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Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

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So, you are buying a full suite of appliances for your kitchen. It is not easy researching each unit, but there is a better way. Consider buying by brand.

This strategy works because all your appliances will match. Rebates also increase when you buy a whole kitchen appliance package. It’s a much smarter way to shop.


Yale Boston Kitchen Packages

Yale Framingham Kitchen Packages

At the same time, this is your kitchen. Buy what you like and what you will use. Just be mindful of the different handle styles and shades of stainless of the different brands.

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Best Stainless-Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages

This year, we categorized them by brand and then by price.

You will notice the range and refrigerator change because they have the most options. The most popular microwaves and dishwashers are kept as a constant.

These packages also tend to maximize kitchen rebates in most cases. 

There are other package possibilities with better dishwashers, but these packages are for each manufacturer.

Samsung Top Mount Package 

Electric - $1,499/ Gas - $1,499/ Convection - $1,699

(Prices After Rebates)


Samsung has a stylish stainless-steel kitchen package. The refrigerator has twin cooling, so the air of the refrigerator and freezer do not co-mingle. Thus, there will be less freezer burn and your frozen food will taste better.

In addition, you can convert your freezer into a refrigerator and back again for added flexibility.  Samsung has one of the most reliable brands and the most reliable dishwasher based on our 30,761 service calls last year.

It is good looking in a clean, modern way. However, in the first package, the electric range is not self-cleaning. Just be mindful of that.

Because of price, this is popular with builders. However, it’s also a good consideration if you do not need the self-cleaning feature.


Samsung Side-by-Side Kitchen Package

Electric - $1,899 / Gas - $1,899 / Convection - $2,099

(Prices After Rebates)

Samsung Convection Side-by-Side Package

This Samsung starter package has some excellent features. It has a 25 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator, convection range, over-the-range microwave, and a stainless interior dishwasher. 


Samsung French Door Package Upgrade

Electric $2,099/ Gas $2,099 / Convection $2,299

Samsung French Door Package Upgrade-1

You have a front control convection range featured in this package. The front controls are a more upscale look than freestanding because it allows you to see your kitchen backsplash. Along with a counter depth refrigerator, this Samsung also features a quieter, integrated dishwasher.


Samsung Counter Depth Package Upgrade

Electric - $2,899 / Gas - $3,206 after rebates 


This package is a bit different than the previous three. The refrigerator is counter depth, so it does not protrude from the cabinet for a much more streamlined look in your kitchen.

The range is convection or fan forced for a more even baking. It is self-cleaning as well.


Whirlpool 30-Inch Top Mount Package

Electric - $1,699 / Gas - $1,789/ Front Control Range - $2,189

(Prices After Rebates)


This suite is very popular with builders. Whirlpool is also the most reliable manufacturer sold at Yale at less than 5% service in the first year.

Their products are solid, but lack the style of Samsung. Their gas range is excellent, however, with 2 power burners at 15,000 BTU.

This package features a 30-inch top mount refrigerator designed to fit in smaller cabinets. 

The next package is similar, but designed for a 33-inch cabinet. The third package incorporates a French door refrigerator at 36 inches.


Whirlpool 33-Inch Top Mount Package 

Electric - $1,849 / Gas - $,1939 / Front Control Range - $2,249

(Prices After Rebates)




Whirlpool 36-Inch French Door Package

Electric - $2,399 / Gas - $2,489 / Front Control - $2,799

(Prices After Rebates)




Whirlpool 36-Inch French Door Counter Depth Upgrade

Electric - $2,899 / Gas - $2,989 / Front Control - $3,299

(Prices After Rebates)



Like the earlier Samsung example, this package adds counter depth. The range is front control, so you can see your backsplash without looking at the range.

Front control is the choice in mid to better renovations.



KitchenAid is an iconic brand with new updated commercial styling. The three packages feature their convection range, over the range microwave, and quiet iconic dishwasher.

The French door refrigerators differ in size for 30, 33 and 36-inch cabinets.

KitchenAid 30-Inch French Door Package

Electric - $3,399/ Gas - $3,489 / Front Control Range - $4,149

(Prices After Rebates)



KitchenAid 33-Inch French Door Package 

Electric - $3,499/ Gas - $3,589 / Front Control Range - $4,249 

(Prices After Rebates)


This package contains a 33-inch French door refrigerator.

KitchenAid 36-Inch French Door Package

Electric - $3,499 / Gas - $3,589 / Front Control Upgarde - $4,249 

(Prices After Rebates)



KitchenAid 36-inch French Door Counter Depth

Electric - $3,499 / Gas - $3,589 / Front Control Upgrade - $4,399 


This package has counter depth refrigeration as a difference between the other three.

SKS Counter Depth Package - $5,599 after rebates

SKS Counter Depth Package with Bosch Dishwasher


SKS Counter Depth Package Upgrade - $5,977 after rebates

SKS Counter Depth Package - Upgrade

Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) are LG's best appliances. The gas range features an 18,000 BTU burner and is the only pure gas convection oven on the market for the most consistent baking.

You also have the benefit of a convection microwave to microwave, convect, or both to save time without compromising flavor.

The refrigerator has a door within a door for easy access to milks and juices.

The Bosch dishwasher, featured in the first SKS package, is reliable with a silence rating of 44 dBA. In the upgrade, SKS's dishwasher is quieter at 42 dBA with hidden integrated controls. 

The package is chromium and is a fresh look to darker stainless. All appliances are Wi-Fi enabled and can work with an app on the phone. 

Jenn-Air Pro Package 

$6,696 Gas after $1,300 in rebates

Jenn-Air has two packages. First is one of the most popular packages sold in the US. It is their large capacity front control range with an additional baking drawer. 

The microwave is convection for microwave, convection or combination cooking.

You also have a counter depth refrigerator and an integrated top control dishwasher.

The Jenn-Air Pro package is a bit different with its pro-style handles. 

The top has more power per burner, but no griddle. However, the oven has twin convection for even more baking. It does not have a baking drawer.

You have a high CFM hood to exhaust the pro range in this package and would have to buy the microwave separately.

Video Thumbnail


Thermador Package

$8,956 Gas

Thermador has the 1,2, Free promotion, so you would receive a fee dishwasher and hood with qualified range and refrigerator purchases.

This package is interesting because you can buy Thermador at a lower price by adding a Bosch refrigerator with Thermador handles.

You have their quiet dishwasher and Yale pro hood as well.   


Wolf Package 

Gas - $15,348 after rebates


Wolf and Asko have some allowances. This package combines the Wolf pro range with internal, infrared broiler and a commercial style Sub-Zero refrigerator and quiet Asko dishwasher.


Which is the Best Choice?

Well, this list runs the gamut. If you are just starting out and buying your first kitchen package, then Whirlpool and even Samsung are decent options.

Samsung has the cool factor with their technologically-driven products whereas Whirlpool is more basic. That said, there is not one package for everyone. (Yes, it would be easier if there were.) Our best advice we can give you is to assess your needs and buy what you like. 

However, buying a package from one brand is a smart way of saving money while keeping the look consistent throughout your kitchen.

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