Cornue Le Chateau 120 range starts at $50,000.

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Which 48-Inch Professional Range Is the Best?

When it comes to buying a 48-inch professional range, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Burner output
  • Cooking surface options
  • Simmering capabilities
  • Grill and griddle performance
  • Oven capacity
  • Steam features
  • Value
  • Broiling
  • Tech and controls
  • Ease of cleaning

With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which range is the best fit for you.

Below, we'll break down the most popular considerations when buying a range and highlight the top performers in each category.

  Burner Output Self Cleaning Clock or Timer Wi-Fi Grill Output Griddle Output Convection Type
Wolf All Gas Up to 15,000 BTU No No No 15,000 BTU 15,000 BTU Convection Fan
Wolf Dual Fuel Up to 20,000 BTU Yes Yes Yes 15,000 BTU 15,000 BTU VertiFlow Convection
Thermador Pro Grand Up to 22,000 BTU Yes Yes Yes 1,630 Watts 1,630 Watts True Convection
Thermador Harmony Up to 18,000 BTU DF only Yes Yes 1,630 Watts 1,630 Watts True Convection
Miele Up to 19,000 BTU Yes Yes No No Grill 15,000 BTU Twin Convection
Monogram Up to 23,000 BTU Yes Yes Yes 18,000 BTU 14,000 BTU True European
BlueStar Platinum Up to 25,000 BTU No No No 14,000 BTU 18,000 BTU Convection Bake
SKS Up to 23,000 BTU Speed Clean Yes Yes No Grill 18,000 BTU ProHeat Convection
Fisher & Paykel Up to 23,500 BTU Yes Yes Yes No Grill No Griddle Convection Bake

Best Professional Range for Burner Output: BlueStar, SKS, and Fisher & Paykel

If you're looking for a range with powerful burners, BlueStar, SKS, and Fisher & Paykel are your best options. BlueStar's open burner has an impressive 25,000 BTU output, while Fisher & Paykel and SKS offer multiple sealed burners that deliver 23,500 BTU of power.

Best Professional Ranges for Cooking Surface Options: Wolf and BlueStar

For those who want plenty of options for their cooking surface, Wolf and BlueStar are the top brands. Wolf offers the most cooktop configurations of any 48-inch range brand. However, keep in mind that once you commit to a specific configuration with Wolf, you're married to it. La Cornue offers the most options for a range, providing even more flexibility in customization.

Best Professional Ranges for Simmering: Thermador, SKS, and Wolf

If you're looking for a range that can simmer at low temperatures, Thermador, SKS, and Wolf are excellent choices. Thermador's XLO burner and SKS Ultralow burners can drop down as low as 100 degrees. Wolf's dual-stack burner can simmer well on all burners.

Best Professional Range for Grill Performance: Wolf and Monogram

For indoor grilling, gas-powered infrared grills are better for searing and taste than electric grills. Wolf and Monogram are the top performers in this category.  

Ensure that the grill is infrared so that drippings burn off for easier cleaning. 

Best Professional Ranges for Griddle Performance: SKS, Miele, and Wolf

SKS, Miele, and Wolf offer the best performance for griddles. SKS's chromium surfaces make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, while Miele and Wolf's infrared heating provides faster, more directed heat.

Best Professional Ranges for Oven Capacity: Thermador and BlueStar

For those who need a range with ample oven space, Thermador and BlueStar are the best choices. Both can hold a commercial sheet pan, while other brands cannot.

Best Professional Ranges for Steam Features: Miele, Thermador, and SKS

Miele, Thermador, and SKS all offer some version of steam, but it depends on your specific needs. Miele has the best controls and is great for steam-assisted cooking, but it's not a full steam oven. Thermador and SKS offer combi-steam features, with Thermador also including a warming drawer at the bottom.

Best Professional Range for Value: Monogram and Thermador

Monogram and Thermador offer great package promotions for those looking for a 48-inch pro range that doesn't break the bank.

Best Professional Ranges for Broiling: Thermador, Miele, and Wolf

Miele, Thermador, and Wolf all offer powerful broiling options, with Miele being the hottest at 23,500 BTUs.

Best Professional Ranges for Tech and Controls: Miele, Wolf, Monogram, and SKS

Miele, Monogram, SKS, and Wolf all have excellent tech and controls, with Miele being the easiest to use and Monogram having the best Wi-Fi app in SmartHQ. Wolf offers both features.

Most Cleanable Professional Range: Miele

Miele is the most cleanable professional range, with easy-to-clean grates, racks, and burners.

Best Colors: BlueStar and La Cornue

BlueStar and La Cornue are the only options that offer a range of colors for their professional ranges.

How to Buy a Professional Range

What Is a Professional Range?


Professional ranges are designed to mimic the high-performance ranges found in restaurants, with powerful burners that can reach high BTU outputs and a commercial aesthetic.

However, unlike commercial ranges, pro ranges are rated for residential use and do not require special permits or sprinkler systems. They are also typically easier to clean.

That being said, not all ranges marketed as "pro" are created equal.

Many lower-powered models with a pro-like appearance are cleverly marketed as professional ranges. Brands such as Bertazzoni, ILVE, Forte, Hallman, and Verona often fall into this category.

For example, let's take a look at the Bertazzoni range:


While it may be aesthetically pleasing, it only features two burners rated at 19,000 BTU, followed by a drop to 10,400 BTU, and a combination of 5,000 BTU and 3,500 BTU burners.

Additionally, the ovens tend to be smaller and lack advanced features found in true professional ranges.

Although some of these ranges may have a broiling power of 10,000 BTU, true professional ranges typically offer more powerful and directed infrared broilers rated at 18,000-20,000 BTU.

While lower-powered pro-looking ranges may be a more affordable option for a 48-inch opening, they cannot match the performance of true professional ranges.

The fit and finish of these ranges are also typically not on par with true professional models.

It's important to carefully evaluate any range marketed as a professional range before making a purchase.

Be sure to inspect the unit in person at your local store and compare the specifications to those of true professional ranges to ensure you're getting the performance and features you need.

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Pro Range Gas vs. Electric (Dual Fuel) Ovens

It's important to understand the difference between all-gas and dual-fuel ranges before delving into specific brands and models.

All-gas ranges use gas for both the cooktop and oven, while dual-fuel ranges feature a gas cooktop paired with an electric oven.

Gas ovens are better for roasting due to their moist heat, while electric ovens are typically better for baking. However, dual-fuel ranges often offer more precise temperature control for precision cooking.

All-gas ranges typically have better broilers, especially those with infrared technology, and are better for searing due to the intense heat provided by gas burners.

In fact, many all-gas ranges feature broilers that are similar to those found on professional-grade grills.

Dual-fuel ranges often incorporate advanced features such as self-cleaning, timers, and menu-driven electronics.

Brands such as Wolf, Thermador, SKS, and Miele may offer enhanced features exclusively in their dual-fuel models, such as improved controls, steam or speed ovens, and self-cleaning functions.

Overall, all-gas ranges tend to be less expensive than their dual-fuel counterparts in the professional-style category, typically costing between $2,000 to $5,000 less.

It's important to consider your cooking needs and preferences when deciding between an all-gas or dual-fuel range, as well as any additional features you may require.

Benefits of an all-gas: Broiling, roasting, less expensive. Does not need 50-amp electricity

Benefits of electric: Controls, special features, and baking

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Best Features of a 48-Inch Professional Range


Cooktop Configuration

One of the most important features of a professional range is the cooktop configuration, which can vary widely between brands and models.

While most ranges offer six burners and a griddle or grill, some brands offer a double grill or griddle and four burners.

For those who want more cooking options, a select few brands offer a French top, which is a larger flat surface that can cook at different temperatures or all burners.

In addition, some brands like SKS offer sous vide precision boiling in a vacuum-sealed bag, while Thermador Pro Grand, SKS, and Fisher & Paykel also offer an induction option.

Wolf and Miele offer infrared grills for their cooktop, which are faster and provide intense heat compared to an infrared broiler.

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Steam vs. Steam Assist Ovens

Another important feature to consider is the type of oven, specifically whether it is a steam or steam-assist oven.

Steam cooking is a great way to cook food as it adds moisture and doesn't bake the nutrients out of your food.

Some brands like Thermador and SKS offer traditional steam ovens, while Miele has a steam assist option that allows you to cook with regular elements and add 1-3 bursts of steam to bake bread.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is also becoming an increasingly popular feature in professional ranges.

Brands like Thermador, SKS, and Wolf offer the ability to operate your range through an app on your phone, allowing you to turn the oven on or off and adjust the temperature remotely from your office.

These brands also have tie-ins to different recipe apps to enhance your cooking experience.

As smart features continue to evolve, it's important to consider what features will be most useful to you in your cooking routine.

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Are Professional Ranges Reliable?

Professional ranges are high-end appliances that offer superior performance and durability, but they can be prone to more service issues than other appliances.

This is because they are larger and more complex, with more burners, ignition systems, and features such as griddles, broilers, and convection ovens.

However, with proper installation and regular maintenance, many of these issues can be avoided.

It's important to choose a reputable dealer who can provide professional installation and customer education to ensure that you get the most out of your range.

In addition, it's essential to inquire about repair and warranty options before making a purchase, as service for sophisticated appliances can be expensive and time-consuming.

While igniters are one of the most common repairs for gas ranges, larger 48-inch ranges with multiple burners may require more frequent maintenance.

Nevertheless, by choosing a reliable brand and investing in quality installation and maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of a professional range for years to come.

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Key Takeaways

In conclusion, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to professional ranges.

The key is to identify the features that best align with your cooking style and preferences, such as baking, broiling, grilling, griddling, and steam cooking.

Whenever possible, it's recommended to see a demonstration of the ranges you're considering before making a purchase.

Additionally, it's important to inquire about service and maintenance, as these appliances will require upkeep over their lifetime.

Each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses, and it's important to select a range that matches your unique needs.

Considering the factors we've discussed, you'll be well on your way to finding the best 48-inch professional range for your kitchen.


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