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Café vs. Bertazzoni Gas Ranges

June 16th, 2022 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Café vs. Bertazzoni Gas Ranges

Bertazzoni and Café years ago was an interesting comparison. Designers all opted for Bertazzoni because it looked better, especially in color. Homeowners would pick Café because the features were better.

Bertazzoni has a "Master Series" with better output, while Café has been reintroduced with features and basic colors.

The question is what you would buy between Bertazzoni and Café’s newest ranges?

In this article, you will learn the differences between the features of both ranges and some other brands along the way because you may be shopping for multiple brands.

First, let’s look at the companies.


Bertazzoni was the first of the Italian companies to export a range to the US. Now you have Smeg, Ilve, Verona, Fulgor Milano, and other recent brands like Forte and Forza.

Italian ranges are beautiful because beautiful things are designed in Italy. Think of an espresso maker. These ranges are popular in color and are typically less expensive than a BlueStar or other fancier American ranges with color.

Café Appliances

GE owned Café Appliances. Now it is owned by Haier, a Chinese appliance-only conglomerate. Haier has reanimated GE, with Café being no exception, adding new features and styles to a previous stale series.

But does it measure up to an attractive range like Bertazzoni?

Café vs. Bertazzoni Gas Ranges

Cafe-vs-Bertazzoni-Gas-RangesCafé CGS750P2MS1 ($3,419) | Bertazzoni MAST305GASXE ($3,599)


Bertazzoni has improved their output with a 19,000 BTU burner, a 10,400 BTU burner, two 5900 BTU burners, and a 3500 BTU burner.

Bertazzoni-MAST305GASXE-Gas-Range-CooktopBertazzoni Gas Range MAST305GASXE Cooktop


Nineteen thousand BTU is excellent. Most professional ranges average about 18,000 BTU. But what happens after that burner? Having two burners at 10,400 BTU is below average, and you can only simmer on the other three burners.

The Café was redesigned with six burners. It makes no sense until you consider the griddle. Café’s range has one 21,000 BTU burner, a 15,000 BTU burner, a 12,000 BTU burner, two 9500 BTU burners, and a 5000 BTU burner.

cafe-appliances-slide-in-gas-range-griddleCafé Gas Range CGS750P2MS1 Cooktop With Griddle


You have two high output burners in the front. The griddle is placed in the middle over the two 9500 BTU units. Then you can simmer on the back burner.

This surface is the most functional you can buy for a professional unit with higher output per burner.


Both units have convection, a fan-forced heat for more even cooking, especially baking. However, the size is different. Bertazzoni is a bit undersized at 4.7 cubic feet.

Bertazzoni-MAST305GASXE-Gas-Range-OvenBertazzoni Gas Range MAST305GASXE Oven


Café is amongst the largest at 7.0 cubic feet. Only KitchenAid has a larger oven capacity at 7.1 cubic feet. In the picture below, you are looking at the CGS750P2MS1 with a 4.7 cubic foot lower oven and the 2.3 cubic foot oven.

Cafe Appliances Gas Range OvenCafé Gas Range CGS750P2MS1 Double Ovens


The single oven version, model CGS7000 is 5.7 cubic feet or a full cubic foot more than the Bertazzoni.


Bertazzoni is minimalist but attractive. Stainless knobs are a nice departure from plastic. However, minimalism can also mean lacking. You don't have much in the way of features. For example, Bertazzoni does not even have a self-cleaning cycle.

The Café is anything but almost every type of cycle. The Café is wi-fi-enabled with ties to gourmet apps like Innit and SideChef to enhance your cooking. You can turn the oven on or off remotely and monitor the time from an app on your phone.

cafe-appliances-smart-refrigerator-phone-appYou can remotely control the Café Gas Range with the SmartHQ app.


GE's SmartHQ platform also allows them to add modes remotely. Last Thanksgiving, GE added a new Turkey mode to every existing Café range, complete with a “Gobble Gobble” end-of-cycle signal.


Bertazzoni is a beautiful range. I like the cast legs of the unit. This series only is black, white, or stainless. They have a few other series with yellow, orange, and other finishes.

Bertazzoni-Gas-Range-FinishesAvailable Finishes for the Bertazzoni Gas Range


The Café introduced white and black along with stainless, but also accessories, so you add copper or brass to have a unique look.

Cafe-Appliances-Gas-Slide-In-Range-FinishesAvailable Finishes for the Café Gas Range



We don't sell Bertazzoni or any Italian ranges. Café's reliability is good for a range with better features. I would compare Café to the more premium ranges like JennAir, KitchenAid, or Beko, not to the basic but more reliable Whirlpool ranges.

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Now the problem you may find while shopping for ranges. Appliance service is almost universally bad, but GE is the best for a manufacturer. They employ their own service technicians, not call centers designed to evade issues.

With Bertazzoni or any other Italian ranges mentioned previously, you must ensure service is available. Buy Bertazzoni only from a dealer with service, or it will probably be a problem.

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Bertazzoni Vs. Café Gas Ranges: Key Takeaways

Cafe-Appliances-Yale-Appliance-in-HanoverCafé Gas Range CGS750P2MS1 in Matte White at Yale Appliance in Hanover


The Café may be the better range. You have the best burner profile, the largest oven, and every mode designed to help you cook better.

Bertazzoni did add a high output burner, but not much else. Their styling remains unmatched in any range for this price.

Stylistically, is Café a better option, or do you like the styling of the Bertazzoni?

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