Most Reliable Integrated Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

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Service has become an important part of the appliance business. Service calls now average 20-25% within the first year as an industry.

Last year, I wrote the Most Reliable and Least Reliable Brands, but people wanted breakdowns by product type.

This is our fifth post by product type. Here are the other articles in our Most Reliable Brands series.

What is an Integrated Refrigerator?

Integrated is the shallowest of the counter depth refrigerators. It is designed to fit within a 24 inch cabinet whereas the door and handle of the professional and regular counter depths will protrude. We cover the differences in our Counter Depth Refrigerator Buyers Guide.


How We Rate Reliability

We log a call anytime a technician is dispatched. There are two service techs in our call center so we try to mitigate any customer education calls before sending a technician out. The service rate is determined by products sold divided by actual service calls. There is no other way to determine reliability.

The Most Reliable Integrated Refrigerators

The average of the appliance industry is 20-25%. Integrated is slightly higher than the industry at about 27% service within a year. Integrated refrigerators are incredibly difficult to install. That may account for part of the issues.


13 Sold / 4 Repaired - 30.77%

I like the company and especially the lower prices for
integrated and built-in products. Their reliability can improve.

Shown: Liebherr CS2062



43 Sold / 13 Repaired - 30.23%

They are reintroducing a whole new line now including much
easier to install panelling. Should help.

Shown: Sub-Zero BI-30US


90 Sold / 23 Repaired - 23.56%

Shown: Thermador T36IT800NP



27 Sold / 3 Repaired - 11.11%

Miele and Thermador are really hard to figure
out because they are manufactured in the same facility.

Shown: Miele KF1811VI

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