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What Are The Best Adjustable Reading Lights?

by Henriette Rieu

If you are like me, by the time you have completed all of your myriad of tasks before laying down to rest, you do not want to have to get out of bed to turn off the reading lights.

There are great benefits to using readling lamps: The dimmer is right there, you'll have plenty of room on the nightstand for your book or beverage of choice and the dog won't be knocking over any table lamp when he jumps up on the bed.

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Topics: Lighting

The New Miele HR1956DFGD 48 Inch Professional Range (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jessica Goodale

Miele is a premium German appliance manufacturer famous for its iconic, reliable dishwasher. Their motto ‘Immer Besser’, meaning “Forever Better’, puts Miele on the constant quest for continual improvement.

In a world of global outsourcing, Miele still manufactures all its products and most of its components in its German factory.

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Topics: Miele, Professional Ranges

JennAir JDRP430WP vs GE Monogram ZDP304NPSS 30 Inch Pro Dual Fuel Ranges

by Steve Sheinkopf

Jenn-Air and Monogram are two well known brands of professional gas ranges. Jenn-Air is owned by Whirlpool Corporation and Monogram is owned by General Electric, both are recognized as the elite brand within each of their parent companies. Both are very different ranges.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Professional Ranges, GE Monogram, Professional Cooking

Where Do You Place a Microwave in a Kitchen Plan?

by Steve Sheinkopf

Microwaves were the first, fast “wonder” appliances. They were actually designed in the US by Litton Industries in the 1970s.

They created tons of excitement as if the future was finally here. Flash forward 40 years and tell me: Are you excited about your microwave?

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Topics: Microwaves, Microwave Drawers

Bosch Benchmark vs. Miele Slide-In Induction Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay

This comparison could not have existed two weeks ago as both products are brand new.

Miele and both are incredibly different in many ways. Miele is family owned, and Bosch Benchmark is part of the giant German Bosch company. They both also offer different value propositions in terms of price, style, features and reliability.

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Topics: Miele, Induction Ranges, Bosch Benchmark

The Benefits Of Cooking With Steam (Reviews/Ratings)

by Jessica Petrino

Although steam cooking is a growing trend in today’s market, the science of steam cooking has been around for centuries.

The first recorded use of steam cooking was in Ancient China where cooks would place reed baskets over water-filled hot woks. The French invented pressure cookers in the 1950s which became a convenient way to prepare meat and vegetables.

In recent years restaurants use steam cooking to cook food quickly and keep it warm until serving time. Several residential appliance brands produce steam ovens so you can have access to this technology in your home.

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Topics: Steam Ovens

The 5 Most Serviced / Least Reliable Appliance Brands

by Steve Sheinkopf

I will probably not win any fans from manufacturers with this post.

We have already shared the most reliable brands and now we share the not so good.

This post is deliberately yet consistently unfair. If we have to send a tech for a minor issue, it logged as a service visit. We do not distinguish between minor or major problems.

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Topics: XO, SMEG, Liebherr, Asko, LG Electronics, Most Serviced Appliances

Are Steam Washing Machines Worth It? (Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Updated for December 2014

“I get the point of steam in a dryer but what does it do in a washer?”

This is a question I’ve been posed numerous times in the past. Is there some actual function of this function? Let's look at the features and decide the value.

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Topics: Washers, Website, Steam Washers

The Best 36 Inch Gas Cooktops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Vincent Pham

There seems to be confusion between a rangetop and a cooktop, so let me start there. A cooktop has controls on the top whereas the rangetop has controls on the front.  Rangetops also have higher BTUs (but that gap is narrowing) and a griddle or grill option on the top

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Topics: Wolf, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Gas Cooktops, Viking, Website

Best New Contemporary Ceiling Fans (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Nick Paternostro

Contemporary ceiling fans have “blown” onto the scene with more excitement than ever. For many years if you were looking into contemporary fans you would either have to spend a fortune for really what amounted to a basic fan in a metallic finish.

Minka Aire has really capitalized in this category and has owned it over the last few years. Contemporary ceiling fans that have style, function and are priced well are all captured in the Minka Aire fans introduced this year. Minka Aire added 5-6 new styles as well as expanded their existing line.

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Topics: Minka Aire, Ceiling Fans

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