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When's The Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances in Boston?

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 12, 2018  |  5 Min. Read

How to Buy Appliances

Most similar articles you may have read mention October, November, and December as the best times.

That strategy will cost you a ton of money. There is a much better way.

If you do not want to read the full article, you can scroll to the end for the five most promotional holidays.

We updated this article to include the impact of recent tariffs, reciprocal tariffs, and increasing commodity prices.

Recent Appliance Price Increases

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Best have already increased prices this year. That is not a surprise as they have increased prices 20 out of the 32 years I have been at Yale.

However, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, BlueStar, Samsung, Bosch, Thermador, Fisher & Paykel, and Amana are increasing on July 1st.

Miele will increase prices August 1st.

Prices increases are not 2-3% like years past. The average increase is 5-20% with more planned for 2019.

There are a couple of reasons for these radical increases.

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First, many brands became highly promotional in 2007 after the recession to keep factories online. 

Eleven years later, Thermador is still giving away a dishwasher with a range. Jenn-Air is still doing the same. 

When you look at the 5 best times a year to buy at the end of the article, you could save 20-40% on an appliance.

All that costs manufacturers money. Rather than ditching the promotions, they are increasing prices to support them.

However, there is a level of uncertainty in business today especially with tariffs on steel. These added costs have a direct impact on appliances.

So you could see massive increases based on whether the upcoming problems become a fullscale trade war.

How Much Can You Save?

Forgetting tariffs, have a look at how much could you save under normal circumstances.

This is an electronic price tag. We implemented this system because prices can fluctuate almost weekly.

Samsung RF23 Refrigerator Price Tag-1

Case in point, this Samsung Refrigerator was priced at $1,899 for Presidents' Day. It's $2,699 now. Rebates and other markdown promotions are the cause.

Samsung RF23 Refrigerator with Package_Boston Display

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR Counter Depth, French Door Refrigerator shown with Display Package

We will look at both, but first, we will look at the brands who take part in these sales.

Promotional vs. Non-Promotional Appliance Brands

Many brands offer a consistent rebate.

Wolf, Sub-Zero, Thermador, and Jenn-Air would be in that category. Wolf and Sub-Zero have a straightforward rebate program.

Thermador offers a free dishwasher and hood with other qualifying purchases. Jenn-Air has a $1,300 package rebate.

Brands like Miele, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, GE, Frigidaire, and Electrolux have products with fluctuating prices or discounts.

I should mention LG and Samsung, especially. They started these steep periodic discounts in their electronics business during holidays. They are the most aggressive.

Appliance Rebates

A rebate should be straightforward. However, it is not.

The manufacturer can rebate $50-$200 when you buy an appliance. Also, there can be package rebates based on multiple purchases.

Buying groups also have a pile of promotional rebates, so you could have another line of rebates with national buying groups.

But wait! There's more.

Promotional Times of the Year

LG and Samsung have added another layer to discounting. They will have different promotional periods where the prices just drop.

You want to wait for these drops.

Now, the key to buying that Samsung refrigerator we mentioned before at $1,899 instead of $2,699 is timing the promotional periods along with Samsung's rebates.

So now, here are the best times to buy appliances in Boston during the calendar year:

Best Times to Buy a Kitchen Appliance

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Any holiday with a Monday off is in play. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is usually in the middle of January.
  • Presidents' Day: Without question, after Black Friday, the next major holiday is Presidents' Day in February.
  • Memorial Day: At this point, I need to explain that appliance buyers "buy" twice a year in late April and late August. Warehouses are the fullest after that. Memorial Day has been a big holiday simply because it is the first after a buying show.
  • July 4th: It is huge everywhere else but Boston, mostly because nobody is around. This year with price increases, it may be more important
  • Labor Day: Circle this day on your calendar. Labor Day is the closest holiday after the Summer buying show, and many stores and brands will have a tough time without a Tax Holiday to sell products.
  • Black Friday: Black Friday is the biggest promotional time of the year. It is the last time for factories to move products.

Once again, some major companies, like Samsung and LG, have used Black Friday to obtain share by discounting their products.

They used that strategy with TVs to drive their competition out of the market. Most companies, like Whirlpool, have followed suit.

Warehouse Clearances

Many regional companies have warehouse clearances at various times during the year.

Having a warehouse clearance helps to clear discontinued units, floor models, and outlet products (scratched or dented products).

We have three, in January, May, and October. 

You can probably buy an appliance at the lowest price depending on the condition of the product. Savings can be at least 20% and up to 70%.

Final Thoughts

You don't have to haggle anymore. Just know when rebates and promotions occur together.

The appliance business is now like cars or electronics as there is a time to buy if you can.

Presidents' Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday are the best times to buy in Boston this year.

Wait until one of these days to buy for the best deal. In 2018-19, also be careful of price increases especially if a full-scale trade war erupts.

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Steve Sheinkopf

Steve is the third-generation CEO of Yale and a lifelong Bostonian. He currently resides in Boston, one mile from where he was born. Despite being one of the worst goalies of all time, he is a huge hockey fan of college hockey and the Boston Bruins. The love of his life is his daughter Sophie.

Steve has also been featured in numerous publications such as the New York Times, Consumer Reports, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Radio, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur, for his knowledge of how to buy appliances and appliance repair.

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