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Gaggenau vs. Wolf Wall Ovens

November 15th, 2023 | 8 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Gaggenau vs Wolf Wall Ovens

Gaggenau and Wolf are the two best wall ovens you can buy.

But which is better?

If there were an easy answer, we would not display both brands.

Both are excellent.

In this article, you will learn the features and possible issues. Ultimately, you can decide which wall oven is best for you and how you cook.

Let's dive in.


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Gaggenau is the premium brand of the BSH Corporation.

I sold Gaggenau in the 1980s when they were a German brand selling small 24-inch ovens and larger 36-inch pizza ovens.

That changed when BSH bought Gaggenau.

Their styling differs in a sea of wall ovens; Gaggenau is distinct.

Their controls are different; even the way the door opens from the side is different.

Gaggenau is a German brand made in France.

Both have steam and microwaves, but this article focuses on wall ovens.

Gaggenau Wall Oven Models

Gaggenau has several wall ovens in their 400 and 200 Series.

They have two 30-inch wall ovens with different hinges and two 24-inch hinges. Then, you have two double ovens with one hinge left and one hinge right.

Gaggenau 400 Series Wall Ovens

Gaggenau 200 Series Wall Ovens



Gaggenau 200 series double oven
Stainless steel-backed full glass door
Width 30"



Gaggenau 200 series double oven
Stainless steel-backed full glass door
Width 30"

The 200 Series is just 24-inch style wall ovens with fewer features and modes at 13 versus 17 for the 400 series.

Gaggenau 36-Inch Wall Oven

The EB333 is Gaggenau's signature wall oven in a 36-inch size. The door weighs 44 pounds, yet it is simple: open and close.

You have the same options as the 400 Series in a larger oven.

Features of Gaggenau Wall Ovens:
  • Side opening: Side-opening doors allow you to access your food more effectively. You are in the oven in a side opening versus a fold-down door. You don't have to lift that heavy roast or bird over a fold-down door.
  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Controls: It is easy once you understand that one dial is mode, and the other is for precise temperature
  • Cooking Modes: Gaggenau has 17 cooking modes. 17. I didn't know there were more than 10, but I am not a chef
  • Catalytic System: Filters grease and odors
  • Temperature Probe: Measures the temperature to one degree
  • Smart Functionality: You can control the oven and access recipes through Bosch's HomeConnect App

Oven Modes:

  • Convection: This mode circulates hot air around the oven for cooking. It's great for baking and roasting.
  • Top and Bottom Heat: This mode uses upper and lower heating elements, ideal for traditional baking and roasting.
  • Bottom Heat: This mode uses only the lower heating element, perfect for recipes that need more heat from the bottom, like pizzas. You have an optional pizza accessory as well.
  • Top Heat: This mode uses only the upper heating element suitable for browning or finishing dishes.
  • Broil: This mode uses the broil element for quick cooking and browning the tops of dishes.
  • Convection + Bottom Heat: This combines convection with bottom heat, ensuring a crispy base while the food is cooked evenly.
  • Convection + 1/3 Bottom Heat: This mode combines convection with reduced bottom heat for gentle baking.
  • Convection Broil: This mode combines convection and broiling, perfect for cooking through and browning simultaneously.
  • Pizza Setting: This mode ensures a crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings.
  • Bread Baking: This mode creates the perfect environment for baking bread, ensuring a crispy crust and soft inside. Note: You can't add Steam like Miele
  • Slow Cooking: This mode cooks food at a low temperature over a long period, which is great for tenderizing meats.
  • Keep Warm: This mode keeps food warm without continuing to cook it.
  • Proofing: This mode creates the ideal environment for yeast doughs to rise.
  • Defrost: This mode gently defrosts food.
  • Rotisserie: This mode allows for rotisserie cooking, perfect for evenly roasted meats.
  • Grilling: This mode uses meats, vegetables, or other dishes.
  • Drying: This mode is perfect for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, or meats.



Wolf Appliance Inc. is Sub-Zero's corporate companion and is the largest American family-owned appliance company (second overall to Miele).

In the late 1990s, Wolf Appliance became a residential line of appliances by Sub-Zero, acquiring some patent rights and a few products from the Wolf Commercial range company based out of California.

Wolf is now the top-selling luxury cooking brand in the US.

Like Gaggenau, Wolf is different, with a unique convection cooking system and user-friendly controls.

Wolf is made in the US.

Wolf Wall Oven Models

Wolf has two series, the M and E. Then, you have three styles: Professional, Transitional, and Contemporary.


You can buy both series in single and double wall ovens, as well.

The M Series


Features of Wolf's M Series Wall Ovens:

Dual VertiCross System

  • Even Heat Distribution: This system uses two corner column fans and high-intensity heating elements to provide consistent heat across all racks, ensuring even cooking and baking results.
  • Faster Preheat: The oven preheats quickly, helping save time.

Multiple Cooking Modes

  • Gourmet Mode: Automatically adjusts cooking settings based on the type of food. You input the type of food and weight; the oven calculates the time, temperature, and even the rack position.
  • You have access to 50 different recipes through the Gourmet App.
  • Convection Modes: Includes different convection modes for various cooking needs, such as baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • Specialized Cooking Modes: Modes like dehydration and proofing are available for specific culinary tasks.

Advanced Controls

  • Touchscreen Controls: Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation.
  • Customizable Settings: You can adjust and save your preferred cooking settings.
  • Remote Operation: Some models may offer remote operation capabilities through a mobile app.
  • Integrated Temperature Probe: Provides precise temperature readings of your food, ensuring it is perfectly cooked.
  • Wi-Fi functionality: You have smart functionality through your phone.

Quality Construction

  • Stainless Steel Interior: Durable, easy-to-clean interior.
  • Stylish Design: Available in different styles to match any kitchen design, including Professional, Transitional, and Contemporary.
  • Soft-Open and Soft-Close Door: Ensures smooth and quiet operation.

E Series

Feature Differences of Wolf E Series Wall Ovens
  • Twin Convection: Although not as advanced as the M series wall ovens, Wolf's twin convection differs from the other brands. The fans operate independently to maintain an even temperature throughout the oven.

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Wolf vs. Gaggenau Wall Ovens




Brand Origin

German brand, made in France

American family-owned, made in the US

Product Lines

400 and 200 Series

M and E Series

Oven Sizes

24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch

Various sizes with different series

Door Style

Side-opening doors

Professional, Transitional, and Contemporary


TFT with one dial for mode and one for temperature

Touchscreen and customizable settings

Cooking Modes

17 modes including specialized ones

10 modes with Gourmet App for 50 recipes

Unique Features

Catalytic system, temperature probe, smart functionality through HomeConnect App

Dual VertiCross™ system, advanced controls, specialized cooking modes

Design Style

Distinct, one style

Three styles to match different kitchen designs

Warranty and Service

2-year warranty, excellent service in Boston area

2-year warranty, 5-year limit on parts, exceptional service

Special Functions

Rotisserie, grilling, drying

Dehydration, proofing, integrated temperature probe

Temperature Precision

Measures to one degree

Measures in five-degree increments

Smart Features

HomeConnect App

Remote operation via mobile app


Stainless steel interior, heavy-duty doors

Stainless steel interior, soft-open and close door


Easier access to food with side-opening door

Easy access with different door styles

Cooking Technology

Convection, top/bottom heat, broil, pizza setting

Dual VertiCross™ system, convection modes, gourmet mode

Now let's compare the Wolf M Series vs. Gaggenau 400 Series Wall Ovens.

Pull Down vs. Side-Swing Doors

Side-swing doors are better, in my opinion, because you have easier access to your food. In an island configuration, you will also have more room with a swing door for multiple chefs.



Gaggenau is easy to understand once you understand. You can control the oven within 1 degree. With Wolf, it is 5 degrees.


However, the Wolf is simple. You just add the food item and the weight. The wall oven calculates time, temperature, and even rack position.


Modes are where these brands diverge.

Gaggenau is an oven with 17 modes. Wolf has ten modes.

However, Gaggenau is a model-driven oven. If you want to proof bread, you have a mode for that and several other advanced modes for specialized cooking.

Wolf has all the main modes but is also menu-driven. It figures out what you want by inputs, while Gaggenau cannot.



Gaggenau has one unique style, while Wolf has three styles for different applications. Gaggenau is edgier, while Wolf is a bit safer.

Warranty and Service

Wolf has a two-year warranty and a five-year limit on parts, while Gaggenau has two years only.

Yale services both brands in the Boston area.

Gaggenau is excellent for service, at least in this area.

Wolf is possibly the best. Then again, Wolf is family-owned. Family-owned companies take it a bit more seriously.

Interesting Story: I don't go on many dealer trips, but I went to Sub-Zero in 2003. The company's owner started to read service complaints to all the dealers assembled on stage.

I have never seen anything like it in my career, but the message was clear. Service is important. Treat it as such.

You should treat it as such by finding the best service in your area.

Wolf vs. Gaggenau Wall Ovens: Key Takeaways

You cannot make a bad choice with either. It depends on how you cook.

For the experienced chef, Gaggenau will give you more specialized modes, different heat profiles, and temperatures to allow you to cook differently.

Wolf, however, has plenty of modes and can calculate proper settings based on what you want.

Both are sophisticated, so also look at service availability in your area.

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