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Gaggenau vs. Wolf Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings)

February 18th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Paul Gillis

Wall ovens are a great alternative to a traditional range. They allow more placement options and eliminate the need to bend over when removing large, heavey dinners.

Kitchens seem sleeker with a wall oven and cooktop because you are not breaking the toe kicks of your cabinets.

Without question, Gaggenau and Wolf are both great ovens. They are perhaps the best in the industry.


Let's look at the companies and then the products.


Gaggenau is the premium brand of the BSH Corporation. They are also the parent company of Thermador and Bosch. Gaggenau was founded in Germany in 1681. They have been on the cutting edge of technology and produce some of the finest manufactured appliances in the world.

Gaggenau has a side swing door and a soft touch botton for a handle. I like the side swing, because you are not lifting a heavy turkey over a door like other ovens. From a style stand point with the Gaggenau, Bang & Olufsen, the lead designers are world renowned for their design ability. For your high end car aficionados, they design the audio systems for Audi, Austin Martin, and BMW.


Wolf Appliance Inc. is Sub-Zero corporate companion and is the largest American family owned appliance company (second overall to Miele). In the late 1990’s Wolf appliance became a residential line of appliances by Sub-Zero acquiring some patent rights and a few products from the Wolf Commercial range company based out of California. Wolf appliances are premium products manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin. They are best known for pro ranges and wall ovens.

Gaggenau vs. Wolf

wolf-e-series-wall-oven-SO30TE gaggenau-single-wall-oven-BO480610

Wolf SO30TE/S/TH - $3,999

  • 4.5 CU FT
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 10 Cooking Modes
  • Handless door/Auto door opening
  • Self Cleaning
  • Two Fan Convection
  • Pull Down Oven Door

Gaggenau BO480610 - $5,999

  • 4.5 CU FT
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 17 Cooking Modes
  • Tubular or Pro Handle
  • Pryrolitic self cleaning
  • One Fan Convection
  • Left or Right Side Swing Door

The Stunning TFT touch display on the Gaggenau makes it seamless to navigate thru the 17 cooking modes and incredible amount of options. The automatic door open is activated simply by a quick push of the button, really safe if you’re trying to put in or take out a large dish. The lack of a protruding handle keeps the seamless, distinctive and unobtrusive look. It is the most technologically advanced oven in the appliance industry.

Wolf's claim to fame is their twin convection for better heat distribution. Their balanced door hinge system is strong and allows for smooth opening and closing. They have just updated this unit with a stainless steel control panel.

Which is Better?

That's not easy. Both have multiple cook modes and a bunch of accessories, like a Bake Stone and a dehydration kit among some of the popular features. The Gaggenau TFT touch screen is versatile and allows you to select your favorite recipes simply. The clear text display can also be in 25 languages. Gaggenau has a few more modes such as a compact grill mode and some more flexible broiling modes for all the fish and meat fans.

Along with Miele, Gaggenau is the most reliable appliance brand sold at Yale with 2.9% first year service, far below the average of 20-25%. Gaggenau also has the industry's best warranty with 5 years of full coverage.

At the same time, Wolf has the better heat distribution system with twin convection. They are also $2,000 cheaper, with further rebate opportunities with Sub-Zero. So this comparison really depends on what you value.

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Paul Gillis

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