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Best Unknown Dishwasher Brands

June 21st, 2022 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Best Unknown Dishwasher Brands

Our Top Picks for 2022:

  1. LG
  2. Beko
  3. GE Profile
  4. Miele
  5. KitchenAid

You are about to read a memo regarding Bosch dishwashers.

“All Bosch Dealers should have received a DocuSign this morning, Monday, June 6, 2022, from BSH.

Starting June 6, 2022, BSH will no longer accept any new wholesale POs for the following Bosch 500 and 800 series dishwashers.”

  • SHXM78Z55N
  • SHXM88Z75N
  • SHVM78Z53N
  • SHPM65Z52N
  • SHPM65Z55N
  • SHPM78Z54N
  • SHPM78Z55N
  • SHPM88Z75N
  • SHEM78ZH5N

You are looking at some of Bosch's most popular dishwashers. They won't be manufactured for 13 months due to the supply chain crisis.

Don't interpret this post as my attempt at bashing Bosch. Their products are popular, with appealing features and competitive pricing.

Bosch was one of the first manufacturers to design a dishwasher to be quiet. It became important as kitchens were opened up to the family rooms.

Products are a part of their story. Their people are amongst the best in the industry at every level. They always take a long market view and are the most customer centric.

You never have to fight with them to act in your best interest, whether it’s providing free parts to repair an item or exchange an item.

Why Is the Supply Chain Still Broken?

In some ways, it's a demand problem. During Covid, the demand stopped for three months for home products and then grew exponentially.

Factories stopped, then had to reopen with the new COVID restrictions and six-foot distance requirements to a much faster order rate.

Many suppliers shut down for various reasons, so you have a higher demand rate against a fraying supply chain.

It's like selling lemonade in the summer with average temperatures being 80 degrees. Only now, there is a four-month heat wave of 115 degrees.

Everyone wants lemonade and is willing to wait. You are selling more lemonade than ever but can't keep up with the demand.

Next, your cup and ice suppliers are having issues. The government has also told you that you must produce your lemonade differently, so now you must learn a new process.

Overall, you are now hopelessly behind with customers waiting.

With everyone's favorite lemonade stand retooling, other lemonade stands are opening with different value recipes. Now your question is, which one is the best to consider?

Let’s look at the best dishwasher brands.

Best Unknown Dishwasher Brands

1. LG


The most reliable dishwasher, refrigerator, and laundry sold at Yale last year were LG. According to our internal service reports, LG had a service rate of 1.7% in the first year for dishwashers.

That's lower than some range hoods and drastically lower than the average of 12%.

LG is the most reliable because they manufacture most of their main components rather than outsourcing them. Their supply chain is shorter, so LG has become the most reliable supplier. 

Their unique dishwasher feature is steam with four generators on the front of the dishwasher. Steam loosens tougher baked-on food from your dishes. It also eliminates water spots and speeds up drying.

LG-TruSteam-Dishwasher-2022LG Dishwasher TruSteam Cycle


The LDP6810SS has good features, steam, 44 decibels, and Wi-Fi for $949. You can also buy their dishwashers panel-ready for a custom cabinet front with their premium SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite) line.

Drawbacks: LG’s dishwasher racking is adjustable yet shallow. You also have to worry about service, but LG has been hiring more technicians over the last few years.

2. Beko


Beko may have the single best available dishwasher on the market. The DDT39434X is 39 decibels with good racking, including the third rack.

You have a filter like most of the other dishwashers on this list, but Beko has concentrated water jets to clean it. You clean the filter much less often than the others.

This year they added a new technology called "CornerIntense."

beko-cornerintense-wash-dishwasher-1Beko CornerIntense Wash Arm


Instead of washing in a circular pattern, the access of the wash arms is detached to wash in a square pattern to mimic the shape of the dishwasher.

In other words, more water is sprayed in more places than in other dishwashers.

Like the Profile dishwasher featured below, Beko has three bottle washes that can spray a 12-inch pan. Their AquaIntense cycle focuses more water on the bottom track for tougher baked-on dishes.

Beko also manufactures a model you can place a panel on.

Drawbacks: Beko has been a good supplier so far. However, their popularity will be a problem for them shortly.

Their line is limited to a few models, and you should buy Beko from a self-servicing dealer because they do not have a service network just yet.

3. GE Profile


You should seriously consider the PDT755SYRFS. We never sold Profile or any GE dishwashers because the features were never impressive or good.

The new parent company, Haier, placed every feature in this dishwasher and invented a few along the way. It is now 42 decibels, well below the quietness standard of 44 decibels.

Profile is the only dishwasher under that threshold with a grinder. All the others have filters you have to clean.

They have excellent racking with a third rack for silverware. You have a silverware basket with 40 direct sprays for silverware.

GE-Profile-Dishwasher-PDT755SYRFSProfile Dishwasher Silverware Wash


You can finally wash the residue from the bottom of your sports or baby bottles because Profile now has four direct sprays on the top rack designed to clean them.

The handles and tops of the racks are covered with a Microban antimicrobial coating to eliminate germs. It's pretty smart given the current climate.

Every Profile appliance is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from an app on your phone. GE has supplied well throughout the pandemic. They operate their service department as well.

Drawbacks: Their more expensive Café dishwashers have fewer features than this Profile. You still should not place a cabinet on a Profile dishwasher or any other American-style dishwasher because it will protrude from the cabinet.

4. Miele


You probably would want to buy a Miele dishwasher. Their new G 5000 and G 7000 dishwashers are of extraordinary quality.

Their clean drying works so well others have copied it. Every Miele now pops open at the end of the cycle to release steam.

Their racking is excellent. They introduced the third rack and have improved it with 3D allowing you to fit more on the top rack.

Last year on the better G 7000 series, they introduced the AutoDos, a 20-load detergent dispenser. It releases the exact amount of detergent required for the load size at the right time in the wash. 

Miele-Dishwashher-AutoDos-PowerDiskMiele Dishwasher with AutoDos and PowerDisk


You can buy basic Mieles for $1,099. At $5,999, you can buy their Proline dishwasher to quickly sterilize your dishes to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards like a restaurant.

The company is family-owned and built with integrity.

Drawbacks: Building without compromise means not expanding production to meet the demand. Miele still operates one dishwasher factory in Gutersloh, Germany.

Although they manufacture most components, the company is not built for such explosive demand. Buying a Miele is almost like buying a Bosch in terms of wait times.

5. KitchenAid


KitchenAid has weathered the pandemic OK. They are part of the giant Whirlpool Corporation, so they should be able to supply better in the future.

Their new line has mixed reviews. Their 200 series is amongst the quietest dishwashers at 39 decibels. Their M series has a redesigned third rack.

KitchenAid-Dishwasher-New-Third-RackKitchenAid M Series Dishwasher Top Rack


They copied Miele for their drying by introducing the room air into the dishwasher. The colder and warmer air mix and dissipate as water.

Drawbacks: Their entry-level 100 series dishwasher is too loud at 47 decibels for a dishwasher priced at $949. Their 200 series is quiet but expensive at $1,149.

The M series is excellent, but only one model makes sense, the 600 series. It isn't cheap at $1,449 and lacks some of the better technology than the others.

However, KitchenAid has a bigger problem. The dishwasher is its best product. Their refrigerators and stoves are built on older platforms and are not competitive with the others on the list.

Best Dishwasher Brands: Key Takeaways

Sometimes when your favorite lemonade stand is temporarily out of business, you have to choose another.

KitchenAid, Miele, Beko, Profile, and LG are good choices. It depends on how you use your dishwasher to determine what may be right for you.

In the future, as the more established brands falter or fail to innovate, these relatively unknown brands may end up being your first choice.

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