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Most Reliable Top Load Washers (Reviews/Ratings)

Last month I wrote the most reliable front load washers. Front load washers are bigger and more efficient. They have a bad reputation from repair and that moldy smell some of you have experienced (it is easy to remove, by the way...dry the gasket and leave the door open).

yale framingham front load washersYale Framingham Front Load Washers

Some of you probably want to toss your front load machines away. So, we wanted to test a few hypotheses centered on one question: Are top load washers more reliable than front load washers?

_DSC0273.jpgYale Framingham Top Load Washers

We will answer that question and more at the end. In the meantime, we will look at the methodology, so you are comfortable with the numbers.

Service Methodology

We now have 23 service techs performing 8-10 service calls 5 days a week. We record the service calls and divide by sales for a percentage within the first year. Service is free for the consumer in the first year, so the data is more accurate. In theory more people will be calling us for free service.

The numbers are not scrubbed. Anytime we send a service van, it becomes a service call.

The rate of repair is 8.69%. The appliance industry is a bit over 11%

Brand  Units Sold Units Serviced  Service Rate
Samsung 17 0 0.00%
Whirlpool  347 12 3.46%
Speed Queen 164 13 7.93%

Fisher & Paykel 

19 4 21.05%
Maytag 72 17 23.61%
Blomberg 14 7 50.00%
Frigidaire  7 4 57.14%


First, front loaders are 10.6% service in the first year, so 8.69% is less than 2% difference. It could be even less than that, because Whirlpool is builder oriented to large jobs. It is not clear whether there are people in the units and if they are calling us. We should wait a year to validate the numbers.

Samsung were all sold recently, so we should wait on them as well.

The new energy efficient hybrid washers without agitators have a higher rate of service with Fisher & Paykel and Maytag at 21.05 and 23.61% service respectively. I have never liked these units, because how can it work without an agitator? Short answer: Not well.

I was curious about Speed Queen. It is the very expensive top load manufactured with steel and not plastic. 7.93% is excellent, but is it much better than 10.69%?

So if you are buying a top load and are concerned about reliability, buy a simple machine or the Speed Queen.

Most Reliable Appliances Series

Additional Resources

Need some more information on hybrid washers, top loads and front loads? Read the Yale Washer Buying Guide with a full explanation of the best washer brands, features and models. Well over 165,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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