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Most Reliable Top Load Washers for 2020 (Reviews / Ratings)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  January 09, 2020  |  5 Min. Read

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You want a reliable washer and would probably trade features for durability. Most top load washer have not changed in design since our Grandparents bought theirs 60 years ago.

In this article, you will learn about the most reliable top load washers and our repair methodology.

What you will read is based on actual service calls, not predictive analysis or surveys. In other words, these are real problems.

The most reliable top load washer brands for 2020 are:

  1. Amana
  2. LG
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Maytag

The Reliability Blogs

We do not make numbers up as it suits us. Then again, why would it ever suit us to sell an unreliable brand?

We have to repair it.

Repair is now the biggest single department at Yale by far. Have a look at just our techs, not including customer service agents, and warehouse parts personnel.


On an average day, we will have 1.5 service calls to 1 delivery.


Most appliance stores, however, do not have a single technician yet have a book of 1-800 numbers to call for your issues.

These articles always upset manufacturers, upset competitors, upset people, and even upset salespeople.

This is a typical comment on this blog:

"Yea sorry. I simply do not believe you on this. Speed Queen is the only washer dryer I could find without a motherboard. That in itself makes this the best you can buy in terms of life and reliability. I'm sure they have had some issues with some models(you mention a front load model), but to not acknowledge Speed Queen and their lack of a motherboard as MAJOR factor in reliability and overall life is suspect at best. The best way to build trust is to be truthful. Just sayin'"


The only way to be truthful in the appliance business is to repair your own issues and appliances. If you don’t and most don’t, then reliability doesn’t matter (by the way the motherboard is not the problem on this machine).

Most Reliable Top Load Washers for 2020

The most reliable top load washers are based on top load units serviced divided by units sold in 2019. The average rate of repair for top load washers is 18.58%. In 2018 it was 13.47%, so there is an increase. 

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Amana 0 109 0.00%
LG Electronics 1 28 3.57%
Whirlpool 15 253 5.93%
Maytag 44 204 21.57%
Speed Queen 83 178 46.63%
Grand Total 146 786 18.58%

How We Calculate Appliance Reliability

In 2017 alone, we logged 30,761 service calls. In 2018, we logged 34,687 service calls. In 2019, the number was 35,256.

We now have 30 service techs performing 8-10 service calls 5 days a week. We record the service calls and divide by sales for a percentage within the first year.

Service is free for the consumer in the first year, so the data is more accurate. In theory, more people will be calling us for free service. 

The numbers are not scrubbed. Anytime we send a service van, it becomes a service call.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Top Load Washer 


Front Load vs. Top Load Washers

New Boston Front Load Washer Display

The most reliable washers sold are the simple Whirlpool machines (whether they are named Amana or Whirlpool).

They haven't changed in quite some time. However, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most reliable washing machines are all front load machines from Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung in that order.

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Whirlpool 20 350 5.71%
GE Appliances 1 15 6.67%
LG Electronics 161 2270 7.09%
Samsung 27 349 7.74%
Maytag 251 659 38.09%
Electrolux 13 13 100.00%
Grand Total 473 3656 12.94%

For the first time since we started writing our reliability posts, front load washers are more dependable at 12.94% vs 18.58% for top load washers.

Click to Read About Our Most Reliable Front Load Washers

You probably think it is the other way around.

Top load washers are generally cheaper to buy, as well as less expensive to fix than front load washers.

Front-load washers are much larger and use less water, electricity, and detergent than a top load. The spin speed is also 3 times faster so the clothes require less drying time.

Although front load washers are more expensive, the payback is 2-3 years due to greater capacity and efficiency.

Why is Speed Queen Reliability So Low?

Speed Queen is the most repair-prone top load washers sold with a repair rate of 46.63% up substantially from 2018 and 2017.

According to our service manager, the data suggests issues with a defective hose problem. This has been corrected.

Other issues include leveling (when we do not install it). Also, Speed Queen top load washers have agitators and are not as gentle on clothes as agitator less front load washers.

Should You Buy a Speed Queen Washer?

The problems are relatively minor. Speed Queen did fix the hose issue this year, so going forward, the washer should be far better.

You also do have a 3 to 7-year full warranty depending on the machine, so you will be covered and not pay for service.

Top load washers are far simpler to repair as well than front load washers. However, you will have problems finding a tech in certain areas (like almost everything else).

Final Thoughts

You are probably reading this because of a bad experience with another machine.

Statistically, the simple Whirlpool is the most reliable, but front loaders, especially for families, are still the best overall machines with bigger sizes and better efficiency.

If you are looking for reliability, look at Whirlpool in top and front load, as well as Samsung and LG in a front load washer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Top Load Washers Clean Better?

No, they use more water and an agitator, but do not clean better than the front load washers.

Which is better, a top load or front load washer?

Front load washers are much bigger with better cycles and lower water and energy consumption compared to top load washers.

Who makes the best washing machine?

LG, Whirlpool, Maytag (a division of Whirlpool), and Samsung make the best washing machines.

Which top load washer is best?

The simple Whirlpool washer is statistically the most reliable top load washing machine.

How long do washers last?

Top load washers will last 6-10 years on the average.

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Additional Resources

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Most Reliable Appliances Series:

Editor's Note: This article is updated yearly with data from our internal service department.


A few review sites have placed this at the bottom of their articles. So here is our take: Our mission is to find reliable products for you to buy. Other review sites may say this as well.

However, we don’t love every product. Quite frankly, it costs us way too much money in repair costs to support less reliable brands.

In fact, we sell fewer brands than most appliance stores. Here is why:

We feel it is our responsibility to repair your appliances after you buy them.

We now have 30 service technicians, each averaging 8-10 calls a day Monday through Friday, plus another 110 on Saturday. That's over 30,000 service calls logged in one year.

The labor rates of fixing an appliance do not come close to the true cost in any product’s warranty period.

That is why no major retailer has a service department. It costs too much labor, money and time.

Our Blog is a bit different than most others you will read. We cannot write glowing reviews of unreliable products.

Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. Only then they will understand the consequences of their marketing.

Steve Sheinkopf

My goal has always been simple: I want Yale to be the best retail experience anywhere. I have tried to create a compelling environment for customers and employees alike.

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