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Café Appliances vs. Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

August 24th, 2020 | 4 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Café Appliances Vs. Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Ranges

We wrote this article originally in 2014, and so much has changed since then. Café Appliances is now part of the Haier company of China after years of being an afterthought in GE's industrial portfolio.

Their product has completely changed. Haier is an appliance only company with a radical focus on improving products.

Benchmark is the best division of the Bosch company, not including the premium Thermador and ultra-premium Gaggenau brands.

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If you have shopped for slide-in ranges, these two names are probably (and should be) on your list.

It's a confusing process of choosing between two great brands with excellent products.

In this article, you will learn the differences along with the reliability of both based on real service calls completed by our service department.

In the end, you will know what is right for your family.

First, let's look at the products.

Looking for answers about Gas Cooking?

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Café Appliances vs. Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Ranges

Cafe Appliances Vs. Bosch Benchmark

What Café Appliances' And Bosch Benchmark's Gas Ranges Have In Common

1. Burners

They have a bunch in stock. Let's start with the burners. You know Café Appliances has six, and Bosch has 5, but they are similar in output.

  • Café Appliances is 21,000, 15,000, 12,000, (2)9,500, and a 5,000 BTU
  • Bosch 20,000, 15,000, 10,000, (2) 5,000 BTU.

The two power burners are near identical. Bosch may be a bit better on the simmer with Café Appliances having a bit more power.

2. Convection And Self-Cleaning Ovens

bosch-benchmark-self-cleaning-ovenBosch Benchmark Self-Cleaning Oven 

Both ovens are convection with self-cleaning.

Where Café Appliances And Bosch Benchmark Differ

1. Reliability

Gas Range Reliability For The Past Year To Date

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Bosch Benchmark 8 14 57.14%
BlueStar 9 18 50.00%
JennAir 83 263 31.56%
LG  3 12 25.00%
Blomberg 3 12 25.00%
KitchenAid 48 231 20.78%
Fisher & Paykel 3 19 15.79%
Bosch  33 241 13.69%
Café Appliances 9 81 11.11%
GE Profile 17 177 9.60%
Beko  1 11 9.09%
Samsung 76 1199 6.34%
Whirlpool 11 239 4.60%
GE 0 32 0.00%
Grand Total 304 2549 11.92%

Café Appliances is excellent in terms of reliability, especially for such a high-end range. For comparison, look at Bosch as well as Benchmark. Café Appliances is 3% better than Bosch brands.

2. Configuration

Café Appliances is a front control range, so it's easier to fit an existing range. Bosch is a slide-in, so the cooktop fits over the cabinet eliminating the seam for easier cleaning.

3. Ovens


Café Appliances Compared To Bosch Benchmark Ovens

Bosch is 4.8 cubic. The base Café Appliances is bigger at 5.6 cubic feet. The double oven CGS750 is seven cubics with two ovens.

Warming Drawer Vs. Storage Drawers Vs. Two Ovens

Am I the only one who likes a warming drawer? Bosch can warm plates or keep food warm for up to three hours if you cook, and your family eats later.

The base Café Appliances is storage only while the better model has two ovens.

Cafe Appliances Gas Range Oven

Café Appliances Double Oven Range

4. Proof Mode

Proofing is low-temperature baking. It's great for proofing dough or helping dough rise.

5. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi will allow you to turn the range on and off as well as change the temperature remotely. Café Appliances has Wi-Fi, and it also responds to Alexa and Google Assistant.

At present, Wi-Fi is limited in functionality, but over time you will be able to connect recipes and cook better.

Café Appliances is ahead of Bosch for now. Bosch does have its HomeConnect App but not on this range.

6. Style

Café Appliances has four different styles versus just stainless for the Benchmark. For New Englanders, white with a copper or brass accent is great for a traditional home.

Cafe-Appliances-Slide-In-Range-in-White-and-CopperCafé Appliances Double Oven Range In Matte White With Brass Accents

The mirrored finish is a different look as well.

Cafe-Appliances-in-Stainless-Steel (1)Café Appliances Kitchen In Modern Glass Finishes

7. Kitchen Package Options

Café Appliances has decent refrigerators with their best having a Keurig coffee dispenser.

Bosch hasn't changed much with this range over six years, but have improved every other product, including refrigerators and especially dishwashers.

Depending on when you buy a kitchen appliance package, Bosch may be better depending on features.

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The Brands And Their Ranges

Bosch Benchmark Slide-In Range HGIP056UC - $2,899


The Bosch Benchmark slide-in is a decent range. It is well styled with good output and convection. The key to buying this range is kitchen promotions around holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th.

You could save 15% plus another exclusive rebate.

Café Appliances Front Control Range CGS700P2MS1 - $2,789


Café Appliances Front Control Range CGS750P2MS1 - $3,059


Café Appliances has two ranges, with several different styles and options.

Their six burners distinguish the range. That's right, six burners and a large convection oven. Their best model has a double oven with the smaller on the top and the larger below.

You also have style combos of white, black, stainless, and the 750 has the glass "Modern Glass.” Then you can choose your accent for knobs and handles of stainless, brass, and copper.

Cafe-Appliances-Gas-Range-StylesCafé Appliances Double Oven Gas Range Styles

Key Takeaways

Café Appliances has radically changed its range over the last six years, whereas Bosch once the product leader has not.

That is not to say Bosch is not competitive. It still has great specs with a drawer, good output, and convection.

However, Café Appliances allows you to customize a great range with six burners and two ovens. It may be technically better.

However, in a package, you could end up with the Bosch.

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