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Compact laundry has better features than even the best regular washers and dryers.

Without question, the Miele is the best compact laundry machine you can buy. In this article, you will learn about the best features to the new Miele compact washer and heat pump dryer.

Since I last wrote this article, Miele introduced another lesser expensive model worth considering at a lower price. Now, Miele can compete on price with the better brands.

You will also learn a bit about how to buy compact laundry and possible alternatives and brands to Miele.

It's the best but not the least expensive. You do have choices with other brands.

Unlike most of our laundry articles, we’re starting with the dryer because venting your dryer determines what you will consider for compact laundry.

What is a Heat Pump Dryer?

Heat pumps have been around in HVAC for a long time as well as dryers in Europe for almost 15 years.

A heat pump is a compressor. Instead of pulling air from the outside, the heat pump will recirculate the air in the dryer itself.


Read More about Heat Pump Dryers

It will remove the water and moisture from your clothes and reheat the existing air. The process is far more efficient and will save roughly half the energy of normal elements.

Heat pumps are also ventless so you can place your washer and dryer anywhere there is water and power.

You will need 220 and 110 volts with the Miele. You will not need to worry about a vent like most every other dryer on the market.

Miele Compact Laundry with a Heat Pump Dryer

Miele Heat Pump Dryer TWI180WP - $1,799

miele compact heat pump dryer TWI180WP

The Miele dryer is truly revolutionary (if I can ever use that word in this industry). It is a heat pump but requires only 110 volts instead of 220 volts like every other dryer.

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you may have noticed I have warned you against ever buying a 110-volt dryer. Typically, 110-volt dryers will take up to 4 hours to dry a simple load of laundry.

More importantly, the 110-volt washer and dryer combinations are the most repaired appliances in the industry with the highest level of failure in the first year.

The 110 voltage will work with Miele because it's a more efficient heat pump. The Miele washer can also spin up to 1600 RPMs to predry your clothes.

This speed is roughly 4 times faster than a top load washer and 25% faster than the fastest front load washer.



New Features

Mineral Sensors

If you have hard or soft water, Miele will calculate the precise time by employing mineral sensors. These sensors will adjust drying times depending on the minerals left in the moisture from your clothes.


The other cool part of a Miele dryer is you can customize a number of different scents at the end of the wash.


Miele FragranceDos

Now let's look at the Miele Compact Washer.

Miele Compact Washer TWF160WP - $1,499

miele compact washer TWF160WP

Miele has four washers. The difference is the new features TwinDos and the intense wash. Then we will look at the other unique features to a Miele washer.

Like the dryer, the new Miele is very different than any other washer currently on the market.


The top two machines have an automatic dispenser at the bottom. You can have bleach and detergent dispensed automatically.


Miele TwinDos

Both are also dispensed at different times for maximum effectiveness unlike most machines dispensing at the same time.


You also have the option of buying Miele detergent caplets. They are designed for special applications and stains. You can buy them for silks, outerwear wool, and synthetic fabrics.


Miele CapDosing


Although this is not a new feature on the market, Miele now has steam settings to loosen tougher stains.

Intensive Wash

The best model has a feature called an Intensive Wash. This is a term for two pumps. The detergent and water are more evenly distributed from the top and bottom rather than just the bottom like every other washer.

The detergent is also mixed more evenly between the two pumps.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Both the washer and dryer are Wi-Fi enabled for counting down cycles and remotely powering on and off through an app.

Unlike most brands, the Wi-Fi actually works. Three of the four Miele washers have the Wi-Fi setting.

Miele-Smart-Home-1Miele Wi-Fi Connect

Honeycomb Drum

Now you know the new features, let's look at some of the best older features to Miele laundry.

Their perforated, honeycomb drum is the best for fine washables. During the wash, the drum allows the clothes to “float” on a sheet of water rather than touching the sides for a far more gentle wash.


Miele HoneyComb Drum

Spin Speed

As we alluded before a spin speed of 1600 RPMs allows you to almost dry your clothes in the washer. It is roughly 4 times faster than a top load washer and is great for sheets towels and other harder to dry clothing.

Are Miele Compact Washers Reliable?

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
LG Electronics 0 1 0.00 %
Bosch Appliances 47 710 6.62 %
Whirlpool 2 29 6.90 %
Samsung 18 201 8.96 %
Miele 19 180 10.56 %
Fisher & Paykel 1 6 16.67 %
Blomberg 36 196 18.37 %
Asko 13 29 44.83 %
Maytag 2 1 200.00 %
Grand Total 141 1378 10.23 %

The average service rate for compact washers is 10.23% within the first year while Miele is 10.56%. Miele, as well as LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, and Samsung have most reliable compact washers. 

Read more: Most Reliable Compact Laundry

Competitive Brands To Consider

If there is a knock on Miele, it was price. Their best machine is $3,999. It is over $1,000 more than Bosch’s best machine (which is $500 more than their most popular machine).

Then they introduced the WWB020/TWB1020 less expensive washer and dryer set at $2258.  So now they compete favorably against other manufacturers’ most popular machines.

It does not have the twin dos, WI-FI and intensive wash of their best machine, but is much less expensive


Here is a short synopsis of Miele vs. other Brands.

Miele vs. Electrolux Compact Laundry

Electrolux is a well-featured machine, and one of the first products to feature steam in a compact washer. However, Miele has Wi-Fi with better dispensing, RPM spin, cap dosing, 110-volt heat pump drying, and two-pump washing on the high end.

Miele’s less expensive machine is comparable in price but has cap dosing in the washer and the heat pump drying.

Miele vs. Bosch Compact Laundry

Bosch has great features. You can program the machine to clean by stain type. It is also Wi-Fi compatible and can be connected to your Alexa. In terms of reliability, Bosch is the only company similar to Miele.

Miele has better dispensing, better RPM speed, the intensive two pump system, and 110-volt heat pump drying.

Miele is also $800-1000 more expensive than Bosch’s 800 series set.

However, the new lesser expensive Miele is competitive with the most popular 500 series Bosch at the same price.

Miele will have the better, heat pump drying, the ability to add scent to the dryer, and cap dosing at the same price.

Miele vs. Whirlpool Compact Laundry with Heat Pump

Whirlpool is a less expensive alternative with none of the functions of Miele. Their heat pump dryer is 220 volts, but the lint needs to be cleaned by a service tech at least twice a year.

Miele vs. Blomberg Compact Laundry with Heat Pump

Blomberg is a Turkish company. Their heat pump dryer set is reliable and a good lesser expensive option to Miele. Like Whirlpool, it is 220 volts with none of the functionality of a Miele.

Should You Buy Miele Compact Laundry?

That depends.

There is good compact laundry for less money. However, if your wash silks or fine washables, Miele is the only machine to wash these types of fabrics.

It also has the best wash and drying system by far allowing you to treat any type of fabric more precisely.

If you are looking for the best laundry, Miele is without peer. But, you can consider Bosch and other brands as well.

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