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Most Reliable Electric Ranges for 2016

We have rated the most and least serviced brands. However, it was not a true measure of reliability, because products like refrigerators will fail more than hoods, disposers and dishwashers.

So, we branched into products like pro ranges, dual fuel ranges, wall ovens, dishwashers, front load washers, and induction ranges.

So now, it is electric freestanding and slide in ranges, which comprise about 38% of cooking sales. Anyway, we will reiterate the service formula, but reliability is a very elusive measurement in our industry. 

As I have said, there is no benchmark for initial quality in the appliance business. Consumer Reports are more about features and performance. We have developed a formula to determine reliability.

The Service Formula 

Every day, we have 23 service techs performing 8-10 service calls with another 150 or so on Saturday. We then look at sales in that period and divide for the percentage.  

We do not scrub the data. Every time you have a technician visit, it will count as a service call. We do not include damage and phone resolutions as service calls.

I only cover the first year, because warranty service is free for the first year, so there is a greater and more accurate pool of data.

So let’s look. The average for the category is about 7.2%. Appliances as a category is about 11.3%.

Most Reliable Electric Ranges 

Brand Units Sold Units Serviced Service Rate
Frigidaire 381 7 1.84%
Samsung 48 1 2.08%
Whirlpool 276 7 2.54%
Amana 28 1 3.57%
Summitt  53 2 3.77%
Blomberg 48 3 6.25%
Kitchenaid 54 5 9.26%
Bosch Appliances 175 19 10.86%
Jennair Appliances 163 18 11.04%
Frigidaire Gallery 88 10 11.36%
Maytag Appliances 31 4 12.90%
Bosch - Benchmark 79 20 25.32%
Electrolux 51 21 41.18%


The first question is why are electric ranges so reliable? The elements are under glass, so there is no direct contact and less chance for abuse and repair.

Electric ranges are the most reliable appliances when you discount hoods, disposers and grills.

Which Should You Buy?

As I said in gas ranges, I have been labeled as a “high-end guy”. The reviews all talk about Yale being a Rich Mans Home Depot (yes, I read all the reviews).

But I am a fan of anything that works well. Frigidaire is the best, because it is all consumer sales without builder volume. In other words, with builders the units are not always immediately occupied or the customer might not know to call us.

It’s funny, but Frigidaire’s parent is Electrolux. They are on the other side of reliable, but both Electrolux and Bosch are induction ranges. It could be user error as well.

However, electric ranges all work better than any other appliance in your home. In a full kitchen, your odds of repair are almost 100% within the first year.

Now all you have to do is find someone credible to actually send a tech to repair. 

Most Reliable Appliances Series

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