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Have you ever looked at two brands and thought to yourself, "These things seem awfully familiar?" 

Well, just like most manufacturers across the realm, appliance companies under the same umbrella, produce identical appliances under different names. Today, we will discuss 2 brands under the same corporation: Thermador and Bosch.


Before we start, let's look at the companies.


Bosch Home Appliances is part of BSH, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, based in Munich, Germany. As part of the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world, Bosch has been selling high-performance German-engineered appliances in the United States since 1991. Their factory in North Carolina is the largest appliance factory in the world.

Bosch started the trend of quieter, yet more affordable dishwashers. You can buy a very decent Bosch at $650-700. 

Bosch Dishwashers Series

Wistia video thumbnail - Bosch Dishwashers Series Differences

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You can watch this two-minute Bosch video to understand a bit more.


Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. Founded in 1916 in California by William E. Cranston, and began as a manufacturer of electric items, most notably portable, and built-in heaters.

Twenty-five years ago, Thermador manufactured their own dishwashers with a patented steam process under the Thermador and Waste King name.

In 1998, Thermador became part of the Bosch company, and their dishwashers are relabeled Bosch dishwashers. 

However, most Thermador dishwashers are actually sold free with the purchase of a Thermador Pro oven and other qualifying pieces. Keep that in mind during this comparison.

We are going to compare 4 models, two from each brand, that have the most similarities.

Bosch vs. Thermador Dishwashers 

Bosch SHS863WD5N - $769



  • Made in North Carolina 
  • 6 Wash Cycles, 5 Options, Button Controls 
  • 44 dBA 
  • Stainless Steel Tub 
  • AquaStop Plus Leak Protection System  
  • InfoLight – Tells you that the dishwasher is running 
  • Silverware Basket
  • Adjustable Top Rack for Cutlery 
  • 16 Place Settings 
The Bosch 300 Series SHS863VL5UC

Wistia video thumbnail - Bosch 300 Series SHS863VL5UC Dishwasher

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This dishwasher has solid features and reliability. It is all stainless steel with better adjustable racks than the plastic bottom Ascenta series of Bosch. 

At 44 dBs, it is also 40% quieter. It's one of the best-selling dishwashers at Yale and nationally.

Thermador DWHD440MFM - $1,299


  • 15 Place Setting
  • 4 Wash cycles/4 Options
  • 48 dBa
  • Stainless Tub
  • Info Light
  • 2 Year Warranty

Exterior wise, their units look very different. This is a very sharp looking dishwasher. This gives you a solid stainless exterior, with a choice of handles.

Opening the door tells a different story. They are identical because they are just rebadged Bosch dishwashers. On all accounts, this is not as quiet as the Bosch model, and it is almost double the price. It does have a better warranty.

You do not want to buy this dishwasher. You do want it free with the other purchases.

Now let's look at the higher end models.

Bosch Benchmark SHX9PT75UC - $1,999


  • 3rd Rack
  • Steel Touch Controls
  • Info Light
  • Interior Lighting
  • 6 Cycle/5 Options
  • 38 dBa
  • 24 hour Delay Start
  • 15 place setting
  • Water Softener

This is not your everyday Bosch model. Bosch Benchmark models are superior to the regular models by having unique features that are only available in those models. Some of those features are interior lighting, the info light that shines on the floor the remaining time left in the wash cycle. How awesome is that?

No dishwasher on the market with integrated controls has the ability to tell you the remaining time besides this dishwasher. With the added third rack, you also gain more capacity for utensils and cutlery, along with the ability to remove the bottom rack basket, gaining even for space for dishes.  


One of the least focused on features is the steel touch controls. The controls sit on a solid piece of stainless steel, that has the unique ability to be cleaned very easily. No longer will you have to pick crud out of the gaps on the sides of the buttons on the controls.

Do you have hard water? This model has a built-in water softener. This helps with cleaning and wear-and-tear by removing the minerals that can streak your dishes or cause etching. This is also one of the quietest dishwashers on the market at 38 dBas.

Thermador DWHD651JFP $2,199


  • 3rd Rack
  • Star Speed Cycle
  • InfoLight
  • Interior Lighting
  • 6 Cycles/5 Options
  • 44 dBa
  • Water Softener
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 15 place settings
  • 18 wine glass capacity (largest in the industry)

To be honest, you are going to get a lot of the same features on the Thermador that you have on the Bosch. However, there is one MAJOR difference between the high-end Bosch Dishwasher and this Thermador model. This dishwasher has the fastest full wash cycle in the industry. This full wash cycle is called the Star Speed. It will clean your small load of dishes in 20 minutes.

It is perfect if you love to host parties or have consistent and multiple dish loads to attend to. Lastly, Thermador gives you a better warranty.


First, the more expensive Thermador dishwashers are similar to much cheaper Bosch dishwashers. There are only two reasons to buy a Thermador

You have purchased other Thermador products and the dishwasher is free. (You cannot beat free.)

If the dishwashers are ever the same price, then look at Thermador's 2-year warranty vs the 1-year warranty offered by Bosch.

Other than that, Bosch is a way better choice for your money.

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