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New Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

August 23rd, 2019 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

New Bosch Refrigeration Kitchen

Bosch has a new line of refrigeration this year. The B36 series are their best refrigerators. In this article, you will learn about the features of the new Bosch refrigerator, why you should consider it, and any potential issues to look out for.

Freestanding refrigeration is new to Bosch. They have always outsourced refrigeration to other companies and labeled it with their brand, unlike their dishwashers and ranges.

Bosch manufactures the new Bosch's, but like the old ones, they are still produced in China.

Being new has its advantages and pitfalls. The advantages of being new products have the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced styling.

Bosch B36CT80SNS - $2,789

Bosch B36CT80SNS

General Specifications:

  • Capacity: 21 cubic feet
  • Width: 35 5/8 inches
  • Required Cut Out Size: 72 x 36 x 25 inches
  • Silence Level: 40 dBA


  • LED Lightning - Brightens up the interior of your refrigerator so you're able to quickly spot what you want. Every company has LED.
  • Ice Maker - An ice maker in the freezer keeps plenty of ice on hand. Ice makers have been around for awhile.
  • VitaFreshPro™ - Automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity.
  • Dual Compressors and Evaporators - Precise cooling and humidity control, while reducing odor transfer. A great feature.
  • MultiAirFlow™ - Allows gentle, even cold air currents to arise at all stages of the chilling and freezing region. Temperature fluctuations are minimized and cooling times decreased which helps your products maintain their aroma for longer.
  • Capacity- 21 cu. Ft. Total Capacity with flexible storage features like FlexBar™. Good for wine storage. 
  • Adjustable Shelves - Every company has adjustable shelves. The interior shelves are designed with high-quality glass and stainless steel. Every fridge since 1995 has adjustable glass shelves.
  • Home Connect™ - Remotely control and monitor your appliance to efficiently manage your day
  • Stainless Less Exterior - Similar to LG and Samsung
  • FreshProtect™ - Filters ethylene gas to keep food fresh longer.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - Allows you to wirelessly control the settings from your smartphone and integrate Amazon's Alexa. 
  • Touch Control Panel
  • UltraClarityPro™ Water Filter
  • AirFresh® Filter

Bosch Refrigerator Exterior

New Bosch Refrigeration Kitchen

Bosch Refrigerator Exterior

It's a nice looking refrigerator. In my opinion, the Europeans have always designed products well.

The handleless design also allows you to buy any competitive products without worrying about matching handles.

They do have models with Bosch and Thermador handles as well.

French door refrigerators with separate drawers have become popular over the last five years. It's a great place to store your children's snacks.

They can reach in without wreaking havoc in the main refrigerator compartment (I have a kid now, I get it).

Bosch Refrigerator Interior

New Bosch Refrigerator Interior (1)

Bosch Refrigerator Interior

It's similar to most refrigerators with a few exceptions. The stainless back wall is a benefit because stainless absorbs cold faster than plastic.

If you want an item more frozen more quickly, then place it against the back. Samsung has advertised "metal cooling" for years with its stainless interiors.

The shelf in the back is convenient for wine and other items, and you can remove when necessary.

Interior water and icemaker…..Torn between internal and external. Dispensers are easy but require more repair than interior water and ice.

Sending a frozen cube through a warmer refrigerator is an issue.

Bosch's Top Refrigerator Features

First, it has dual compressors AND evaporators and is the only freestanding refrigerator with this feature.

Dual compressors are initially a feature Sub-Zero made famous by separating the air of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, so the moist air of the refrigerator won't be trapped in the freezer - think stinky cheese odor in your ice cream. Eww.

Many brands like Samsung and LG have two evaporators, but two compressors are more precise for temperature and notably better for humidity control.

New Bosch Refrigerator UltraClarity Pro Water Filter

Bosch Refrigerator UltraClarity Pro Water Filter

Bosch also has copied another feature from Sub-Zero with its ethylene filter. Like Sub-Zero, Bosch filters the ethylene gases off spoiling foods to keep food fresher longer. This also prevents cross-contamination with other foods.

The pitfalls of being new do not know how it will perform in your home.

Then again, refrigeration is the most repaired appliance at 26.85% as a category in the first year according to our 34,687 service calls logged last year.

Take a look:

Most Reliable French Door Counter Depth Refrigerators

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Signature Kitchen Suite 2 33 6.06 %
LG Electronics 6 71 8.45 %
Samsung 133 1051 12.65 %
Fisher & Paykel 41 261 15.71 %
Whirlpool 7 44 15.91 %
Maytag 1 5 20.00 %
BlueStar 3 14 21.43 %
Bosch Appliances 105 408 25.74 %
Jenn-Air 270 780 34.62 %
Liebherr 6 15 40.00 %
Amana 3 7 42.86 %
Kitchenaid 152 334 45.51 %
Blomberg 25 30 83.33 %
Frigidaire Professional 23 6 383.33 %
Electrolux 4 1 400.00 %
Frigidaire Gallery 11 1 1,100.00 %
Grand Total 807 3062 26.36 %

If you're choosing a new refrigerator, you should consider reliability as a determining factor.

Check out our free counter depth refrigerator buying guide featuring all the best models, their differences, reliability, and the best tips for prolonging the life of your refrigerator.

Bosch Vs. Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerators

Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator
New Bosch Refrigerator UltraClarity Pro Water Filter (1) Samsung-French-Door

It's $500-1000 more than a comparable Samsung depending on when you buy it.

Pro Tip: Buy around promotional holidays if you can for the best price.

Bosch does have twin compressors versus one compressor and two evaporators for Samsung. Both will do an excellent job on airflow, but Bosch will be technically better especially on humidity.

The Samsung drawer can be a refrigerator or freezer, whereas the Bosch can only be a refrigerator.

Samsung also has an external ice and water dispenser compared to just an icemaker in the Bosch. Ice dispensers are a convenient feature, but they are also the number 1 repair call of our company.

The price difference becomes less during promotional periods in a Bosch package – up to 15% off, but still, you are looking at a $100-500 difference between the two brands even after that.

Should You Buy A New Bosch Refrigerator?

First, it's a good-looking refrigerator and becomes more affordable when including it in a Bosch kitchen package.

It is the most advanced refrigerator of its type for keeping and maintaining temperature and freshness.

However, it's expensive at over $3,000, which may be worth it only if Bosch proves more reliable than the competitive brands. We'll have to see.

And of course, make sure you know who will be there to repair your refrigerator before you buy it.

Why I Typically Don't Recommend New Products

In 1989, GE decided to manufacture its compressor and place it in their best Profile units. Although the engineers never told the CEO about the many design flaws, they launched the product anyway.

The recall was swift and cost GE 2 billion dollars.

I worked in customer service back then. It was crazy.

GE isn't the only appliance company to launch faulty products. Maytag had their Neptune washer, and the fallout cost Maytag their company.

Bosch doesn't concern me as much as most, because they have to develop this product forever. They are also redesigning a fridge, not revolutionizing it as GE did almost 30 years ago.

Plus they are a great company and probably the best for customer support.

We also now have 35 techs on the road, so we will know about problems before they become serious issues.

Additional Resources

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