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Best 30-Inch Professional Gas Ranges for 2022

January 6th, 2022 | 9 min. read

By Craig Marcotte

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Best 30-Inch Professional Gas Ranges


You walk into your local appliance store and ask for a professional range.

Often, you are pushed into a dual-fuel range. Dual fuel can be a poor choice if you often use your broiler or roast option.

This article will teach you the best all-gas pro ranges and the basic differences between gas and dual fuel.

You will also learn what is not a professional range, although many companies advertise their products as a professional range and aren't.

Then we'll break down the best ranges for each significant factor, whether it's value, features, reliability, or performance. Our reliability statistics are based on over 40,000 service calls completed by our service department last year.

There is not one dominant range or brand. So, pick the range that best matches your cooking style. Let's get started.

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Choosing Between Gas or Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

Dual fuel ranges feature a gas stovetop and electric oven compared to an all-gas product.

It is usually $1,000 to $2,000 more than a gas range. The benefit of an electric oven is more consistent heat. It's better for baking.

Wolf and Miele include additional features on their dual fuel ranges for pro ranges. Wolf adds a timer, self-cleaning, higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) output on the burners, Wi-Fi, an LCD screen, and a new blower-style convection oven.

Miele's 30-inch dual-fuel range has MasterChef controls, so the range calculates time and temperature automatically based on your inputs. It also has steam assist - great for baking bread.

Gas is preferable for roasting and exceptional for broiling. If you love to broil, a gas infrared broiler has intense direct heat and is the best to buy for your home.

Wolf, Thermador, Miele, and BlueStar all have infrared, with BlueStar claiming to be the hottest at 1,850 degrees. However, Miele has the best output at 23,000 BTU.

Personal Note: Your sear element is infrared when you buy a professional gas grill. My Dad used to burn lamb chops all the time on the grill. I finally figured out he was using a sear element instead of a regular gas burner to cook the lamb.

Choosing a gas or dual fuel range would depend on whether you bake the most or roast and broil.

Self-cleaning is standard on all dual fuel ranges, yet only JennAir and Miele are the only professional ranges with self-cleaning in all gas.

What Is Not a Professional Range

Look at the Bertazzoni 30-inch "Pro-Style" range below. It's pretty nice.


Bertazzoni advertises a 19,000 BTU burner. Yet, they don't tell you the BTU output of the other burners.

With four burners at 10,400 BTU, 5,900 BTU, 5,900 BTU, and 3,500 BTU, you have a 19,000 BTU power burner and four simmer burners.

These ranges are mostly imported from Italy like Bertazzoni, Smeg, Verona, and Ilve. Their style is beautiful, but they lack functionality both on the cooktop and in the oven.

So, should you buy a regular gas range instead of a professional range? Many regular ranges have two "pro-style" burners.

Café Appliances' gas range (shown below) has six burners (hopefully, you have six small pots) and a total output of 72,000 BTU.


You also have other features like a fifth griddle burner and a baking drawer underneath many models not available on their pro at a technically lower price.

However, pro ranges have higher output per burner. They also feature better-infrared broilers with more directed heat than a conventional gas boiler.

Now, let's look at the best 30-inch pro ranges for 2022.

Best 30-Inch Professional Gas Ranges for 2022

The following professional ranges are in order of most expensive to least expensive. 

La Cornue Château 75 Pro Range - $27,500 and up 


Burner Output: 49,000 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: Natural Convection| Smart Integration: No | Broiler: 14,500 BTU

Although La Cornue doesn't exactly qualify as a pro range in some configurations, it's the most unique appliance in the world.

Every aspect is customizable with several different burner configurations. You have 48 assorted color options and six different trims to choose from.

The gas oven uses natural convection and an arched top to maintain an even temperature without fans.

Downsides to a La Cornue Château 30-Inch Professional Range

The price is higher than every other brand. Like BlueStar, you do not have a clock, timer, or automatic controls.

BlueStar Platinum Pro Range BSP304B - $7,295


Burner Output: 71,000 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: True Convection | Smart Integration: No | Broiler: 15,000 BTU Infrared

BlueStar platinum ranges have the highest heat output at 25,000 BTU. Their grates can be modified to fit a round-bottomed wok, great for high-heat cooking.

The Platinum is the best BlueStar range. The Nova, Precious Metals, Culinary with sealed burners all have less output and oven features.

This range features an interchangeable griddle and Charbroiler for added cooking flexibility. The griddle is a clever idea, especially over the higher BTU burners. However, the grill is over an open flame which is not a great idea.

BlueStar has its" POWR" convection oven that reduces preheat and cooking time.

Here's a fun fact: Our Chef Saba won the Martha Stewart Chopped challenge using a BlueStar Platinum range. It's the only pure convection oven, so it eliminates taste crossover between racks (you should ask for a custom demo).

The BlueStar Platinum series offers 1000 custom color finishes and ten trim options.

Have a look at this:


Starting soon, you can send BlueStar a high-resolution picture for your new stove or refrigerator front like I did just for fun with a photo of my daughter on one of her better days (shown above).

Downsides to a BlueStar 30-Inch Professional Ranges

The burners are open, not sealed. If you are a messy cook, then you will be cleaning your stovetop often. Then again, all the components are removable.

They claim the hottest broiler in temperature, but at 15,000 BTU, Miele is 50% more powerful.

Once again, like most other ranges, it has basic controls and no Smart capability.


Miele Pro Range HR1124G - $5,699


Burner Output: 69,000 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: Twin Convection| Smart Integration: No | Broiler: 23,000 BTU Infrared

Miele was one of the last manufacturers to produce a pro range. It's a product designed to be highly competitive when introduced in 2014. The burner output is excellent at 19,000 BTU max output.

They also offer twin convection for even cooking results. Miele has the hottest infrared broiler at 23,000 BTU.

It is the most cleanable with self-cleaning in the oven. The racks are designed to withstand the self-cleaning mode's heat, so you do not have to remove the racks and wash them separately. The grates are also dishwasher safe.

Miele's professional range is competitive when considering output, stove performance, and cleanability.

Downsides to a Miele 30-Inch Professional Range

The burners are not the hottest anymore, with BlueStar being measurably hotter. If the future is smart cooking and app functionality, then Miele should get started. Miele should have home connectivity by the end of this year.

The features of this range are still good, but it almost needs a refresh with modern technology.

Wolf Pro Range GR304 - $5,630


Burner Output: 54,200 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: Single Fan Convection | Smart Integration: No | Broiler: 18,000 BTU Infrared

Wolf has dual-stacked burners for a good simmer on every burner. The stovetop is underpowered with three 15,000 BTU burners, but each burner can simmer lower than 300 degrees. Unlike the intermittent simmer of Thermador, Wolf maintains the simmer continuously.

The oven is single convection, but their infrared broiler is powerful at 20,000 BTU. Wolf, the Thermador Pro Harmony, and BlueStar professional ranges are not self-cleaning ovens.

Wolf is your best bet if you buy from an appliance dealer without service. Wolf is the most invested with technicians, parts, and support on this list. There are also up to $1,000 in rebates with other combined purchases from Sub-Zero.

Downsides to a Wolf 30-Inch Professional Range

Wolf’s pro gas range is not self-cleaning and lacks clocks and timer functions.

JennAir Rise Pro Range JGRP430HL - $4,999


Burner Output: 67,000 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: Dual Fan True Convection | Smart Integration: Yes | Broiler Power: 11,000 BTU

JennAir offers two series, the Rise (shown above) and the Noir, at 30 inches. They were styled beautifully from their launch a few years ago.

JennAir’s pro ranges have high output with two 20,000 BTU burners and one 18,000 BTU burner as well as a twin convection oven.

This range is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Amazon's Alexa. JennAir added their Culinary Center interface for Wi-Fi. It allows you to cook more precisely and shows you pictures of your food's doneness before you cook.

JennAir’s focus for their pro ranges is the cooking experience. With My Creations, you can combine up to three cooking modes. It also remembers your favorite recipes.

Their rebate with this range is $1,399, so it's about the same price as their regular non-pro range.

Downsides to a JennAir 30-Inch Professional Range

JennAir's availability is a concern and has been since its release. If you want a JennAir kitchen, plan your kitchen project a year in advance.

Additionally, JennAir is the only range on this list without an infrared broiler for all its technical wizardry. Reliability could be better as well.

Thermador Pro Harmony Pro Range PRG304WH - $4,949


Burner Output: 66,000 total BTU output | Number of Burners: 4 | Convection Type: Single Fan Convection | Smart Integration: No | Broiler: 17,500 BTU

Thermador is known for its Star Burners with even heat distribution and an extremely low simmer. The Thermador Star burner is unique from everybody else's round burner.

I can't claim its shape is any better, but it can simmer at an unbelievable 100°F. The burner turns on and off intermittently to achieve this temperature. It's also raised from the cooktop, making it easier to clean than the other pro ranges.

Thermador introduced a new range with better styling and Wi-Fi connectivity a couple of years ago. Their HomeConnect app helps you adjust your phone's time and temperature remotely. You can even download recipes.

Smart functionality is not the "go-to" feature just yet, but HomeConnect is a highly rated app. The text alerts for when your food is done and turning on and off remotely are convenient.

Lastly, Thermador offers a free dishwasher (valued at $1,399) and a free hood with other qualifying purchases.

Downsides to a Thermador 30-Inch Professional Range

Their range has a good simmer but has average burner output. However, Thermador’s oven is still single convection, non-self-cleaning, and without clock and timer functions.

Which Professional Range Should You Buy?

As I said before, this is a tough choice. If you use the top cooking surface the most, look at JennAir or BlueStar for power or Wolf and Thermador for a better simmer. Miele and JennAir will have self-cleaning and twin convection for better temperature control.

Each range has its attributes, depending on how you like to cook. Below, we have broken down which range is the best for every major factor of your buying decision.

Most Powerful: BlueStar Platinum BSP304B Pro Range

BlueStar has the most powerful burner with the 25,000 BTU Nova open burner.

Best for Simmering: Thermador PRG304WH and Wolf GR304 Pro Ranges

You would think high to low would be an easy comparison, but it's not. Thermador is the lowest, with temperatures as low as 100 degrees. However, its simmer is intermittent, meaning it turns on and off to maintain that low simmer.

Wolf has a consistent simmer with a smaller burner that can simmer lower than 300 degrees or a larger burner with a higher temperature of 500 degrees.

Best for Convection: BlueStar Platinum BSP304B Pro Range

All the ranges offer convection (fan-forced heat for more even baking and roasting). BlueStar's PowR convection oven is designed to be the fastest and most even. It's the only pure convection. The air is blown in through the rear versus the bottom.

Best for Self-Cleaning: Miele HR1124 and JennAir JGRP430HL Pro Ranges

JennAir and Miele are the only companies offering self-cleaning in pro-all-gas models.

Every company features self-cleaning in its dual fuel ranges. (BlueStar is the exception because they don't offer a dual fuel range until later in 2022).

Best for Wi-Fi and Smart Connectivity: Thermador Pro Harmony PRG304WH

Thermador is the best rated of the Smart ranges. Presently, you can turn on/off the range remotely and change the cycle. You have access to different recipes as well.

However, the functionality is basic. In the next 3-5 years, you'll be telling your range what to cook. It will know what you want, shop for your food, and set the dishwasher to the right cycle. But we're not there yet.

Best for Promotions: Thermador Pro Harmony PRG304WH and JennAir JGRP430HL Pro Ranges

Thermador and JennAir are the most aggressive with their rebate promotions. Both give you a product valued at ($1,000-$1,399) from buying the range. Both brands offer additional incentives with the purchase of full-size integrated refrigeration.

Wolf offers a $1,000 mail-in rebate. Miele offers 10% back via mail-in rebates with qualifying kitchen packages during different times of the year.

Best Splurge: La Cornue Château 75 Pro Range

This range is so unique. It is the best range with rich colors, natural convection, and a customizable top.

Are Professional Gas Ranges Reliable?

Hard to buy just on reliability because they are so similar. Miele is technically the most reliable on a much smaller sample.

Before you buy on features exclusively, you have to investigate which company has the best service in your area because these ranges are now highly technical and will probably need service within five years.

Best 30-Inch Pro Gas Ranges: Key Takeaways

All of these ranges would be a great, functional addition to your kitchen. They are all strong brands with different strengths and some drawbacks.

You need to choose what's right for you. Is it the least expensive yet most technology-driven brand JennAir? Perhaps you like the cleanability of the Thermador Star Burner or the Wolf three-stage burner? Miele offers many features, yet BlueStar has a ton of power and interesting convection systems.

As I said, there isn't one best range. OK, La Cornue is, but that doesn't count. Remember, all gas ranges can have an ignitor issue, so always check to see who can service your appliances in your area.

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