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The Least Serviced/Most Reliable Appliance Brands (Reviews/Ratings)

I spent the first 20 years of my career selling on the floor talking to the customers. Many would bring in a Consumer Reports and ask about reliability (as you should).

How does anyone really know without some kind of sales versus service equation?

One of the benefits of having a huge service department is data collection. We will be in approximately 130-150 homes today fixing appliances, with a good portion being less than a year old and under warranty. That is 650 homes per week (at least) or roughly 34,000 calls yearly (not including homes with multiple calls). That’s the math behind this post. It's sales generated versus warranty service calls within 1 year.

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I should tell you this article is consistently unfair. Any time a service tech is sent to your house, it counts as a service call. It does not matter what the call actually is. Often times it’s a simple adjustment, but it counts as a call if you need us to do it.

So the question is, what are we fixing the least?

Before you look: We dont "scrub" the data, so there is no distinction between a minor and major issue. Although it is consistent for every manufacturer actual real problems would be lower by roughly 1-2%. The more difficult brands to install would be weighted to the higher percentage. These are raw numbers for sales vs service calls in 2014.

Honorable Mentions

We are talking appliance brands, but disposers seem to never break. We sold 930 of our own brand and 50 Waste Kings without a service call.

Weber Grills is number 2 at an astounding 1.33% or 829 sold and only 11 service calls. Then again, we assemble these grills for free when we deliver them, and that’s the major problem. The grills are just elements and grates. What should go wrong?

Number 2 would be hoods. Yale, Best, Zephyr and Faber are at a combined 5% with 2,600 units sold. Hoods should be low, because a hood basically moves air. It's not a complicated product. There is very little user error with ventilation as well.

Least Serviced / Most Reliable Appliance Brands

(minimum of 200 units sold in a 12 month period)

10 - Electrolux

5594 Units Sold / 1014 Serviced - 18.13% Service in the first year

Electrolux is a nice comeback story, since their refrigerator issues of 4 years ago. The company is also very accommodating with fixing units in field with good technical support.



9 - Thermador

4490 Units Sold / 785 Serviced - 17.48%

Thermador has always been a high performer since its acquisition from its German parent, Bosch.



8 - Wolf

1597 Units Sold / 256 Serviced - 16.03%

Family owned companies like Wolf (or Yale) take user experience very seriously. Premium products are also more heavily scrutinized than regular appliances.



7 - U-Line

571 Units Sold / 89 Serviced - 15.59%

Undercounter refrigerators and especially icemakers are amongst the most repaired items sold. U-Line is a rare exception.



6 - Maytag

1758 Units Sold / 241 Serviced - 13.71%

Maytag is a division of Whirlpool now and is really a relabeled Whirlpool product. There was a time when you bought a Maytag washer for its longeivity. Then, the Neptune fiasco forced a buyout at a reduced price.



5 - Bosch

11,030 Units Sold / 1392 Serviced - 12.62%

Bosch Benchmark

265 Units Sold / 26 serviced - 9.81%

No surprise here. German companies have always been about process and quality control. Bosch is perhaps the best overall brand sold for reliability.



4 - LG

425 Units Sold / 46 Serviced - 11.82%

This is a huge improvement, because LG has never been that reliable. Perhaps they are sick of reading nightmare stories on the internet. Still tough on the process side with little support.



3 - Frigidaire

8706 Units Sold / 800 Serviced - 9.19%

Frigidaire Gallery

2521 Units Sold / 334 Serviced - 13.25%

I love this line. It’s a good value and breaks less than any other widely sold brand.



2 - Amana

546 Units Sold / 41 Serviced - 7.51%

This one shocked me. Then again, we only sell their basic line of stoves and dishwashers, which typically break less than laundry and French door refrigerators. Frigidaire is more impressive because we sell a more volatile mix of product.



1 - Miele

1536 Units Sold / 84 Serviced - 5.47%

Miele has dishwashers and laundry perfected. We very rarely see issues because they produce every component themselves rather than outsource. However, their numbers have trended upwards with refrigeration. It will be interesting to see how their new professional range performs.



The industry average for appliance service is roughly 18-24% within the first year. It should be noted that certain products need more repair like refrigeration (especially French doors) and laundry. Stoves and cooking typically need less.

So there it is the most mathematically reliable appliances. However, it is no guarantee that your Miele will work flawlessly along with your Frigidaire stove and Bosch wall oven. Along with reliability, I would inquire about the companies ability to handle issues like parts, technical support and returns.

In my experience in this area, Frigidaire, Bosch and Whirlpool are the most responsible. In some ways this means almost as much as reliability. Problems do occur. You want your store and your brand to assist when they do.

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