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Viking vs. Miele 30-Inch Professional Gas Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

February 24th, 2015 | 3 min. read

By Neil Katz

Viking vs. Miele 30-inch Professional Gas Ranges

Miele now has produced a new professional range. They have owned the high end dishwasher business. Ranges are a bit different.

Every high end company produces a really decent product.You can buy Wolf (owned by Sub-Zero), Thermador (owned by Bosch), the rejuvenated Jenn-Air (Whirlpool) as well as Dacor and Capital.

Viking is another name in this segment. Let's see how these two very dissimilar companies compete.


Viking is an American appliance company based out of Greenwood, Mississippi. After starting the professional range category as an independent company, Viking is now a subsidiary of Middleby Corporation, a commercial manufacturer out of Ohio.

For a long time, their Pro ranges have been their flagship item. At one time Viking sold 50% of the professional ranges in the US. We stopped carrying Viking in 2013. We are hopeful that Viking will regain some of that pre 1995 luster, but it will not be easy.


Miele is a family owned German appliance manufacturer known for their high quality dishwashers, laundry and wall ovens. Unlike most companies, Miele designs, manufactures and engineers their products in one facility and outsources very little. Such rigid processes have allowed Miele to be the least repaired appliance company in the industry.

Professional ranges are a brand new item for Miele manufactured exclusively for the American market. Does it have the features to compete in this competitive market?

Viking vs. Miele Pro Gas Ranges

Let's compare Viking & Miele’s 30 inch gas pro range.

Viking VGCC5304BBU - $4,699

viking vgcc5304bbu pro gas range

Viking’s 30 Inch Pro Range, is like most pro ranges, very simplistic. There are no clocks or timers and it’s not self-cleaning. It looks like a commercial range, which has never had clocks and timers.

The Viking 30 inch range features completely sealed brass burners; one 18,500 BTU burner and the rest 15,000. In addition, their unique shaped burners allow for their burner cap to act as a built in simmer plate for a full range in temperature from high to low. They have a large capacity and offer three adjustable racks, with 1 full extension as well as staggered halogen lighting. Viking also has the largest convection fan in the industry.

If you like to cook proteins, Viking’s Gourmet Glow Broiler is one of the best. This exclusive design uses a ceramic plate to ensure super even heat distribution with over 30,000 BTU’s of power, great for the perfect sear.

The Viking range features a 3 year warranty and also offers several color options, which can be a plus.

Miele HR1124 - $4,999

new miele pro gas range HR1124

Miele’s gas range has really set the bar high, compared with most current pro ranges. Miele builds products for a 20 year expectancy.

This range offers four dual stacked sealed burners with three high output 19,500 BTU burners and one 12,000 BTU. The dual stacked burners allow for both a high and low range of temperature management when cooking.

A big plus with this range is self-cleaning, it also offers a digital clock and timer display. The racks can also be left in while self-cleaning and do not have to be removed. Miele really address every cleaning detail. There is even a crumb tray at the bottom of the oven door cavity for super easy cleaning.

In addition, this range offers two convection fans. The idea with two convection fans is that they alternative. One will move air from front to back and the other from side to side, resulting in super even heat distribution for cooking.

Especially useful in a gas range, twin convection fans will allow for a more consistent temperature like an electric oven. Electric ovens tend to offer a more consistent heat for baking, and gas is preferred for roasts and meats. This is the best of both worlds without having to pay significantly more for dual fuel.

This range can also sit flush in a 24 inch depth cabinet. Miele offers a 1 year warranty.

New Miele 30 Inch Pro Range

Video Thumbnail

Which Do You Choose?

Between the two ranges, Viking’s pro ranges have been around for a long time. It’s not overly complicated, and there’s something to be said for that; less electronics usually mean less service calls. I also like the fact that there are color options. The 3 year warranty is on the surface a selling point.

I like the cleanability on the Miele. It's self-cleaning, but it is also very cleanable from the racks to the easy to clean door. It's easier to operate with the clock and timer, and the twin convection is the latest cooking technology.

To me, it's about reliability. Viking has been recently disappointing, and Miele is the most reliable. However, Miele is brand new. Do you buy it based on its history on other products?

Good question.  

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