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Best Panel-Ready Dishwashers for 2024

October 4th, 2023 | 10 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Best Panel-Ready Dishwashers for 2023

Buying the best panel-ready dishwasher is now a challenge. Until this year, panel-ready dishwashers were unavailable due to supply constraints.

Nowadays, you have many options available, including advanced features such as the Bosch PowerControl wash system, the Beko CornerIntense wash system, and the Miele AutoDos equipped with a Power Disk automatic dispenser.

The names may sound odd, but the features are worth considering. You will learn all about them in this article.

We'll also share a word of caution about installing a panel on a dishwasher.

Let's get started.


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Best Panel-Ready Dishwashers

Miele G 7366 SCVi - $2,149

How to Buy a Miele Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Let me explain Miele dishwashers and why the G7366 is your best choice. Miele now has two series, the G 5000 and G 7000.

Quietness: All Miele dishwashers are at or below 44 decibels. However, their super quiet dishwashers at 38 decibels slow the motor for a 4-hour cycle.

Wash System

Miele Dishwasher Wash Arms

Miele has the best wash system with three full-wash arms.

Most brands, like Bosch, have two with a sprinkler head on the top. That stays the same throughout the lineup from $1199 to $3299.


Miele G 7000 Series Dishwasher

The better models have more adjustability in the racks. Anything in orange is adjustable. Also, the top rack changes to be more flexible.


Miele has a good drying system. Every model pops open at the end of the wash cycle to release heat and steam.

On most dishwashers, the thin coating of moisture on the glasses happens when the steam condenses back to moisture after the cycle is completed.

The automatic opening door prevents that.

The CleanAir drying system allows air in from the outside to the side of the dishwasher. The colder air mixes with the warmer, dissipating more air as water.

You have two ports on the better G7000 series, so cooler air is delivered to both sides for faster drying.


Miele AutoDos with PowerDisk

Starting with the G7300 series, you have the world's only automatic dispenser, dubbed the AutoDos.

The AutoDos delivers the right amount of detergent at the right time in the wash.

Clients report the cleanest dishes using the AutoDos dispenser.

The G7366 is not their most expensive dishwasher. The G7966 is at $3599.

The G7966 gives you swipe controls (like your phone), additional wash programs, sensor controls, and a five-year warranty.

However, the G7366 still gives you good racking, quietness, and cycles, and the AutoDos for considerably less.

Miele Panel-Ready Dishwasher Review

Miele is still the best combination of washing, drying, and racking.

Miele is the most solidly built dishwasher you can buy.

The company still produces all its parts (except the rollers under the racks) in one German factory and ships worldwide.

Miele was the first with the third rack and the first with the door popping open at the end of the cycle to release steam.

With its customized cycles, you can set this dishwasher by item. For example, there is a cycle just for stove grates.

They still are one of the only dishwashers with three wash arms, rather than two, to thoroughly wash that third rack.

You also have the best rack flexibility. They all flip up or detach to accommodate a wide variety of dishes.

Any item marked in orange can be flipped up or removed to accommodate odd-shaped plates, trays, and glasses.

Their newest innovation is the "AutoDos" dispenser, allowing you to load up to 20 washes in the dishwasher door.

The AutoDos will calculate the precise time in the wash to dispense the soap, resulting in cleaner dishes.

Miele Cons

For the AutoDos, you are paying over $2000 for the dishwasher. Without the AutoDos, you can buy a paneled Miele dishwasher for $1,300.

But before you do, check out the next dishwasher.

Bosch SHV78CM3N - $1,214

How Do You Buy a Bosch Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Like the Miele, Bosch requires a full explanation. Bosch has the 100, 300, 500, 800, 800+, and Benchmark series.

Bosch Dishwasher Series

Only the 300, 800, and Benchmark series have panel models this year. The 300 series is basic with adjustable racks and a third rack for silverware.

The decibel level is above the quietness threshold at 46.


The dishwasher is under the quietness standard at 42 decibels.


Bosch Dishwasher RackMatic System

Bosch has mirrored Miele with fold-down tines on the bottom rack to accommodate larger plates, dishes, and their "RackMatic" nine-position rack.

You have their top rack for silverware as well.


Bosch Dishwasher PowerControl Wash Arm

The 800 series is completely new this year with an innovative new system called PowerControl. It's that propeller-looking object at the bottom rack.

PowerControl allows you to control the intensity of the spray for low, medium, and heavy.

Bosch Dishwasher PowerControl Wash Zones

With Smart functionality, you can divide the lower rack into fourths and wash china and baked lasagna dishes in the same cycle.

You can learn more about PowerControl by watching this video:

Bosch CrystalDry

The 800 series has CrystalDry, the best drying system on this list. CrystalDry uses a volcanic element, Zeolite, to increase heat and absorb moisture. 

How Bosch's CrystalDry System Works

With CrystalDry, even the less dense plastics dry.

Bosch 800 Series vs. Benchmark Dishwashers

Bosch 800 Series SHV78CM3N vs. Benchmark SHV89PW73N Dishwashers

Much like the Miele comparison, Benchmark is the more expensive version of the 800 series with 38-decibel quietness, better leak detection with AquaStop Plus, a light in the dishwasher, and a better silverware rack for $1,799.

Bosch 800 Series Panel-Ready Dishwasher Review

Bosch always had good racking, but their washing and ability to dry plastics make it an excellent choice.

You have good cycles like the Speed60 for a 60-minute wash and dry. You can even program a special customized cycle into favorites on the dishwasher.

Bosch Cons

The price is decent for a dishwasher with a panel. However, Miele has better racking, especially the top rack, as the silverware is locked in and can't scratch during the cycle.

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Fisher & Paykel DD24DHTI9 N - $1,999

How to Buy a Fisher & Paykel Panel-Ready Dishwasher

You have 27 Fisher Paykel dish drawers to choose from. However, you "only" have six dishwashers for panels.

Differences Between Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers

Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Series and Styles

For panel-ready, you must buy their better series "9" and "11."

The difference between the 9 and 11 series is a stainless-steel interior, smart functionality, and a few cycles.

The difference between the two 11 series is just a water softener. Buy it if you have well water.

In the nine series, the difference is the water softener and two equal-sized drawers versus the tall size of the other type.


Fisher & Paykel meets the quietness standard of 44 decibels.


Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Rack System

This is a tougher answer.

Fisher & Paykel is a drawer dishwasher. In our experience, you will either like or dislike how it loads.

I had one a year ago and loved that top drawer. It was easy, and you didn't have to bend.

Then again, it was just me, and I never used the bottom drawer. It would help if you looked at this dishwasher because it's cool before buying it. The loading is different.

The Knock-to-Pause feature is interesting. You knock on the front to pause the dishwasher. You would do that by placing another plate or glass in the dishwasher.

The better Miele and Gaggenau dishwashers also have a knock-to-open feature, but knocking-to-pause may be better.

Drying Capability

Fisher & Paykel is straight condensation drying.

Fisher & Paykel Panel-Ready Double DishDrawer Review

Its uniqueness gives it an edgier style, which can be highly appealing for builders looking to create a distinctive project.

Moreover, its advantage lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for bending, making it a convenient option.


While it will wash, their drying isn't as good. Like any unique appliance, ensure it can be fixed before buying one.

Beko DIT39434 - $1,099

How to Buy a Beko Panel-Ready Dishwasher 

Beko is popular in Europe and is just starting as their brand.

They have been manufacturing under the name Blomberg in the US for ten years and are producing dishwashers for Viking.

You should consider this dishwasher not just for quietness but for other unique features as well.


Beko Dishwasher

Beko is the quietest dishwasher on this list at 39 dB.


Beko has condensation dry, plus the door pops open at the end of the cycle to release the excess moisture, as you learned at the beginning of the article.


Beko Dishwasher Rack System

You have the adjustable middle rack along with the Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can start, stop, and see the time remaining from an app on your phone.

I don't think Wi-Fi is an exciting feature for a dishwasher, especially if you turn your dishwasher on before bedtime.

However, at 39 dB, you won't hear this dishwasher running at all, so a Wi-Fi alert will stop you from opening the dishwasher before the cycle ends.

Beko is designed to clean well, starting with the best heater with 167 degrees capability.


Beko washes in a square pattern to wash the edges of the dishwasher better. Watch it running. It looks like two wash arms in one.

Bottle Washes

You have three dedicated bottle washes on the top rack to spray down the protein residue from the bottom of your sports bottles or that gunk at the bottom of your baby bottles.

EverClean Filter

Beko CornerIntense Wash Arm and EverClean Filter

Every decent dishwasher (except Profile) uses a filter. Beko has a direct spray, so you clean it less.


Beko is one of the only companies to address odors in their major appliances. Their IonGuard sends out negative ions to neutralize the positive ions from odors.

Beko Panel-Ready Dishwasher Review

This dishwasher has many features with decent drying and racking, better than average washing.

You also won't hear this dishwasher at 39 decibels. The price and rebate of $200 toward installation are pretty compelling.


Beko's service rate could be better. The problems are minor, but you must still spend time fixing them. They will get it right due to their responsiveness.

How Not to Buy a Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Installed American Dishwasher with a Custom Panel

Unfortunately, with many American brands like KitchenAid and GE Profile, the dishwasher will protrude from your cabinets.

Protruding dishwashers ruin the effect of placing a custom cabinet panel on your dishwasher in the first place.

You want your dishwasher to be indistinguishable or seamless from your cabinet, not like a dishwasher with a cabinet stuck to it.

Be careful because it's easy to buy a "panel-ready" dishwasher that still protrudes from your cabinets, especially with popular manufacturers like GE and KitchenAid.

You could recess the dishwasher for new construction, especially on an island.

Bosch, Beko, Miele, and Fisher & Paykel produce a dishwasher shallow enough to blend into the cabinet.

4 Dishwasher Features to Consider

1. Silence Ratings

Quiet dishwashers are essential as kitchens have merged with the living room. For example, you don't want dishwasher noise overwhelming your entire room or television.

However, you don't have to overpay for a quieter silence rating either.

Silence ratings are determined by the measure of sound in decibels. Forty-four decibels (dB) is the standard and is quite enough.

Unless you like other features, you should not buy a dishwasher under 44 decibels.

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2. Drying Performance

Bosch Dishwasher with AutoOpen

Dishwashers can now dry plastics. Before a few years ago, most dishwashers used condensation drying, a fancy term for the heat from the wash, JetDry, and time.

While it was okay for plates, condensation drying did not work on less dense items like plastics.

That has changed.

Most better dishwashers have advanced drying like Zeolite (which I will explain) and other features to dry better.

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3. Washing Performance

GE Profile Dishwasher with Designated Wash Jets for Bottles 

You would think a dishwasher would wash dishes, and it does mostly. However, the newer dishwashers have advanced features to clean tougher baked-on dishes.

Beko and GE Profile dishwashers have direct bottle wash sprays. Bosch can control the intensity of their wash, and Miele has a special detergent dispenser.

4. Rack Design

Miele Dishwasher Rack System

Those odd plates don't have to be odd anymore. Many dishwashers now have fold-down or flip-up tines.

The racks in the middle are fully adjustable, and all the better-paneled dishwashers have a top rack for silverware.

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What Are the Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands to Consider?

We measure reliability by service calls divided by sales. Last year, we logged over 40,000 service calls.

Dishwasher Reliability for 2024

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 products sold and a total sample size of over 8000 units over a 12-month period.  

  Service Rates
LG  3.5%
Bosch 5.1%
Thermador 5.9%
KitchenAid 6.2%
Miele 6.7%
GE Profile 7.1%
Signature Kitchen Suite 7.5%
Fisher & Paykel 9.0%
Café Appliances 10.3%
Beko  11.2%
Grand Total 6.8%

Miele is the best for super-premium, although most of this is decent.

However, with an average dishwasher service rate of 12.8%, you should choose a dishwasher based on reliability, price, and features.

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Best Panel-Ready Dishwashers: Conclusion

First, you want to buy brands designed to be flush with your cabinets.

Miele with the AutoDos is the best for racking, washing, and drying. However, you are spending over $2000 to buy it.

The Bosch with Power Control is flexible, with the ability to wash many types of dishes in the same load, along with the best drying.

Although Miele has better racks, Bosch is almost $1000 less.

Fisher Paykel is unique without question, and you will like not bending. Beko has great features for much less money.

What do you think?


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