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Best Dishwasher Deals for 2019 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  January 03, 2019  |  8 Min. Read


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Dishwashers have changed over the years. It's easy to be confused with all the features and different brands.

The familiar brands like Bosch, Miele, and KitchenAid are being challenged by newer products from Samsung and LG. However, most dishwashers are quieter with more cycles and features than older units. 

Consequently, you do not need to spend a fortune anymore for a quiet dishwasher in stainless steel with a stainless tub.

Dishwashers display at Yale

Memorial Day, along with Black Friday, Labor Day, and President's Day, are the best times to consider an appliance due to manufacturer incentives. Tax Weekend marks the start of Labor Day.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between plastic and stainless tubs.

This list changes every couple of months based on rebates and new products introductions. Quietness will also be considered because it is important with open kitchen plans.

We will condense 500 options down to 8 you should consider now as well as show you different brands and features.

First, let's look at plastic and stainless tubs.

Plastic vs. Stainless Tubs

Most of the better dishwashers have stainless tubs whereas the less expensive have plastic. They both hold water, but stainless is non-porous and won't retain odors and germs like other surfaces.

All of the models we are introducing in this article have stainless steel tubs except one.

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American vs. European

Traditionally, dishwashers were split between American style (like Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, and KitchenAid) and European style (Bosch, Asko, and Miele).

The main differences are the American style has a grinder on the bottom to handle any leftovers whereas the European style has a removable filter. The drying is different depending on the brand as well.

Most Americans use a heating element and JetDry to aid drying. Europeans just use the steam from the wash and JetDry. Samsung and especially Miele have different systems to speed the drying time.

European also models tend to be quieter without the grinder. However, Americans have adopted the filter. In fact the American KitchenAid will be the quietest on this list.

It is not an important distinction anymore EXCEPT when placing custom panels on your dishwasher. Europeans will look way better, because they do not protrude from the cabinet like American style dishwashers.


You probably want a quiet dishwasher. However, at a certain level, decibel (a measure of sound) differences are not detectable.

Any dishwasher at 44-46 dBs is quiet enough. You do not want to pay much more for a lower decibel rating alone.

That said, you can buy a noiseless 39 dB dishwasher reasonably right now.

Hear a 55 dB and 44 dB Dishwasher Head-to-Head

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Best Dishwasher Deals for 2019 

Pricing for January 2019

Plastic Tub Dishwashers

Samsung DW80M2020US - $399


  • Stainless Steel Door - Durable and hygienic
  • Adjustable Rack - Easy to fit various dishware
  • Digital Leak Sensor
  • Advanced Wash System
  • 14 Place Settings
  • 55 dBA

Samsung has a stylish dishwasher with an adjustable top rack as well as leak detection. This brand is actually one of the most reliable dishwashers sold. At 55 DBs, it is not quiet. However, the price is competitive at $399.


Stainless Steel Tub Dishwashers

Samsung DW80J3020UW - $499


This model adds a stainless tank and is 5 dB quieter at 50 db. It also adds a hard food disposer, which can mash small food particles (most dishwashers now have filters.)


  • Durable Stainless Steel Tub
  • Hard Food Disposer
  • Hidden Heat Element
  • Dishwashing Performance at 50dBA
  • 15 Place Settings
  • Adjustable Racking System

Jenn-Air JDB9000CWP - $899


The JDB9000CWP is a great dishwasher with a super quiet 40 DBs, solid glide-out racks as well as a 3rd rack for cutlery. Limited Quantity available. 

Samsung DW80K7050US - $649

Samsung DW80K7050UG


  • 15 Place Setting Capacity
  • Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Cutlery Rack
  • StormWash System
  • FlexLoad Racking System
  • Autorelease Door
  • Digital Leak Sensor
  • 44 dBA Sound Level
  • Energy Star Rated

Great dishwasher for the money. It is very quiet at 44 dBs and has a 3rd rack for silverware. The door pops open at the end of the cycle (like Miele) to release steam and speed drying.

Their "Storm Wash" is essentially a few areas of concentrated spray for baked on dishes. Its the red disk in the picture below.



Bosch SHS863WD5N - $769 



  • Made in North Carolina 
  • 4 Wash cycles, 5 options, button controls 
  • 44 dBA
  • Stainless Steel Tub 
  • Aqua Stop Plus Leak Protection System 
  • Info Light – tells you that the dishwasher is running 
  • Silverware Basket 
  • 15 place settings 

One of the best-selling dishwashers at Yale and nationally. This model has all the necessary cycles, 3 adjustable racks and is incredibly quiet at only 44 dBs. You also have a third rack for utensils as well.

Miele G4228SCUSS - $879



  • Double Waterproof System
  • CleanAir™ Drying
  • 5 Wash Cycles
  • AutoSensor Technology
  • Silence Rating of 46 dBA
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity
  • SaniWash

Miele is one of the most reliable dishwasher brands. This dishwasher features the best drying capabilities.

Air is directed to the side of the dishwasher so the hot air in the dishwasher is attracted to the cooler side and then dissipated.

KitchenAid KDTE334GPS - $1,079


  • ProWash(TM) Cycle
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heat Dry Option
  • Fold-Down Tines in the Lower Rack
  • SatinGlide(R) Max Upper Rack
  • Fold-Down Shelf with Stemware Holders
  • 4-Hour Delay Option
  • Filter-Based Wash System
  • Sani Rinse(R) Option
  • 39 DBs

The KDTE334 has every cycle including their ProWash or extended wash with soil sensing capabilities, light/china for your better stemware along with normal and shorter express washes.

You also have a ton of options like heated or air drying, Sani Rinse and a high-temperature wash for better scouring of baked-on dishes. There is a third rack for silverware.

This dishwasher also has special nozzles to wash your sports bottles.

At 39 DBs, it is almost noiseless as well. It is the quietest dishwasher for the price.


a video thumbnail

Bosch SHP865YP5N - $999 

Bosch SHP865YP5N


  • Made in North Carolina
  • 6 wash cycles, 5 options, touch controls
  • 42 dBA
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Aqua Stop Plus Leak Protection System
  • Five-Level wash
  • Info Light – tells you that the dishwasher is running
  • Silverware Basket and adjustable top rack for cutlery
  • 16 place settings
  • + Ball bearing wheels
  • + 2 folding tines at the rear for added flexibility
  • + FlexSpace Plus (both sets of tines fold down in front right section)
  • + Lower Rack Handle with metal inlay
  • + Rack stop to keep the rack from pulling completely out of the dishwasher.

It's one of our top-selling dishwashers because it can blend seamlessly into any kitchen. Bosch recently omitted a visible badge from the front of their dishwasher.

The recessed handle, hidden controls, and flush installation are all great design elements. This dishwasher also offers a few high-end features for the price such as a 3rd cutlery tray, tall item holder, and half-load cycle.

This new Bosch has better ball bearing racks and a rack stop so you do not pull the rack out of the dishwasher.


Bosch SHXM98W75N - $1,129 



  • 6 Wash Cycles/6 Options/ Touch Controls
  • 39 dBA Silence Rating
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • AquaStop Leak Protection
  • 30 Minute Express Cycle
  • 5-level Wash
  • Info Light - tells you that the dishwasher is running
  • Silverware Basket 
  • Adjustable Top Rack for Cutlery
  • 16 Place Setting

If you want to buy a great dishwasher with high-end features but aren't looking to break the bank, this is the right dishwasher for you.

This is one of the most feature-loaded dishwashers in the industry for a great price. It has almost every cycle available and an absolutely noiseless 39-decibel rating.

This is the best overall value for a high-end dishwasher.


Miele G6625SCU - $1,699



  • Quick Intense Wash
  • AutoSensor Technology
  • Water Softener
  • ExtraComfort Basket
  • China & Crystal Cycle
  • Silence Rating of 45 dBA
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity

Miele's best selling dishwasher.

It is quieter, with better fold down racks and overall adjustability to accommodate pots, pans, and other large dishes. This dishwasher can load virtually any pot, pan or platter and is the best loading dishwasher on the market.

It also adds a concentrated intensive wash for baked-on dishes.

Along with their drying system, the door pops open for speed drying at the end of a cycle as well.

Click here for our list of best Miele dishwashers.

Dishwasher Reliability

Based on our 30,761 service calls logged in 2017.


Service Qty

Shipped Qty

Service Ratio




118.18 %




42.11 %

Fisher & Paykel



30.28 %

LG Electronics



19.05 %




17.57 %




17.54 %

Frigidaire Gallery



16.33 %




13.10 %




11.24 %

Bosch Appliances



10.41 %

Frigidaire Professional



10.17 %




9.53 %




8.42 %




5.95 %




5.71 %




5.56 %

Bosch - Benchmark



5.23 %




1.41 %




0.00 %




0.00 %

Dynamic Cooking Systems




General Electric



0.00 %

Grand Total



9.93 %

Final Thoughts

In terms of reliability, it is Miele, Bosch, and Samsung.

However, the KitchenAid dishwasher may deliver the most value in terms of features for the price.

For drying, Miele is the best because of their air system. As for pricing, Samsung is your best bet.

That said, the Bosch dishwasher at $769 combines every feature and quietness unless you want a 3rd rack.

All are fine choices and you do not have to spend a fortune for a great, quiet and reliable dishwasher.


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