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Wolf vs. Miele M Series Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

June 11th, 2021 | 4 min. read

By Saba Wahid

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Wolf and Miele are two of the best wall ovens you can buy.

Both have different value propositions between different settings, functionality, and convection systems.

Which brand is better for you?

In this article, you will discuss the features and differences between Miele and Wolf, including reliability.

Let's get started.

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Wolf vs. Miele M Series Wall Ovens

Miele Wall Ovens

Miele's M Series Wall Oven is available in single or double oven configurations for 30 inches wide.

With the single wall oven, there are two options; fingerprint-resistant stainless or white. Miele's wall ovens are available in the framed ContourLine or the unframed PureLine style.

The Contour line has a swivel handle making it less strenuous on your wrist when opening the oven.

Miele-Wall-Ovens-(1)Double Wall Oven H6780BP2 | ContourLine H6580BP |PureLine H6280BP

Their newer M series oven is much larger than its predecessor. In addition, they have added better lighting, a crumb drip tray, and labeled the inside wall of the oven with numbers 1-6.

Those numbers pertain to the rack position levels. Their MasterChef control panel will offer over 19 operating modes.

The MasterChef feature (shown below) will guide you step-by-step with over 100 preprogrammed recipes.


You can also hit the Gourmet set.

You input the type of food, and how you want it cooked, the oven calculates time and temperature.

You have steam assist with MasterChef guided cooking.

The oven will also allow you to use up to three bursts of steam on specific cooking modes.

Moisture is essential for baking bread and caramelizing, like hardening cheese on top of the lasagna.

You also have 15 automatic recipes just for different types of bread.

Miele applies a coating on the racks so they don't have to be removed during a self-cleaning cycle.

The probe keeps the temperature of your meats without being attached to the oven. You can place it anywhere.

These will alternate and reverse directions to give very even heat distribution. The idea with this is the air will circulate from front to back and side to side, resulting in superior cooking performance.

There is also a spot for a rotisserie motor that can be purchased as a separate accessory.

Wolf Wall Ovens

Wolf's M Series Wall Oven is available in three different looks. All are 30 inches wide, available in a single or double configuration.

The three options are Professional, Transitional & Contemporary.

Wolf-Wall-OvensProfessional Series DO30PMSPH | Contemporary Series DO30CMB | Transitional Series DO30TMSTH

The pro-style oven has the option for Wolf's signature red knobs or can be ordered with stainless or black knobs. The idea behind offering multiple looks was to tie in this wall oven with any of their other cooking products.

Contemporary is black glass with a touch open door. Black has become popular again. Wolf looks better with its minimalist look.

These ovens can be mounted proud or flush as well.

With any of Wolf's stainless models, they have a patent for their laser-etched stainless control panel. The stainless is laser etched and then backlit.

This is just another example of quality. Unlike other ovens, the control panel will never discolor or fade, and the letters won't fade.

The new M Series ovens have a larger capacity because the ovens have a concave curved back, offering a lot more depth and usable space.

The doors will also still have their signature spring and damper hinge system. If the door is slammed down, it will never bounce back up at you and will also have soft-close doors.

The newest changes are to the dual convection system. Wolf has always offered twin convections fans.

They were side by side on the older model and alternated with two thermistors for even heat distribution.


Their new Verticross Convection System (shown above) still uses European convection.

However, they are now blowers in two towers on the right and left sides of the oven.

In addition, they have better heat distribution than their older twin convection model using blowers instead of fans.

This oven will offer ten cooking models, three adjustable racks, two of which are ball bearing and a traditional temperature probe.

The control panel is straightforward to use and is very responsive, like the technology used on an iPhone.

They have also added Wolf Gourmet.

Much like the MasterChef offered with Miele, this provides step-by-step instructions for the user to get perfect cooking results every time and built-in recipes for cooking the most common foods.

Wolf vs. Miele M Series Wall Ovens: A Chef’s Take


Convection Systems: Twin convection works well. It's still in Wolf's E Series ovens.

The Verticross does have the added depth. However, most popular pans will fit in either oven.

Steam: Miele's steam assist feature works great. It's not the same as a steam oven. However, I have baked bread and used it to caramelize.

It's excellent for roasted veggies.

Guided Cooking: The Miele MasterChef has more features and recipes. The Wolf Gourmet system is easier to use.

Wireless Probe: Plugging a probe into the side of a hot oven is asking to be burnt eventually. The wireless of Miele is an advantage.

Modes: You have more advanced options with the Miele, including the direction of heat for pastries and baked goods. The Miele Auto Roast starts in a sear and lowers the temperature for an ideal roast.

Style: The three styles of Wolf allow greater design flexibility. The handless contemporary is a nice departure from stainless steel.

Which Wall Oven Brand Is More Reliable: Wolf or Miele?

Based on 811 units sold from December 2019 to November 2020, Miele and Wolf are about even. Miele is 1% more reliable on a smaller sample.

Both are amongst the best for full-function super-premium wall ovens.

For availability of service, Wolf has the most comprehensive service network for premium appliances in the US.

Should You Buy a Wolf or Miele Wall Oven?


It's tough to choose between the two. Both are considered the best for a reason.

Miele has better functionality, especially with steam assist, more robust controls, and modes.

However, Wolf has a larger oven, more styles to complement your kitchen, and better service and technical support.


Both have issues. Miele is quoting shorter lead times than Wolf. You should buy 3-6 months before you need delivery for any brand.

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