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Todd Rourke  |  January 18, 2017  |  3 Min. Read

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LG and Samsung are the fastest growing appliance companies in the US. Both companies have been on the forefront of technology and innovation for the last 10 years.

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Perhaps it is their background in competing with Apple on the phone side, but both companies understand form and aesthetics as well as functionality.

The companies are very similar. Both are Korean and compete in the same industries. We will look at the differences and compare to see what might be better for you and your family.

Let's look at both companies first.


Samsung is a Korean based industrial company founded in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee. They have been known for very innovative electronics such as televisions and cell phones. Samsung is now one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world.

Small Note: Their recent troubles with defective phones and top load washers do not extend into other product categories. Their repair percentages is 2-4% below the average in the appliance industry.

Samsung NX58K7850SS Freestanding Range - $1,699

Samsnug NX58K7850SS Gas Freestanding Range


  • 5.8 c.u. ft oven capacity 
  • Dual Doors
  • Duo Oven
  • Dual Convection
  • 18K BTU Double Stacked Burner
  • WI-FI Connectivity
  • Storage Drawer

This is a large oven, but it also has the duo feature which is a removeable divider that allows for 2 different cooking zones in the oven. Dual convection fans on top of each other will allow for even heat distribution in each cavity.

Samsung Flex Dual-1.jpg

The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor the oven remotely with the ability to turn the oven on or off and also adjust temperature remotely 

So you can control your oven through a phone app while doing laundry or even out of your house.

Samsung Chef Collection NX58H9950WS Slide-In Range - $2,299

Samsung Chef Collection.jpg


  • 5.8 c.u. ft oven capacity 
  • True Convection 
  • 19K BTU Dual Power Burner
  • Reversible Grill/Griddle 
  • Temperature Probe 
  • Warming Drawer 
  • Sliding Rack

A slide-in range will overlap the counters on the sides to allow for easier cleaning and a sleeker look, so you can see your backsplash.

The oven has decent controls with a temperature probe to eliminate the guesswork to broiling meats. You can keep food up to 3 hours in a warming drawer with dehydrating your food.

Although this oven is true convection, you may not feel a considerable difference with the small 110V heating element behind the fan.


LG is also a Korean company founded in the late 50's as Goldstar. They branched into electronics and televisions acquiring Zenith in 1994. LG is widely credited for introducing technology into front load washers as well as French door refrigerators and creating the category.


LG LDG4315ST Freestanding Range - $1,709

LG LDG4315ST.jpg


  • 6.9 c.u. ft oven capacity 
  • Pro Bake Convection  
  • Griddle
  • Quick Clean
  • 18.8K Power Burner
  • Double Ovens

This range forego a storage drawer or a warming drawer in order to gain more oven capacity. 2 ovens allow you to cook at 2 different temperatures.  

The Pro Bake Convection is truly an interesting feature. Instead of having a heating element on the bottom of this oven, they have put it in the back behind the fan for True European Convection. This will produce and circulate heat more evenly.

LG STUDIO LSSG3016ST Front Control - $2,809



  • 6.3 c.u. ft oven capacity 
  • 18.5K BTU Power Burner 
  • Warming Drawer
  • Slide Out Rack 
  • Easy Clean 
  • Pro Bake Convection

Another big oven capacity with a warming drawer that will allow you to keep appetizers warm and moist while preparing the main course. Slide-out rack makes it easier to work with larger, heavier foods in the oven.

The easy clean uses moisture and reduces the cleaning time in both ranges.

Samsung vs. LG Gas Ranges Comparison

This is a very interesting comparison. The burners on the top are very similar.

The aesthetics on the Samsung seem more refined than LG, but that may be just an opinion. 

In the freestanding, the Flex Duo allows for storage below while having two ovens, but the LG has two real ovens and greater overall capacity. The probe in the Samsung is an often overlooked feature especially if you are cooking meats. 

Wi-Fi is interesting, and is where the appliance industry is headed. Currently, Samsung has it. LG will soon.

LG has the Pro Bake feature. Oddly enough, the only other manufacturer offering pure convection is BlueStarHeat blown in from the rear is more even than from below with a fan assist, at least in theory.

Which do you buy? 

Depends on what you like. For broiling, the probe is better. In the oven, LG has a better capacity and convection delivery system.

Both are reliable (despite the many reviews to the contrary) according to our 20,000 service calls completed in 2016. However, they are both a little tougher to deal with in terms of parts and support.

As with any new technology, you should know who fixes it before you buy. 

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