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Best Double Wall Ovens for 2018 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  October 23, 2018  |  6 Min. Read

Wall Ovens  |  Cooking

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You are researching wall ovens and have an abundance of options. There are over 40 wall ovens on display at Yale including the ones in our working kitchens.

They differ in configuration by their convection systems, control panels, and technology.   


Of course, there is no best wall oven. You can have some with smart technology and pay more. You can also buy a simple convection wall oven for much less money.

In this article, you will learn about the basics of smart technology and then the best ovens to consider at all price levels.

Smart Wall Oven Technology

Smart ovens take the guesswork out of cooking, giving you programs that tell you what to do, from start to finish. A few years ago, smart ovens just calculated time and temperature based on your food type.

You would simply input what you were cooking, the level of doneness, and the oven would figures out the rest for you.

In 2018, wall oven Wi-Fi connectivity was available on from brands like Jenn-Air, Samsung, and Dacor. Presently, you can control these ovens remotely from an app on your phone but with limited functionality.

Jenn-Air is probably the most advanced allowing you to set basic functions and check your timer as well as oven temperature.

Jenn-Air is the also the first Alexa-enabled wall oven. Jenn-Air’s vision in connection with Amazon’s Home Connectivity is for you to one day press lasagna on your oven, the oven will scan the refrigerator for the ingredients to alert you what you still need, and then pre-program the correct cycle on your dishwasher.

Best Smart Double Wall Ovens

Jenn-Air JJW3830 - $5,299



  • Twin convection
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Culinary Center
  • 7-Inch Full Color Touch-Anywhere LCD Display

A full-color LCD display allows you to touch anywhere on the screen and select your oven options. The display intuitively presents information to make it easy to get the most out of all of the oven's functions.

DuraFinish™ Protection

With excellence in every detail, DuraFinish™ Protection helps keep the stainless-steel convection tower looking like new, resisting yellowing, staining, and scratching.

Soft, Auto-Close Door

Soft, auto-close technology lets the oven door close softly and  securely.

10.0 Cubic Foot Total Capacity

With a combined oven capacity of 10.0 cubic feet, this double wall oven gives you the ability to perform different types of cooking methods at once and can accommodate a wide variety of cookware sizes.

Jenn-Air is simpler to operate. Like Wolf’s and Miele’s wall ovens, you can scroll through automatic cooking programs, but Jenn-Air is the only one to show you pictures of the finished product.

Samsung NV51K7770DG/AA - $3,599



  • Steam Cook
  • Flex Duo
  • 5.1 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Hybrid Self-Clean

Samsung has entered the wall oven market in less than 2 years of acquiring Dacor.

It has Flex Duo compartments allowing you to cook two separate items at different temperatures in the same oven.

The interface is beautiful, and at $3,599, the unit is affordable. You also have steam assist capabilities in the Samsung along with a beautiful, robust control panel.

Should You Buy a Smart Wall Oven?

Smart technology is the future of appliances without question.

Presently, the Apps are slow when they work and the functionality is limited. Then there are compatibility issues.  It is our recommendation to buy on other features, not just for smart technology...yet.

Best Double Wall Ovens

Following are the ovens with incredibly good functionality.

For instance, when cooking a prime rib in the Wolf M series’ gourmet program, it will tell you where to insert the meat probe and what rack to cook on with no preheat required. The oven will incorporate rest time and also inform you when the roast is done.

Miele’s MasterChef technology offers over 100 programs, and its MasterChef plus program has fully functional option to choose from to create 15 different types of bread. Unlike most ovens, Miele is simple to operate as well.

We will look at the five best currently offered.


The M series offers three distinctive styles, professional, contemporary, and transitional, however, all of them offer the same features.

Wolf DO30PM Professional Series - $8,565


Wolf DO30CMB Contemporary Series - $8,270

(this model has the option for stainless door)


Wolf DO30TM Transitional Series - $8,235



  • The rear oven is arched for more usable space and has two corner column fans with vertical heating elements that provide a perfect heat flow.
  • The Gourmet Feature offers a menu of almost 50 preset controls that automatically control the cooking.
  • Large oven capacity of 5.1 cubic feet
  • Color touchscreen for easy navigation

The M series ovens not only offer a variety of looks to match any style kitchen but also makes cooking easy and fun. Their Gourmet setting is foolproof from prime rib to lasagna to apple pie.

It will walk you through each step even telling you what rack to place the food on for best results. The arch in the rear of the oven allows more oven capacity for larger roasts or accommodating multiple dishes at the same time.

Wolf has made the largest strides in advanced convection technology by implementing corner column blowers. The blowers are more powerful than fans and with more even heat, top to bottom and side-to-side while maximizing usable space in your oven.

Miele H6780BP2 $8,449



  • Master chef programs offers over 100 food types to cook to perfection
  • Wireless meat probe
  • Twin power fans provide optimum and even distribution of hot air
  • Soft open and soft close door
  • Touch controls
  • 15 different types of bread recipes

Miele has a very distinctive look it's clean and modern and extremely dependable. Miele is an engineered and manufactured in the same factory creating an amazing quality control. Their MasterChef is like the Wolf Gourmet; however, it has a significantly larger library of recipes and extensive bread baking options.

The steam assist (moisture plus) is fantastic for creating moister roasts and helping vegetables retain their texture and creating a crispy crust and soft interior on bread.

BlueStar BSDEWO30ECSDDDV2 - $7,295


BlueStar does not make a wall double oven. However, you can customize a wall oven with one electric and one gas oven. People gravitate to electric most times, but gas is a moist heat for better roasting and their infrared broiler is the hottest and the best to sear.


Electric - $4,875


  • Electric oven which is better for baking
  • Integrated baking stone with precise temperature control
  • Knob combine with touch screen and 12 baking modes
  • Temperature probe

Gas - $4,095


  • A gas oven which is better for people who prefer to cook rather than bake.
  • Commercial grade infrared broiler great for searing
  • True European convection for a very even moist heat
  • Both Gas and Electric
  • French door design
  • Wide to fit a commercial cookie sheet
  • 750+ ways to customize color and trim
  • 100% made in the USA

BlueStar ovens are great for the chefs who love to bake in the electric oven with its wide commercial size opening or who love roast meats in the gas oven.

The gas heat has more moisture than electric and the infrared broiler on the gas oven is great for searing and broiling at 1850 degrees.

French doors are convenient as well because you do not have to lift a heavy turkey over an oven door.

The BlueStar ovens are extremely customizable with 750 colors. The disadvantage is basic controls with no interactive functionality.

This oven is tailored for the experienced home chef with a preference for roasting.

Fisher & Paykel OB30DDEPX3N - $5,099



  • Cooking flexibility
  • Self cleaning
  • Sized to suit
  • Safe and sound
  • Perfect results
  • Designed to match

Ok, now for something different.

Fisher & Paykel looks different with contemporary styling. It also has 11 different cooking modes with specialty baking, broiling and pastry options. Fisher & Paykel has other complimentary products in cooktops and refrigeration to complete an unique look in your kitchen.

Bosch HBL8651 - $3,239



  • Dampened Hinges Softly and Quietly Guide the QuietClose Door Shut
  • A Full-Extension Telescopic Rack Offers Safe Access to the Oven Cavity
  • Touch Control with SteelTouch Buttons Makes Operating the Oven Easier
  • The Wall Oven is Designed to be Installed Flush with your Cabinetry
  • Bosch Wall Ovens are Compatible with Most Competitors' Cutouts

The Bosch has decent functionality with a meat probe, convection and a number of different cooking modes.

Wall Oven Reliability

In 2017, we had 30,761 service calls. We measure reliability by the number of our service calls divided by sales within the first year of the appliance. Wall ovens have a repair rate of 16.33% within the first year.


Service Qty

Shipped Qty

Service Ratio




85.71 %




45.45 %




29.53 %




25.00 %

Bosch Benchmark



20.00 %




19.31 %




18.06 %

Frigidaire Professional



17.39 %




16.67 %




16.07 %




12.00 %

Bosch Appliances



10.98 %




3.92 %




2.68 %

American Range







0.00 %




0.00 %

Fisher & Paykel



0.00 %




0.00 %

GE Appliances



0.00 %




0.00 %




0.00 %

Frigidaire Gallery



0.00 %

Grand Total



16.33 %


Which Wall Oven Should You Buy?

You are paying more for better functionality. Miele, Wolf and Jenn-Air will figure out time and temperature for you versus you figuring it out for yourself.

Miele has the additional steam if you like to bake bread. Fisher & Paykel has a pastry only mode. BlueStar is a great oven for broiling and roasting.

Bosch has a lower priced wall oven and has reasonably priced appliances with discounts to finish the suite.

For builders and people looking to flip a home quickly, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and GE have less expensive products under $2,500 without convection or self-cleaning options.

In wall ovens, you have way more feature and price differentiation than any other product. The best wall oven for you should be based on how you cook.

Best Wall Ovens
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