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Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktops for 2022

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 08, 2022  |  10 Min. Read

Induction Cooktops  |  Cooking

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Induction is still the best form of cooking. It is faster than a professional gas cooktop with a better simmer. It's easier to clean and vent, and fairly child safe.

In this article, you will learn all about the six best induction cooktops. You’ll see three brands you may know like years past, along with three newer names.

Why the change? Like every other appliance, buying an induction cooktop will be a problem due to availability issues.

In this list, you will have a few defaults to turn to if your favorite brand is not available. Also, you will learn the basics of induction, from how it works to the benefits.

Then we will show you the best induction cooktops to consider, including the most reliable based on over 40,000 service calls completed by our service team last year. Lastly, we'll cover the answers to our clients' top five induction questions.

Let's get started.

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How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Unlike the glass on a traditional electric cooktop, the glass on an induction cooktop does not get scolding hot. Instead, a magnet excites the molecules in the pan so that the pan itself becomes the cooking surface, bypassing the glass.

For this reason, induction is the most efficient cooking method as there is little loss of heat.

Benefits of Induction Cooking

Thermador-induction-cooktop-installed---friends-and-family-gatheringThermador Freedom Induction Cooktop Installed on a Kitchen Island


Induction is the most child-safe because the magnets need to sense metal to activate. Thus, your child can't accidentally turn it on.

As previously said, induction is faster than a professional gas cooktop or range. Induction boils faster and can hold a better simmer than an electric or gas cooktop.

Induction is also the easiest to clean. Food can't be baked onto your cooktop since elements don't heat the glass.

It also does not require a professional ventilation hood like a gas cooktop because there is less heat emission.

Massachusetts Residents Take Note: Induction complies with Massachusetts Make-Up Air Laws requiring Make-Up air over 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute), whereas professional gas does not. That is huge, by the way. You can use an existing hood for induction but not a professional gas cooktop.

Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktops for 2022

Known Brands

The best-known premium brands are Miele, Thermador, and Wolf for good reasons. Typically, they offer the best features and are the most serious about premium appliances like induction.

However, you should expect to wait for these brands. Overwhelming demand and kinks in supply chains have hurt even the best prepared.

Miele KM6375 - $3,899


Miele has produced induction cooktops for many years. The most popular is Miele's flush mount cooktop, the KM6375.

Miele's induction cooktop has a great configuration with five cooking zones, allowing various pan sizes to fit on the cooktop. You have a 4-inch round burner to a 9 x 15-inch rectangular burner.

It also has a power boost setting like most other induction cooktops. However, with the Miele, two of these inductors are used simultaneously on the 9" x 15" burner providing an incredible 7700 watts of power. It requires a 50-amp connection.

This unit will connect to a Miele hood by Bluetooth to turn it on as you begin to cook. It also must be mounted flush with the countertop providing an incredibly modern, sleek look.

Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty. Due to the flush mount requirements, having a warranty is ideal for newer countertops as advanced preparation is required.

Wolf CI365TF/S - $3,410


Our chef’s favorite induction cooktop based on performance is Wolf. This Wolf cooktop features an 11-inch burner that can use up to 3700 watts of cooking power on the boost setting.

The four left burners can be "bridged" or connected in four ways to allow larger or odd-shaped pots and pans. No other brand offers a four-element bridge burner.

You can simultaneously utilize all four smaller burners, creating a 17" x 17" cooking surface. It’s great for using large pots for lobster or large roasting pans for searing.

Wolf’s induction cooktop has a melt setting on one of the burners for simmering or melting chocolate. This setting is like the simmer feature on all their gas ranges.

You can buy this cooktop with a full beveled stainless trim to provide extra protection to the glass surface, or it can have a complete flush installation. But you will need a great countertop manufacturer and installer.

Wolf's cooktop has a full two-year part and labor warranty (three years with Yale Installation). Also, an important note, this unit will require a 50-amp electrical connection.

Thermador CIT365YB - $3,599


Thermador has an entry-level model, but this high-end Freedom model lets you put a pan anywhere to maximize cooking space. With this flexible setup, you can use multiple 10-inch pans, a large griddle, or a Teppanyaki-style pan up to 16 inches long.

It has 17 power modes to help dial in the exact temperature, and in boost mode, it can utilize up to 3600 watts of power.

Thermador’s cooktop has numerous smart features, including a Move mode sensing your pan movement and maintaining the same power setting on the next burner. It also has a heat shift setting like a French top.

This cooktop features a two-year warranty and requires a 50-amp connection.

Newer Induction Brands

Although Wolf, Miele, and Thermador will always be in demand, these newer brands will fill the immediate void. They all have decent features, prices, and great availability. You won’t have to wait eight months for delivery.

Beko BCTI36510 - $2,319


Beko is a newer Turkish brand, but they are widely sold and popular in Europe. Their dishwashers and laundry are popular in this country. Then again, Beko, like LG, has managed its supply chain better than most.

The unit is simple but good, with the burner in the middle and two flex units on either side. Every burner is 3700 watts.

Fisher & Paykel CI365PTX4 - $3,499


In a sea of stainless-steel appliances, Fisher & Paykel stands out with some unique styling (of course, style is only a matter of opinion). Along with style, you have two powerful 5500-watt burners on this cooktop.

Miele has the most power, but Fisher & Paykel has two of the fastest burners on this list.

Having these two 5500-watt burners means that you can operate the two burners at maximum power without sacrificing any heat from the other burners.

Fisher & Paykel offers a free five-year warranty on their appliances. However, five-year warranties can be an issue. Independent service companies do not typically repair appliances under warranty due to low reimbursement rates. So, you may not pay for service, but you may not find it either.

Signature Kitchen Suite SKSIT3601G - $3,999


What's so impressive about SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite) is its parent company LG. From reliability to availability, LG has been the best for the same reason. They produce more of their components, so they don't have problematic supply chain issues like other companies.

By producing motors and other major parts, LG has become the most reliable brand sold at Yale, with a service rate of only 4.4% within the first year versus 9.5% for the average.

The cooktop specifications are pretty good with a 7,000-watt burner and three 3700-watt burners. SKS has Wi-Fi to monitor the burners and sync to an SKS hood through their reliable ThinQ App.

Lastly SKS has a full three-year warranty.

What to Consider When Buying an Induction Cooktop


First off, your pans need to be magnetic (do not worry, most are), and if you plan to buy some new pots and pans, you do not have to spend a fortune buying special pans.

If a magnet sticks to the bottom, you are good to go. We recommend any grade 5 or better. Induction cooking surfaces work well with pans with a high ferrous metal content at the base. Cast iron pans and any black metal or iron pans will work on an induction cooking surface.

Induction Cooktops and Wall Ovens

If you plan on putting a wall oven below your induction cooktop, pay special attention to the manufacturer's specifications.

Only certain brands and models are approved to have an oven placed below in the same cabinet. Most can accommodate, but you always want to be sure.

Smart Technology

For smart technology, you can sync your Miele or SKS cooktop to your ventilation hood, so it activates as soon as you turn on your cooktop. Smart is just basic for the moment on an induction top.

Are Induction Cooktops Reliable?

Induction cooktops require far less service than most appliances with a service rate of 6.1% within the first year of use. Induction cooktop reliability is excellent for all the major brands. The average appliance service rate is 9.5%.

Electric, in general, has always been good because the burner is protected by glass. However, it's not an easy repair when you do need service. Check to make sure you have a capable service department in your area.

Induction Cooktop Reliability from December 2020 to October 2021

  Service Rates
Wolf 3.4%
Bosch Benchmark 3.5%
Thermador 3.8%
KitchenAid 4.8%
Gaggenau 7.4%
Miele 8.7%
Bosch 9.4%
JennAir 17.9%
Grand Total 6.1%

These figures are based on a minimum of 20 cooktops sold per brand and over 400 total pieces.

Wolf and Thermador are the best on this list. Induction is 3% more reliable than appliances at 9.5% Then again, induction is under glass, so the chance for breakage is minimal. Most of these cooktops use 40-50 amps, so you want to plan your electrical properly.

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Which Induction Cooktop Should You Buy?

All make compelling arguments for being the best cooktop. Of course, the best features now include availability because you can wait up to 15 months for appliances these days.

The Resident Chef at Yale loves the Wolf for its fast-heating response. It is the best cooktop for odd-shaped pans because of the four-burner bridge.

Miele has the most power, while Thermador has the sensor moving the power when you move the pan. It is undoubtedly the most forward technologically.

Do you take a chance on a newer brand? Fisher & Paykel has decent power and a five-year warranty. Warranties are great, but only if you get the unit repaired.

SKS is an interesting choice because their parent company is so good. For a price with good features, then Beko should also be considered.

In your area, availability will probably cut this list in half. Then you want to choose features and who can fix induction near you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are induction cooktops better than gas or electric?

Induction cooktops are better than gas or electric for a variety of reasons:

  • It is safer as the glass surface does not get hot (but there may be residual heat from the pan).
  • They require less ventilation due to less heat emission.
  • Cooking times are faster, saving energy and cooking time.
  • Response times are faster for specific recipes, and they will simmer lower.
  • Cleaning is easy because spills don't bake on.
  • Without a metal pan, induction can't activate. One of the values of this is a child can't power your cooktop by accident.

2. Do induction cooktops use more electricity?

Induction cooktops will also use less electricity due to their speed but will require higher watts and use 40-50 amps.

3. How long do induction cooktops last?

As with most built-in appliances, the average lifespan of an induction cooktop should be around 10-15 years or more. The glass surface protects the working elements underneath, increasing its lifespan.

4. What is Power Sharing?

In all the cooktops except BSH brands, if you turn on a burner on the highest level, it will "share" power with the burner behind it. So, that back burner will only be operating at 30% power, you can still warm food, but you are not cooking with both burners high in the same grid.

For an exact explanation, read Wolf's guide.

"For induction cooktops, boost mode boosts power on one element by diverting power from an adjacent element. If the adjacent element is on a high, the power output will be reduced. The power reduction is displayed on the power level indicator of the adjacent element. Illuminates when an element is in boost mode. Boost mode deactivates automatically after approximately 15 minutes of continuous operation and can be reactivated if desired."

5. What is Power Boost?

PowerBoost is for BSH brands such as Bosch, Gaggenau, and Thermador. It uses all the power of the back burner.

From Thermador's Use and Care Manual:

"The PowerBoost function enables you to heat large quantities of water faster than when using [the] heat setting. This function can be activated for a cooking zone, provided the other cooking zone in the same group is not in use."

6. Will induction affect your pacemaker?

Although manufacturers claim induction is safe, you should check with the manufacturer of your pacemaker and your healthcare provider before making any purchase.

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