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Electrolux vs. Bosch Compact Laundry (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jessica Petrino

Compact washers and dryers are very popular in the Boston market; and many other urban areas worldwide. If your current laundry space is smaller than [27’’ wide, 33’’ deep, and 36’’ tall] you need to look at compact laundry.

The quality of the machines are excellent, although they have less capacity and are more expensive.

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Topics: Bosch, Electrolux, Compact Laundry

Best 48 Inch Professional Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Danny Nguyen

The 48 inch professional is the marquee item in your kitchen. It used to be so easy to buy.

Viking owned most of the market, along with Thermador. Then Wolf launched their three stage burner and twin convection around 2001. Jenn-Air relaunched their brand with twin convection, 20,000 BTU burners and an easy to clean chromium griddle.

More recently, Thermador introduced their 48 inch pro with 22,000 BTU burners and a steam oven with a warming drawer below. Miele entered the fray by adding steam, a speed oven with a warming drawer below as well as a digital cooking menu. So it's confusing.

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Topics: Wolf, Thermador, Miele, Jenn-Air, Professional Ranges

Viking vs. Miele 30 Inch Professional Gas Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Neil Katz

Miele now has produced a new professional range. They have owned the high end dishwasher business. Ranges are a bit different.

Every high end company produces a really decent product.You can buy Wolf (owned by Sub-Zero), Thermador (owned by Bosch), the rejuvenated Jenn-Air (Whirlpool) as well as Dacor and Capital.

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Topics: Miele, Professional Ranges, Viking

Benefits of Side Swing / French Door Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

I have been writing about projects, trends and new products for almost a year every Monday (our blog started in 2007). It's been fun, because recently there have been new products to actually review. Maybe the manufacturers believe the recession is finally over.

Anyway, last year I wrote about drawers, now lets talk about hinges, specifically on wall ovens.

Let's look at one of our rows of wall ovens. Notice any differences?

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Topics: Wall Ovens, Makeover Monday

True vs. Viking Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings)

by Mark Bennett

Beverage centers are the most popular choice for under cabinet refrigeration.

If you have a need for extra refrigeration and a few wine bottles, then the beverage center is designed for you.

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Topics: Viking, Undercounter Refrigerators, True Refrigerators

Best 30’’ Professional-Style Dual Fuel Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jessica Petrino

You are designing a kitchen and have decided on a professional range. So you look in your local store at two identical looking products, yet one is $1,500-2,500 higher than its twin.

You are comparing an all gas versus a dual fuel stove. This article will answer why you might or might not want to pay the premium. Then we will look at the best dual fuel pro ranges.

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Topics: Dual Fuel Ranges

How Does Sharing Wattage/Power Affect Induction Burners?

by Paul Groux

Before you buy that induction cooktop or range, you have to consider how each brand shares power on the high setting.

It's great to have a powerful burner. However, most cooktops will siphon power from other burners. Some do not.

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Topics: Induction Cooktops, Induction Ranges

Miele vs. Viking Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings)

by William Hanley

Miele and Viking are polar opposites in many ways.

Miele started as a dishwasher company and recently debuted a pro range. Viking's heritage is professional ranges, but recently started manufacturing dishwashers.

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Topics: Miele, Dishwashers, Viking

Why You Should Flush Mount a Wall Oven (Reviews/How-Tos)

by Mark Bennett

Flush wall ovens. You may have other concerns in your your renovation as you should, but this is a nice detail.

Look at how clean this looks...

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Topics: Wall Ovens, Makeover Monday

Best New LED Recessed Lights (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

Recessed is the one of the most complicated product purchases for your home. You will probabaly agonize over what type of lighting and where to place them (we will cover placement more extensively in other articles).

Now the actual technology has improved incredibly as well. There is now recessed offering double the output from just last year. We will show you the newest technology and familiarize you with different lighting terms to eliminate confusion.

After reading this, you will be able to be on even grounds with your electrician.

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Topics: LED Lighting

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