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The Best 48-Inch Professional Rangetops for 2024

December 1st, 2023 | 9 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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The Best 48-Inch Professional Rangetops for 2024

Choosing a rangetop should be a straightforward process.

After all, you’re only considering half a range.

You don't need to worry about selecting from various options that come with ranges, such as dual-fuel or all-gas systems and twin or single convection features.

Your decision becomes more straightforward, focusing solely on key components like having all burners, a grill, a griddle, a French top, or other new options.

But that's the problem.

Each brand offers unique features and has its own disadvantages

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right rangetop for your lifestyle.

Let's get started.

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Why This Article Is Worth Your Time

I don't think there is one best brand for every feature.

That's the problem when you read articles praising the virtues of everything.

It's just not the case.

I have owned Wolf and Thermador cooking appliances, so I can give you some insight.

Then there is this:

Part of the reason for writing this article is Google’s search results showing these pro rangetops as the "best.”


The prices are excellent, but you only have one high-output burner at 19,000 BTU and one 10,000 BTU burner; the rest are simmer burners.

The griddle is electric with no grill, French top, or sous vide options.

Unless you like to simmer on four burners, this unit is underpowered.

In this article, you'll see that a professional rangetop does not offer high-output burners but the option to include a grill, griddle, or French top.

This article will also help you if you are considering the other 36-inch and 60-inch rangetop sizes.

First, you should know the difference between cooktops and rangetops. The terms are used interchangeably, and that could be an issue.

Cooktops vs. Rangetops


A cooktop is the top part of a regular stove. The rangetop is the top part of a professional range.

Here are the differences:

  • Size: A cooktop is available in 12, 15, 24, 30, and 36-inch sizes, with 30 and 36 being the most popular. A rangetop is available in 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60-inch widths. Thirty-six and 48 inches are the most common sizes.
  • Options: With a cooktop, your only option is to have all burners for your stovetop. A rangetop includes different cooking options such as a grill, griddle, French top, induction, and the ability to use sous vide.
  • Installation: The cooktop is installed on your countertop, while the rangetop is installed on your base cabinet. This is a crucial difference to remember. You can also fit a wall oven underneath a cooktop. It cannot work under a rangetop.
  • Price: On average, rangetops are $1,000 to $3,000 more expensive than comparable cooktops.
  • Burners: A rangetop will have all high-output burners or all high-output and one dedicated simmer burner.

Both are viable options. Your decision should always be based on what you will use.

Rangetops have more options, but cooktops are less expensive, easier to install, and will have 1-2 high-output burners.

Rangetop Options

Infrared vs. Gas Heat


In these comparisons, you will see infrared vs. regular gas, so let me explain the difference briefly now.

Infrared is direct heat, whereas a gas burner diffuses the heat. Think of one as a laser and the other more as a flashlight.

Infrared produces faster, more intense heat than gas and burns off residue or grease drippings for easier cleaning.

Induction vs. Professional Gas Heat

A few of the professional units have an induction set of burners. You should know induction is a better burner than professional gas.

It is faster with a much better simmer. Additionally, induction also requires less ventilation.

Induction is very safe for homes with kids. The burners only turn on when metal touches them, which stops them from being turned on by accident.

Induction is an intriguing option, especially in a larger size.

Sous Vide


Do you remember when we cooked those Stouffer's boil-in-the-bag dinners in college? Sous vide cooking is similar but far more precise.

You place your food and seasonings in a vacuum-sealed bag and then cook it in boiling water until it reaches the exact internal temperature.

French Top


French tops have one big burner in the middle of a larger griddle.

You can cook several items simultaneously because the center is hotter than the edges.

Unlike the similar-looking griddle, you leave the food in the pots and pans rather than directly on the stovetop.

Best 48-Inch Professional Gas Rangetops

Below is a list of the best 48-inch rangetops for 2024, showcasing various features available in 36-inch sizes.

Wolf SRT484CG

Wolf is a family-owned company based in Wisconsin.

Many of the innovations mentioned were started by Wolf, such as the infrared grill and griddle.

Wolf does everything well.


Burner Output

It has a high output burner at 20,000 BTU, two at 18,000 BTU, and two at 15,000 BTU.

Simmer Output

Wolf has a three-stage burner with a low output of 300 BTU.

Grill & Griddle Options

The grill and griddle are also infrared, with the griddle being 15,000 BTU and the grill 16,000 BTU.

French Top Option

You have the French Top with the Wolf to cook many items at once.

Wok Burner

Wolf has the hottest output with a 35,000 BTU wok burner.


The burner, grill, griddle, French top, and wok are probably the best all around. However, it doesn't have induction or sous vide options.

Monogram ZGU486NDTSS

Monogram is the premium division of the GE appliance group, which Haier, a Chinese company, now owns. Monogram is produced in the US.


Burner Output

The newer brands like Monogram and SKS have the hotter 23,000 BTU sealed burner. Monogram adds two 18,000 BTU burners and two 15,000 BTU burners.

Griddle Option

The griddle is 18,000 BTU, which is the highest output. BTW: Griddles can cook almost anything. The most versatile rangetop option.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Access

I haven't talked much about smart features. Monograms' SmartHQ platform is the best and can be operated with Alexa and every other assistant.

This unit also works with the Hestan Cue pans, so the flame is automatically adjusted (don't lose the sensor on the pan as I did).

Brass Hardware

The monogram looks good with its brass accents. The brass burners are a bit more durable,


You are looking at the only option, so there are no other choices.

Miele KMR 1354-3 G CTS

Miele is the largest family-owned appliance business based in Germany. They are known for their quality of manufacturing and their reliable products.

Miele's rangetop offers easy cleaning and powerful griddle and grill options.

It's a decent all-around rangetop with two issues.


Grill & Griddle Options

The grill is a 19,000 BTU infrared. Once again, those sear burners on outside grills are 23,000 BTU, so you will be able to grill. 

The0 griddle uses infrared heat reaching up to 14,300 BTU, so you will also have plenty of power to make breakfast. Then again, you can cook anything on a griddle.

8 Burners

Miele is one of the few with an eight-burner rangetop. The burner grates are dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.


The cooktop is the least powerful, with 19,500 BTUs in the front and only 12,000 in the back.

The simmer is not that low at 1500 BTU versus 100-500 BTU in the other competitive brands.

You only have eight burners, grill, and griddle options; you don't have an induction, French top, or sous vide options.

Thermador PCG486WD

Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. They have an excellent mix of burners.


Star Burner

Their Star Burner is unique in the industry. The burner is larger than the round types. They claim it distributes heat more evenly.

I am skeptical as the burner heats the pan while the pan cooks the food.

However, unlike a conventional round-sealed burner, the burner is raised off the base for easier cleaning underneath.

Simmer Output

Thermador offers their extra-low simmer at 100 degrees on two of their burners. It is intermittent, unlike the constant UltraLow SKS burner.


Thermador's One-Two-Free rebate program offers a free dishwasher or range hood with qualifying purchases. 


They have tons of ranges in two series, yet have only one 48-inch rangetop and only two 36-inch rangetops.

Their max output is 18,000 BTU. However, each burner is 18,000 or 15,000 BTU.

The griddle is electric. You do not have any options other than six burners and a griddle.


Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) is a much-publicized, much-marketed, upscale brand and subsidiary of LG.

Korean companies like LG and Samsung are technology first, and this unit is no exception, offering features unavailable in other brands.


Sous Vide

If you like this feature, SKS is the only unit with sous vide capability.

23,000 BTU Power Burner

It's the second most powerful burner after BlueStar.

100 BTU Simmer

The great part of marketing a new product is emulating the best features. This ultra-low simmer of 100 degrees is copied from Thermador.

However, SKS is a constant simmer while Thermador is on/off, keeping a mean temperature of 100 degrees.

Induction Burners

As much as you like gas, you will induction better for output and simmer.


No grill available. SKS has sous vide, yet no grill. You don't have many choices within the line. You have one choice, as shown.

BlueStar RGTNB486GV2

BlueStar is an American manufacturing company based in Pennsylvania. They are the closest to a restaurant range.

You have the most options with BlueStar.

BlueStar has some unique configurations with a double grill, griddle, and French top.

Platinum Series Rangetops

They have two rangetops. The Platinum has a maximum output of 25,000 BTU but has eight burners and a removable grill or griddle option.

The griddle has some value because of the high heat of the burners, but it will not be as consistent as an integrated griddle.

However, for burners, you have 2 25,000, 2 22,000, 1 18,000, 2 15,000, and a simmer burner for the highest output unit on the market.

BlueStar RNB Series Rangetops

Their RNB has two 22,000 BTUs and a built-in gas grill, French top, and griddle.

BlueStar has the highest output but is an open, not sealed burner. That's good news/bad news.

If you spill, you have to clean under the cooktop. However, you can clean everything in your sink, including burner pans, instead of scrubbing the unit like the other brands.


Grill & Griddle Options

The grill and griddle are straight gas, not infrared, so you won't have the same searing capability as an infrared.

You also have more clean-up because infrared evaporates most of the drippings.

Colors Options

BlueStar will give you choices as well. How about 1000 colors plus ten knob and trim packages.


Again, no induction and sous vide, tons of power, but an open burner. The grill and griddle are not as good as infrared.

JennAir JGCP548HL




On the other hand, JennAir has six configurations in two series, Rise and Noir. JennAir is the premium division of the US-based Whirlpool Corp.


Griddle & Grill Options

The griddle is covered in chromium, so you just wipe it down. It's the best griddle to clean.

The grill is a 16,000 BTU infrared for faster and more directed heat than straight gas. BTW infrared sear burners on the expensive Lynx, DCS, and Hestan grills.

Burner Output

Burners are 20,000 and 18,000 BTU burners for a decent output. The burners are more durable brass as well.

Cleanable: Grates are dishwasher safe, similar to Miele.


Decent rebate program with other JennAir appliances.


As cleanable as that griddle may be, it's only a 1320-watt electric. Unlike the others on this list, it will take a long time to heat up and maintain temperature.

You don't have Sous Vide (I will be writing that a lot), induction, or French top options with JennAir.

To be transparent, we stopped selling JennAir two years ago.

Which 48-Inch Pro Rangetop Is the Best?

There is no single best pro rangetop, so let's break it down.

Best Rangetop for Sous Vide and Induction Cooking: SKS


SKS is the only one with sous vide and induction. Once again, induction will be faster than even the 25,000 BTU Bluestar with the best simmer.

Best Rangetop for Burner Output: BlueStar


Their eight-burner Platinum unit delivers 25,000 BTU. For sealed, SKS and Monogram have a maximum unit of 23,000.

The Wolf wok burner delivers 35,000 BTU.

Best Rangetops for Simmer Output: Thermador, SKS, and Wolf


Thermador, SKS, and Wolf are all the best rangetops for simmering. SKS and Thermador have the 100 BTU simmer on two burners. Wolf can simmer well on every burner.

The SKS rangetop with induction burners is the best if you buy that option.

Best Rangetop with a Grill: Miele


Miele has the highest infrared at 19,000 BTU.

Best Rangetop for Frying with a Wok: Wolf


Wolf has the 35,000 BTU single-wok burner.

Best Rangetop with a Griddle: Monogram and JennAir


Wolf has the hottest griddle. JennAir's griddle is the easiest to clean.

Best All-Around Rangetop: Wolf


You can buy grill, griddle, and French top combinations with decent power and simmer.

Key Takeaways

Now you know there isn't one best rangetop.

Consider the feature or combination of features best suited to your cooking style.

It's important to always check for repair services, as many retailers consider the sale complete once you've written a check. Find the few that don't.

Lastly, consider how you'll vent your rangetop.

Can You Place a Downdraft Behind a Rangetop?


This could be the worst idea for your home.

This is number one on my list of kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid.

A downdraft, even with a maximum CFM of 1200, cannot handle the output of a professional range. It has no capture area.

Then, it reverses gravity and adds an elbow to lessen effective CFM on top of it. Even if your designer is adamant, don't do it.

Ditto with ceiling blowers, over-the-range microwaves, and slide-out hoods.

You want that smoke, grease, and emissions blown out of your house.

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