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If you are looking for the best dishwasher, then you are probably considering Miele and Bosch.

But which is better? That depends on a variety of factors.

But since you are reading this, let me ask this question directly: What's important to you?

Is it washing, drying, adjustable racks, cycles, or quietness?

Silence ratings have become a popular main feature since most kitchens and living areas have merged. You don't want to hear a dishwasher echoing throughout your house.

In this article, you will learn about all those features along with Bosch's and Miele's reliability based on 37,061 real service calls logged last year.

In the end, you will see a direct comparison between competitive models from Bosch and Miele within multiple price ranges.

Best Drying Dishwasher: Bosch 800 Series SHP878ZPSN - $1,359


Bosch has the auto-opening door to release steam plus the CrystalDry or Zeolite to absorb moisture and heat.

Best Washing Dishwasher: Miele G 7000 Series G7366SCVISF - $1,999


Miele invented a new way to dispense soap called "AutoDos'." It automatically releases the right amount of detergent at the right time. It also holds 20 loads, so you don't have to keep refilling.

Best Dishwasher Under $1000: Miele Classic Series G4228SCUSS - $999


Miele still has the main cycles, plus their CleanDry drying system.

Most Popular Dishwasher: Bosch 500 Series SHP865ZP5N - $1,149

Best Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHP865ZP5N

This dishwasher has a good combination of wash and drying cycles, plus it is the most widely sold in just about every appliance store.

There are several iterations to this model number. Make sure it has the glide-out racks and AutoAir cycle.

Now, let's look at both companies.



Bosch is a German company but operates the largest dishwasher manufacturing facility in New Byne, North Carolina.

Dishwashers are Bosch's most known product. Miele may have been the first importing dishwashers in the US, but Bosch was the first with quiet, affordable dishwashers.

Bosch has improved their dishwashers especially drying, in the last year with the AutoAir and CrystalDry cycles.

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Miele is the largest family-owned appliance manufacturer operating from one factory in Germany.

While Bosch has focused on improving their drying, Miele has changed their washing system with a better silence rating.

Unlike every other company, Miele still manufactures its components instead of outsourcing globally.

It is more expensive, but typically there is better quality control and a more long-lasting product.

The other benefit, as it turns out, is during a pandemic.

If a supply chain is global, chances are one part of the chain will have an issue.

Many of the shortages for appliances and other home improvement products are due to parts problems.

Let's see how Miele competes against the new Bosch.

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Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers

Where They Do Not Compete

Although Bosch and Miele are the best-known premium brands, they only compete between $999-1499.

Bosch starts at $499-599, but their single most popular dishwasher is $799-999, depending on when you buy on promotion.

It has its main cycles as well as its 44 dB quietness. 44 is the minimum standard for not hearing a dishwasher.

Bosch under $999 lacks the glide-out racks and their newest drying features like AutoAir and CrystalDry.

Miele G 7500 and G 7900 Series Dishwashers $2,200 and Up

You will read about many of Mieles newest features in the G 7336 at $1,999. These two dishwashers add features on top of that with more cycles and better drying.

Bosch stops at the Benchmark series at $2,149.

What Bosch and Miele Dishwashers Have in Common

Panel-Ready Dishwashers for Custom Cabinets: You can place a panel on either of these dishwashers seamlessly. They will look like your cabinet, not like a dishwasher with a panel, because they do not protrude past the cabinet.

Safety: Miele has a double insulated tub. Bosch has the AquaStop, so you don't flood your kitchen or your downstairs neighbors. It's an especially good feature if you are reading this in a Boston condo on the 37th floor.

Stainless Tubs: All premium dishwashers are. Stainless is more hygienic than plastic and doesn't retain odors.

Multiple Styles: Bosch has five styles, with one paneled, Miele has 3 and 1 panel. Normally, I don't mention styles.

Styles-of-Bosch-DishwashersBosch Dishwasher Styles


However, with product scarcity, you can buy a dishwasher with the same features in several different ways.

So if it is not available with a towel bar handle, buy it with the pocket handle.

Pro Tip: Always check the retailer's stock for the same dishwasher with a different style.

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Miele vs. Bosch Quietest Dishwashers

For a quiet dishwasher, 44 dB is the standard. You can buy them as low as 38 dB, but the noticeable noise difference is not that great.

I say that because people tend to overbuy for quietness.

For example, you can buy a 44 dB Bosch at $899, a 40 dB Bosch for $1349, or a 38 dB Bosch at $2149, assuming you want just basic features, the $899 is fine.

Both are quiet.

The new 5000 series Miele dishwashers are now 44 dB. Bosch is at 40-44 dB for their most popular models.

Miele will decrease to 38 dBs as well.

However, on Miele's better 7000 series $1,499 and up dishwashers, the motor slows for a longer 4-hour cycle.

Both are quiet. Bosch may be a bit better in the $899-1349 range, but quietness is not a significant differentiator in this case.

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Bosch vs. Miele Reliability

You will read reliability in other blogs. They all proclaim Bosch and Miele to be the most reliable dishwashers.

That's not true.

Here are the exact service percentages of both brands and their comparison to others.

Dishwasher Reliability From December 2019 to November 2020

  Service Ratio
Blomberg 0%
LG 1.9%
Whirlpool 2.1%
Thermador 7.6%
Beko 7.67%
Miele 8.2%
GE Profile 10.5%
Samsung 10.6%
JennAir 11.0%
KitchenAid 11.0%
Asko 11.6%
Bosch  12.8%
Bosch Benchmark 18.4%
Café Appliances 18.8%
GE Appliances 19.5%
Fisher & Paykel 27.8%
Average 11.2%

Each brand represented has a minimum of 50 units sold and a total sample of over 10,000 pieces.

This is just for last year. Miele had a return to excellence after a few years of issues like frozen motors and buzzing solenoids.

Miele's repair rate of 8.2% is a decent percentage, especially for a higher-priced, well-featured dishwasher. Most of the more reliable dishwashers were basic.

Bosch had an off-year after being one of the most reliable for the previous five years. It's still a good reliability rate for a higher-end dishwasher, especially with innovations.

Bosch should improve in the future.

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Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Drying

Miele is known for drying with its CleanAir system. It's so simple you have to wonder why others don't copy it (KitchenAid and Samsung did in part).

In a Miele dishwasher, the port on the bottom allows air to the side of the dishwasher. The steam and heat are attracted to the cooler side, and it is dissipated as water.

On the better Miele models, you have two ports, so air is infiltrated to both sides.

Miele also pops the door open in the $1499+ dishwashers.

It's a great feature, especially if you wash overnight. The steam doesn't leave residual moisture on your dishes.

Bosch calls their dishwasher opening "AutoAir," but you can buy that feature for $1,099-$1,199.


The best drying dishwasher is Bosch's 800 series dishwasher with CrystalDry. In addition to AutoAir, it uses Zeolite, a volcanic mineral, to absorb moisture and emit heat.

It works even on Thermador's 20-minute wash and dry cycle (Bosch makes Thermador).

So if you use a lot of plastics, Bosch CrystalDry is probably the best dishwasher to consider.

At $1000, Miele is better with their CleanAir system, but Bosch will be close with AutoAir drying system.

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Dishwasher Racks

Miele again was the first with the third rack for silverware. Everyone copied it to a certain extent, including Bosch.

Miele-Dishwasher (1)

Both have adjustable top racks. Miele will be better as you progress as more will flip up or be removable to fit odd-shaped dishes.

Third racks are a good way to add more room for plates at the button by moving the silverware up top.

Now Bosch has their My Way, so you can fit more on the rack (shown below). Miele has their fold-down three-day rack so you can fit larger items in the second rack.


What's better depends on how you use it.

Miele's rack will be better if you have fine silverware because it locks it in place. The silverware won't budge during the wash.

Miele vs. Bosch Dishwashers: Washing

Both will wash your dishes. However, if you look closely, Miele has a better washing system.

It has a full wash arm on the top versus a sprinkler head up top for Bosch.

It may be an issue if you load up that third rack. Miele should be considered slightly better.

Wash Cycles

The Germans (Miele) don't believe in many cycles, whereas the German Americans (Bosch) do.

Let's look at the control panels of both.

At $999, both Miele and Bosch will have five cycles, but Bosch adds five options.

Miele G4228SCUSS ($999) vs. Bosch SHP865ZP5N ($1,149)


The cycles are almost identical between these two dishwashers. Miele has a short cycle, whereas Bosch has the Speed60.

Key Differences

Quietness: Bosch is 44 dB, whereas Miele is 46 dB. It may not seem like much, but you will not hear the Bosch. You will hear the Miele faintly.

Washing: Miele is technically superior with three full wash arms versus two and a sprinkler head for the Miele.

Racks: The racks are identical with an adjustable top rack. However, the third rack in the Miele is technically superior (shown below). It holds the silverware, so they stay in place.


Drying: Bosch has their AutoAir cycle. Bosch uses condensation dry or the heat from the wash plus JetDry to dry the dishes in this series. AutoAir pops the door open to dissipate the steam.

Miele allows air into the sidewall of the dishwasher. The hot air is attracted to the cooler side to liquefy and drain the steam. It's a good system.

Availability: I added this due to the rampant availability problems for appliances. Miele has been much better than Bosch in this dishwasher series.

Miele G7106SCUSS ($1,499) vs. Bosch SHP878ZPSN ($1,359)


Key Differences

Quietness: Bosch will be quieter. It is 42 dB versus 43 for the Miele. Remember, 44 is the standard for not hearing your dishwasher.

Cycles: Once again, cycles are similar. QuickIntenseWash adds water pressure to wash in 60 minutes, whereas Bosch Express 60 doesn't.

The Miele, 50% cycle, is cool as it is a special sensor to determine half load or full load.

Racks: Miele has more adjustable than Bosch in the bottom rack. The 3rd cutlery tray on top dubbed, the 3D, is more flexible as well.

miele-dishwasher-dimension-racks-1Miele Dishwasher Bottom Rack


Wash System: The wash system is the same as the top with Miele have the three full spray arms versus two for Bosch

Drying: Miele is excellent with the system described above, plus the automatic door opening. Bosch is the best. CrystalDry is a volcanic element called Zeolite.

For drying, Zeolite absorbs moisture and emits heat. It can dry even plastics well. It even worked in Thermador's 20-minute cycle (Thermador is a Bosch dishwasher).

Availability: Bosch is better here, but that situation is fluid

Reliability: Miele is more reliable at least this year.

Miele G7366SCVISF ($1,999) vs. Bosch Benchmark SHE89PW75N ($2,149)


Bosch has their Benchmark series in this price range, but you are paying for more cycles. All of Bosch's Benchmark series has CrystalDry, and is similar to the 800 and 800 Plus series.

In the quest to buy the best dishwasher, don't buy features you don't need.

You can buy a similar dishwasher in their 800 and 800+ series at $1,249-$1,349.

Miele, on the other hand, is completely different at $1,999.

They added a 20-load dispenser dubbed the AutoDos in the dishwasher.

Like their incredibly successful laundry, you can load up to 20 loads with each "Power Disk."

Miele-Dishwahser-Installed-With-AutoDos-and-PowerDiskMiele Dishwasher With PowerDisk


For dishwashers, it's not that complex. Unlike laundry, you throw a pod into the dishwasher every time, where you have to guess about the right amount.

The AutoDos does open at the right time, and people report the cleanest dishes ever.

However, you do have some other refinements like Wi-Fi.

With Wi-Fi, you can control the dishwasher from an app on your phone. I am not sure Wi-Fi is a huge feature on a dishwasher.

It does signal you when the cycle is complete. It will also prevent you from opening the door during the wash on a quiet cycle. I do that now.

Differences Between Miele's Best Dishwasher Models

Miele G 7500 Series $2,199-$2,599:
  • Knock2Open - Hit the dishwasher three times, and it opens automatically. You don't have to put a handle on the dishwasher, BTW, so it's a nice design element.
  • Intense Zone - It's a longer wash cycle for the lower basket with increased temperature.
  • Sensor Wash - Sensor Wash tests the "turbidity" (the industry term for the leftover food and liquid on your dishes) of the water to ensure the correct time and temperature.
  • Extra Dry - increases the final rinse temperature and extends the drying phase at the end of the cycle.
  • Brilliant Light - There is LED lighting inside the dishwasher
Miele G 7900 Series $2,799-$2,999:
  • A cycle for tall items - no-rinse aid with a warm wash rinse
  • Soak Cycle
  • 5-Year Warranty

Final Verdict

First, both are great brands. They both set the standard for better dishwashers.

You should consider both, plus the different styles in your dishwasher search.

There will be availability problems with both brands in 2021.

For Bosch, the advantages are better quietness and drying at lower prices. You also have the best drying with CrystalDry at a better price than Miele.

Miele has the best wash system, racking with excellent drying and, for this year, better reliability. You also have some interesting, usable features at higher prices, which Bosch does not.

It depends on the features you are considering and your budget, but both are good choices.

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