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The Best Miele Dishwashers for 2024

January 5th, 2022 | 13 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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miele dishwashers

Without question, Miele is one of the best brands for dishwashers.

I bet when you ask about Miele, your friends—and certainly your appliance store—had glowing things to say.

But should they?

In this article, you will get an in-depth insight into Miele dishwashers. You will learn about their features, performance, and how they fare against new dishwashers from other brands such as GE Profile, Beko with their new CornerIntense Wash, and LG with their steam hybrid wash.

And yes, we will directly compare Miele’s dishwasher to the new Bosch 800 Series with their PowerControl wash arm and CrystalDry system with volcanic elements.

First, let’s look at Miele’s best dishwashers.

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Best Miele Dishwashers for 2024

Quietest Option: Miele G 7566 SCVi SF ($2,749)

Starting with the high-end models, Miele G 7566 SCVi SF is priced at $2,749. 

This series is 42 dB or 38 dB if you select the extra quiet cycle.

This dishwasher also has a "Knock2Open" feature if you're looking for a handleless design. You knock twice, and the dishwasher opens.

Additionally, this dishwasher is equipped with "FlexLine" racks and LED lighting inside, making it perfect for those late-night unloading sessions.

Cycles Included:

  • Sensor Wash - Measures turbidity (fancy word for food and liquid residue) and adjusts for time and temperature.
  • Brilliant Light - You have lighting inside this dishwasher if you unload your dishes in the night or early morning.

Pros: Dishwasher is ultra-quiet at 42 dB, can be reduced to 38 dB. Knock2Open handleless design. FlexLine racks adjust to fit dishware, maximize space. Interior LED lighting for visibility.

Cons: Premium price due to advanced features and brand reputation. Some users may need time to adjust to Knock2Open tech.

Best Overall: Miele G7366SCVISF($2,299)

Moving to a slightly more affordable dishwasher, the Miele G 7366 SVI SF at $2,299, has a 44 decibel silence rating, with an extra quiet cycle that reduces the noise to 39 dB.

However, it's a 4-hour cycle, which slows the motor down.

Despite it's longer cycle times, the racks are a bit better. You do have some custom cycles for your stove grates and hood filters.

Most importantly, the G 7300 series has "AutoDos," an automatic detergent dispenser. It allows you to pour 20 loads of detergent into the dishwasher.

The dispenser will release the detergent for you every time, and it works. Clients claim they have the cleanest dishes and glasses using this new dispenser.

Lastly, this dishwasher is Wi-Fi enabled. You can turn the dishwasher on or off remotely and see how much detergent is in your new dispenser.

Cycles Included:

  • Clean Machine - A high-temperature wash designed to clean the stainless tub.
  • Grates and Filters Cycle - A 3-hour, 14-minute cycle to clean stove grates and filters.
  • Normal - A standard cycle suitable for everyday dishware with typical soiling.
  • QuickIntenseWash - A fast yet powerful cycle designed to clean moderately soiled dishes in less than an hour.
  • Pots & Pans - A cycle with higher water pressure and temperature to remove tough, baked-on food from cookware.
  • SaniWash - This cycle uses a higher temperature to sanitize dishes, which can be particularly useful for baby bottles, cutting boards, and other items that need more disinfection.
  • QuickIntenseWash - A 60-minute wash and dry cycle for light to medium-soiled dishes.
  • Rinse & Hold - A short rinse cycle to prevent odors and food residue from setting on dishes before running a full cycle.
  • Auto - A sensor-driven cycle that adjusts water temperature and pressure based on the level of soiling, ensuring optimal cleaning results while being energy efficient.
  • Delicate - A gentle cycle designed for fragile items like fine china and glassware.
  • Extra Quiet - A cycle that operates at a reduced noise level and slows the motor, suitable for open-plan living spaces or nighttime operation.
  • Intense Zone - A feature added to certain cycles to increase water pressure in the lower basket, enhancing cleaning performance for heavily soiled pots and pans.
  • Extra Dry - An option that can be added to enhance the drying performance, particularly useful for plastic items.

Pros: It washes and dries extremely well. Miele is the easiest to load as well. This dishwasher features AutoDos for 20 loads and the best dishwasher cleaning.

Cons: Great dishwasher, but the G7300 Series is over twice as expensive as the average dishwasher.

Most Popular: Miele G 7176 SCVi SF ($1,849)

For a more modest budget, the Miele G 7176 SCVi SF priced at $1,849, features advanced sensor-based cycles and customizable cleaning options as part of the G 7000 Series.

Its smart sensor detects the amount of dirt in the water and adjusts the wash and dry cycles accordingly. This ensures that the dishes are thoroughly cleaned.

Featuring a new design update, this dishwasher now includes the AutoDos system with PowerDisk technology and showcases the sleek PureLine handle.

This is a stylish departure from the Contour handle of its predecessor, the G 7156 SCVi SF.

What remains unchanged is the consistency in performance. The Miele G 7176 SCVi SF retains the effective drying system, the practical rack configuration, and the quiet operation of the earlier version, maintaining a noise level of 43 dB.

While the Miele G 7176 SCVi SF might be somewhat noisier than some of its competitors, it still falls well within the quiet standard that users expect from a premium dishwasher.

Cycles Included:

  • QuickIntense Wash -This new cycle cleans and dries regularly soiled dishes in just 58 minutes.
  • IntenseZone - The IntenseZone option provides a longer wash duration in the lower basket at a higher temperature to scour plates and platters.
  • Express -This option reduces the program's length by 62% when dishes have to be done quickly.
  • Extra Clean - This cycle has excellent cleaning properties. This enhanced cleaning option can be added to any program.
  • Extra Dry -Thanks to the extended drying phase and the increased rinse temperature, even challenging plastic items are perfectly dried.

Pros: The Miele G 7176 SCVi SF dishwasher has sensor-based cycles, customizable options, and a sleek design. It also uses precise detergent with the AutoDos system and has an effective drying system.

Cons: Miele G 7176 SCVi SF runs at 43 dB, making it quiet. However, it's not the quietest in the market. It has advanced features like AutoDos, but it's expensive. Users may need to learn new technologies.

Best for Budget: Miele G 5058 SCVi SFP ($1,499)

The two most budget-savvy options are the Miele G 5058 SCVi SFP priced at $1,499 and the G 5266 SCVi SF (featured next) priced at $1,449.

The G 5058 SCVi SFP is the top control version of the least expensive G 5006. This series is now officially quiet at 44 dB.

Like all Miele dishwashers, it features the QuickIntenseWash, a 58-minute wash and dry cycle for normally soiled dishes using high temperatures.

Cycles Included:

  • Normal
  • Pots and Pans
  • Express
  • QuickIntenseWash
  • Rise and Hold

Pros: Affordable, high-quality Miele option. Quiet at 44 dB, quick 58-min wash/dry cycle for convenience. Top control panel for an integrated look. Maintains Miele's standards, even as a budget model.

Cons: Basic model lacks advanced features, may not dry well. Quieter & more versatile models available. Fewer rack options.

Second Best for Budget: Miele G 5266 SCVi SF ($1,449)

Lastly, the G 5266 VIS FP, priced at $1,449, has a 3D MultiFlex top rack.

You can slide it into a few different positions to accommodate more on the rack below. Additionally, you can drop the right side to accommodate cups and small bowls.

This dishwasher has a good drying system with the AutoOpen door. It pops open at the end of the cycle to release steam.

It's a great feature, especially if you prefer to run your dishwasher at night. With this feature, steam doesn't become residual moisture on your glasses.

This series is also quieter at 42 decibels.

Cycles Included:

  • Normal
  • Economy
  • Express
  • ExtraDry
  • Perfect GlassCare
  • Pots & Pans
  • QuickIntenseWash
  • Sensor Dry

Pros: Excellent washing and drying. Miele is the best system, even in the lesser series.

Cons: Bosch, LG, Beko, Profile, and KitchenAid all have competitive dishwashers.


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How Do Miele Dishwashers Compare to Bosch and KitchenAid Dishwashers?

Now, let's dive into a comparison of Miele dishwashers with Bosch and KitchenAid models. How do these brands measure up against each other? Let's find out.

Miele vs. Bosch Dishwashers


At $1,279-$1,399, Bosch's dishwashers are worthy of consideration.

Bosch now incorporates the volcanic element zeolite in their drying system to increase heat and absorb moisture - it works.

Their new PowerControl feature allows you to wash on the bottom rack with different intensities.

Miele's $1,399 dishwasher, the G 5266 SCVi, offers more usable cycles and a superior wash system. Their drying is effective, and they include an auto-opening feature, but zeolite performs better on plastics.

From $2,299+, Miele offers a superior dishwasher, especially with its new dispenser.

In terms of reliability, Bosch is slightly better.

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Miele vs. KitchenAid Dishwashers


KitchenAid has two series. Their less expensive dishwasher, the KitchenAid 200 Series, is 39 dB with decent cycles at $999. 

However, KitchenAid's M series dishwashers at $899-$1,299 have four wash action levels, including the largest 3rd rack. Their drying circulates the air and is not as good as Miele's.  

KitchenAid is a good dishwasher to consider, especially at lower prices. Their two better units at $1,499 and $1,899 don't add much for features.  

Miele has better cycles and features, starting at $1,399. 

Update: KitchenAid pricing has dropped dramatically in late 2023, going into 2024. 

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How to Buy a Miele Dishwasher

Purchasing a new dishwasher can be a daunting task with so many options available in the market.

However, if you are considering investing in quality and innovation, Miele is one of the best options to consider.

In this section, we will guide you through the essential features offered by Miele across its range, their reliability, and the unique factors that differentiate Miele dishwasher models.

By the end, you'll have all the information you need to make an informed decision that's aligned with your requirements.

Key Features of Miele Dishwashers

Focusing on what sets Miele apart, let's explore Miele's best dishwasher features standard in all Miele dishwashers. 

Third Rack


All Miele dishwashers have a third rack for silverware. You will appreciate this feature because it allows you to fit more on the bottom rack without needing a silverware basket.

High-end Miele dishwashers feature the 3D cutlery tray. You can swivel this out of the way for taller glasses on the top rack.

Three Full Wash Arms


Miele is one of the only dishwashers with top, middle, and bottom wash arms.

Most brands have two wash arms, or they will have much smaller wash arms on the top, like Bosch or KitchenAid.

That third arm effectively washes the silverware on the top. You will see later in the article whether it makes a difference.


Miele is also one of the only dishwashers with a real drying cycle.

It allows the colder outside air into the inside of the dishwasher. When steam comes into contact with cooler surfaces, it loses its energy and transforms back into water, which then disperses.

Miele's high-end series features two ports at the bottom for even faster drying.

The superior Miele G 5000 and G 7000 series will all pop open at the end of the cycle to allow steam to escape.

If you wash at night, that steam doesn't reform into a thin layer of water.

Again, you will see how Miele drying compares against the other new drying systems, like Bosch's CrystalDry.

Double WaterProof System

Miele's Double WaterProof System automatically shuts off the water supply if the dishwasher starts to leak.

Many dishwashers have leak protection, but Miele's is more robust.

One of my friends had an upstairs neighbor with a water leak that seeped through their unit to the units below and others on the side.

That's an insurance nightmare nobody desires.

Miele has the best system for leak prevention, along with Bosch's AquaStop leak protection.

Pro Tip: Make sure your installer knows how to install a dishwasher. If you live in a condo on the 35th floor, you should also make sure your installer is insured.

Integrated and Panel-Ready Options


Miele, Bosch, and Beko, all European brands, are specifically designed to seamlessly fit into a 24-inch cabinet, ensuring an integrated look without any protrusion.

The dishwasher becomes indistinguishable from the cabinetry. It should be the only way to purchase an integrated dishwasher.

Yet, American brands like GE, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid will protrude and, unfortunately, look like a dishwasher with a panel tacked on.

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Miele Dishwasher Reliability

Shifting our focus to longevity and service, Miele touts a 20-year lifespan.

The dishwasher is sturdy, with every component manufactured by Miele except for the rollers under the racks.

However, how can you determine if Miele or any dishwasher will last 20 years?

You can't.

Let's look at actual service calls within the first year.

We have 35 service technicians who conducted over 120,000 appliance service calls over the last three years.

At one time, Miele was the most reliable dishwasher brand. Then they encountered issues with frozen motors. The following year, it was buzzing solenoids causing a racket.

This year, Miele ranks as one of the most reliable premium dishwashers you can buy.

We calculate dishwasher reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold to determine a service rate percentage.

Dishwasher Reliability for 2023

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 products sold and a total sample size of over 8000 units over 12 months.

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 products sold and a total sample size of over 8000 units over a 12-month period.  

  Service Rates
LG  3.5%
Bosch 5.1%
Thermador 5.9%
KitchenAid 6.2%
Miele 6.7%
GE Profile 7.1%
Signature Kitchen Suite 7.5%
Fisher & Paykel 9.0%
Café Appliances 10.3%
Beko  11.2%
Grand Total 6.8%

Miele's service rate was better than average at 6.7%. While Miele is certainly reputable, Bosch and LG have exhibited even better reliability.

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Differences Between Miele Dishwashers

As we dive into the specifics, Miele offers a range of dishwasher series and models, each with unique features. 

Here's a breakdown to simplify your selection process:

Control Panel Styles

Miele dishwashers vary primarily by the control panel. You'll find models with visible front controls and those with sleek, integrated controls that are hidden from view.

Model Number Breakdown

At first glance, model numbers can be perplexing. The series is denoted by the initial letters—G71, G73, or G75—and the numbers that follow indicate the style, such as top controls, front controls, or a panel-ready design.

Fun Fact: The 'G' in Miele's model names stands for 'Geschirrspüler'—the German word for 'dishwasher.'

Model Differences Explained
  • SCU: Stainless steel with front controls.
  • SCVI: Paneled design with top controls.
  • SCVISF: Stainless steel, top controls, and a PureLine handle.
  • SCVISFP: Features top controls and a pocket handle.

Additionally, there are seven major differences between the Miele dishwasher series.

The Seven Major Differences Across Miele Dishwasher Series:

1. Adjustable Racks


The top rack is fully adjustable on all Miele dishwashers. However, the better dishwashers have adjustable racks within the rack to accommodate almost anything.

The top rack changes from the regular rack to the MultiFlex 3D. The 3D is fully adjustable, so you can fit taller wine glasses below.

Note: Any rack piece in orange in a Miele dishwasher is either adjustable or removable.

2. Quietness

Miele dishwashers range from 38-44 dB, all under the quietness standard of 44 dB. So you won't hear the Miele running even in an open kitchen plan.

However, for Miele's dishwashers to reach 38 dB, the motor slows down, resulting in a 4-hour cycle.

3. Drying Systems


Miele has a port allowing air in the bottom of the dishwasher to allow air into the side of the dishwasher.

Cold air attracts warmer air, causing it to release its moisture as water. The better machines have two ports to circulate air to the side for faster drying.

All Miele dishwashers pop open at the end of the cycle to release heat and steam, except for the least expensive ones.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can control your dishwasher from your phone in the top two Miele series, including turning the dishwasher on and off or changing cycles.

You can also see the time remaining and receive a text when the cycle is complete.

5. Cycles


The cycles range from basic to customized ones like hood filters and stove grates as you step into the better models.

The more basic G 5000 dishwashers have five base cycles. The G7000 will have six to 14 programs and several different options.

6. Knock2Open

You can open the two best dishwashers by knocking twice on the door.

It's probably not at the top of your list for features, but you don't have to have a handle for these models. With better cabinets, handleless is a nice touch.

7. AutoDos With PowerDisk Dishwasher Dispenser


Miele's automatic detergent dispenser is designed to handle 20 loads and guarantees the exact amount of detergent is released at the right time.

I thought this was an overblown feature. During the cycle, the detergent was released at the right time, resulting in cleaner dishes, as reported by the clients.

AutoDos is available in their top three series: the G 7300, G 7500, and the G 7900 dishwashers.

Should You Buy a Miele Dishwasher?


Miele has excellent dishwashers, especially over $1,499, where most brands stop. They offer a solid package of racking features and washing and drying capability.

You should know the dispenser works and is not a gimmick. In our tests, Miele was the best for washing and drying.

However, you will pay twice as much as for most dishwashers and nearly $1,000 more than for the Bosch 800.

Still, at $1,299 and above, you should consider a Miele dishwasher as it has the most comprehensive package of washing, drying, cycles, racking, waterproofing, and reliability.

Miele Dishwashers


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Miele dishwashers. 

How do Miele dishwashers compare to other brands?

What features are unique to Miele dishwashers?

How energy-efficient are Miele dishwashers?

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How do I clean and maintain my Miele dishwasher?

What should I do if my Miele dishwasher is not cleaning properly?

How long is the warranty on a Miele dishwasher?

Are Miele dishwashers quiet?

Can I find replacement parts for my Miele dishwasher?

Is it worth repairing a Miele dishwasher or should I replace it?

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