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The Ultimate Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: 100, 300, 500, 800 & Benchmark Series Explained

September 27th, 2023 | 11 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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The Ultimate Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: 100, 300, 500, 800 & Benchmark Series Explained

Bosch dishwashers are mostly all new with brand-new features, including their new PowerControl spray arm.

In this article, you will learn the differences between the Bosch 100, 300, 500, 800, and Benchmark series dishwashers and competitive models.

Then, you will see a comparison with other competitive models from KitchenAid, Miele, LG, Profile, and Beko.

Key Takeaway: Their new PowerControl dishwashers are interesting in their better series.

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The Best Features of Bosch Dishwashers

First, let's dive into the features that set Bosch dishwashers apart before exploring their dishwasher lineup.

Bosch Dishwasher Reliability

Bosch’s reliability is one of its best features. Last year, Bosch dishwashers required service only 5.1% of the time, compared to 9.5% of all appliances, based on 34,000 service calls.

Dishwasher Reliability from January 2022-December 2022

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 products sold and a total sample size of over 8000 units over a 12-month period.

  Service Rates
LG 3.5%
Bosch 5.1%
Thermador 5.9%
KitchenAid 6.2%
Miele 6.7%
GE Profile 7.1%
Signature Kitchen Suite 7.5%
Fisher & Paykel 9.0%
Café Appliances 10.3%
Beko 11.2%
Grand Total 6.8%

However, its biggest competitors, Miele and KitchenAid, are also reliable at 6.7% and 6.2%. Bosch is not the most reliable brand. That's LG at 3.5%.

Read More: Most Reliable Dishwashers

Bosch Dishwasher Washing Systems


The Bosch wash system is the same in every series except the new bottom PowerControl spray arm in their better 800 and Benchmark series.

It allows you to adjust the pressure of the spray for light, medium, or heavy in four separate zones.


It works.

In contrast, Miele dishwashers have three full-wash arms. KitchenAid calls itself four, but it has a smaller arm on the top, and the fourth is just holes from the rack.


Miele Dishwasher Wash Arm

Beko dishwashers have a unique feature called "CornerIntense," utilizing a wash arm that moves in a square pattern for thorough cleaning.

Meanwhile, LG's oblong arms rotate to hit different areas for maximum coverage.

GE Profile dishwashers have special sprays for bottles and silverware.

Bosch Dishwasher Drying Systems


Bosch employs a condensation drying process.

If that makes zero sense to you, it's a deliberately confusing industry term for the heat of the wash, JetDry, and time.

You will find this drying process on most European brands.

Condensation is fine for plates but less so for less dense items like plastics. Also, condensation can leave moisture back on dishes and glasses over time.

You may notice some condensation left on your plates and glasses, washing late at night and unloading the dishes in the morning.

The steam recondenses back into a thin film of water.

American brands like KitchenAid add a heating element, but adding heat to an already hot dishwasher is only marginally better.

New Bosch Drying System in the 500, 800, and Benchmark Series Dishwashers

Bosch 500 Series Drying System

Bosch SHP65CP5N dishwasher (2)

Bosch added a few new options for their better dishwashers.

The AutoOpen feature is available in their 500 series dishwashers and automatically opens the dishwasher door 30 minutes after the cycle completes.

It prevents condensation on your plates and glasses.

Bosch CrystalDry Drying Technology

CrystalDry is available in their better 800 and Benchmark series.

It employs Zeolite, a volcanic mineral, to emit heat and reduce moisture (Authors Note: Zeolite is an interesting mineral to research).


CrystalDry is the most effective drying system in the industry.

Later in the article, we will discuss other novel drying systems from other dishwasher brands like Miele, GE Profile, Beko, and LG.

We will discuss other novel drying systems from other more available dishwasher brands like Miele, GE Profile, Beko, and LG later in the article.



I know you think Wi-Fi is gimmicky. However, every Bosch dishwasher is smart through their HomeConnect App.

It will allow you to easily pick and customize cycles on the better series.

The dishwasher has a time display counting down the cycle and sending a notification when done.

Some dishwashers are so quiet you can easily open the door while it's running. Having a notification will certainly prevent you from doing that.

Leak Protection

A dishwasher with leak protection becomes important if you live in a tower. As a contractor once told me, water only belongs in pipes.

Most problems happen at installation, but occasionally, dishwashers can leak.

Bosch has two types of leak protection:

  • 100 Series Leak Protection - 24/7 overflow protection
  • 300/500/800/Benchmark Series Leak Protection - For the better Bosch series, AquaStop is their leak protection system using sensors to shut the water off.

Bosch Dishwasher Style


At one time, Bosch manufactured 104 models of dishwashers. Now, they only have 52.

However, you have several styles, from panel ready to a few different pocket handle styles with hidden and exposed controls.

That's the price difference within some of the series. Certain styles cost more.

Bosch offers four different series of dishwashers: 100, 300, 500, 800, and then the Benchmark series.

You have more, but this article does not cover their Bosch-made Thermador dishwashers.

As you move up the series, the racks, quietness, washing, and drying are all upgraded.

Now that we've look at the best features of Bosch dishwashers, it's time to delve into each series and see how they compare against each other.

The Ultimate Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: 100, 300, 500, 800 & Benchmark Series Explained

Bosch Dishwasher Series Differences 2023

Bosch 100 Series



Bosch 100 Series 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

The Ascenta is obsolete. The 100 Series now includes:

  • The 100 Series
  • 100 Plus
  • 100 Premium

Cycles: The Bosch 100 series dishwasher cycles include AutoWash, Normal, QuickWash, and PowerScrub for heavily soiled dishes. Economy washes delicate items and half loads with condensation drying.

Quietness: The 100 models do not meet the 44 dB quietness standard, meaning you will hear it in the next room. Models range from 46 for the 100 Plus series to 50 decibels for the regular 100 series.

You can listen to what a dishwasher sounds like by clicking this link.

Tub Composition: The 100 series is stainless with a plastic bottom. While both stainless and plastic retain water, plastic can retain odors. (Pro Tip: Tang is a good odor absorber for plastic).


Door: I don't normally comment on the door design, but the 100 is cheaper than the other series, with a much lighter door and shallower rack.

Racks: The 100 Series has standard racks, while the other series has the Rackmatic nine-position rack.

Price: Depending on the finish and style, you can buy a Bosch 100 Series dishwasher for $549-$699.

Similar Dishwashers to Consider

The following are more available options:

  • Beko DUT36522X ($699): Beko is all stainless steel and is quieter at 45 DB. They also have a better wash system with the CornerIntense design of washing in a square pattern.
  • LG LDB4548ST ($899): LG has its "Quad Wash" system of multi-motion arms that rotate while spinning for a better wash. System. Over the last two years, LG has been the most reliable dishwasher brand sold at Yale.
  • KitchenAid KDFE104KPS ($699-$899): KitchenAid is basic at 47 dB with a full stainless tub. It's basic but reliable.

Bosch 300 Series

Bosch SGE53B55UC


Bosch© 300 Series 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Bosch SGE53B52UC


Bosch 300 Series 24" White Built In Dishwasher

Bosch SGE53B56UC


Bosch 300 Series 24" Black Built In Dishwasher

Compared to the budget-friendly 100 series, the 300 series is a true Bosch dishwasher with an all-stainless tub and a sturdier door.

It has an adjustable upper rack, still dubbed the RackMatic, and a third rack for silverware, making it a step up in functionality. (third racks leave more room below without the basket).

Quietness: The 300 series dishwashers are 46 decibels, so you will hear them faintly.

Racking: The third rack is available on every 300 series, plus the adjustable upper rack allows for greater flexibility in loading the dishwasher.

The racks are easier to pull out than the 100 series, and the tines fold down to better accommodate larger trays and platters.

Cycles: Pre-Wash/Rinse, Main Wash, Rinse, Express Wash (30 minutes for lightly soiled dishes, sanitize (high-temperature cycle), Eco Mode (extending the cycle for lower energy consumption).

Price: The 300 series dishwasher from Bosch comes with a price range of $899 to $1,019.

Similar Dishwashers to Consider

  • LG LDTH7972S ($949): This LG dishwasher uses steam to loosen tough stains and help dry glasses.
  • GE Profile PDT755SYRFS ($899-$1,099): The GE Profile dishwasher is another great consideration. This dishwasher has dedicated bottles and silverware washes. In addition, their drying cycle extracts heat to dry completely dry plastics.

Bosch 500 Series: Our Most Popular Dishwasher from 2000-2020

The 500 series is an upgrade for quietness and drying capability

Cycles: Auto Wash, Heavy, Normal, Express, Delicate (lower water temperature and shorter wash time), Rinse and Hold, Half Load, Favorites. You can also program your favorite cycles right on the dishwasher.

Quietness: The 500 series meets the quietness standard of 44 decibels.

AutoOpen: The 500 series offers an automatic opening door that pops open after 30 minutes of completing the cycle. It releases steam and heat to reduce the condensation in the dishwasher greatly for dryer dishes.

Price: The 500 series Bosch dishwashers range from $1,099 to $1,149.

Similar Dishwashers to Consider

  • Miele G 5056 SCVi SFP ($1,499): Miele has three full wash arms, plus their drying lets air inside the dishwasher. The colder air mixes with, the steamier air and is dissipated as water.
  • KitchenAid KDTM604KPS ($1,299): KitchenAid has its four-level wash action and a large top rack.
  • Beko DDT39434X ($1,399): Beko has special power scrub jets on the top rack for sports bottles, a 39 DB rating, the CornerIntense sprays to wash throughout the dishwasher, and the door pops open at the end of the cycle.

Bosch 800 Series

The 800 series of Bosch dishwashers is a top-of-the-line option, offering premium features and capabilities just below the elite Bosch Benchmark series.

Cycles: Besides the cycles available in the 500 series, the 800 series includes an Extra Dry option that extends the drying time for a more thorough and efficient drying.

PowerControl: The PowerControl wash arm is Bosch's new way of washing your dishes.

See that new propeller bottom spray below? You can control the intensity to be low, medium, or heavy, so you can scour the lasagna pans, wash more delicate China, or even wash half and half.


With the HomeConnect App, you can control the different sprays in 4 quadrants.

Quietness: All models are below the quietness standard at 42 dB.

Racking System: The 3rd "My Way" rack can hold smaller dishes and plates. It's available on the better 800 series as well.

CrystalDry: CrystalDry uses Zeolite to transform moisture into heat. The CrystalDry chamber will heat the air to 176 degrees.

The Chain Events of Zeolite Drying:

  1. Absorption: Zeolite is a highly porous material with a large surface area. When the dishwasher enters the dry cycle, the zeolite beads or granules are exposed to the moist air inside the dishwasher.
  2. Moisture Absorption: Zeolite absorbs moisture from the air, acting like a sponge. As the moisture is absorbed, the zeolite beads become warm.
  3. Heat Generation: As Zeolite absorbs moisture, a chemical reaction occurs within its structure. This reaction generates heat, which is then released into the dishwasher.
  4. Drying Enhancement: The heat generated by Zeolite helps to accelerate the drying process inside the dishwasher. It increases the temperature of the air and dishes, allowing the water droplets to evaporate more quickly.

Price: The price range for the Bosch 800 series dishwasher is between $1,349 and $1,499, making it a premium option with features like CrystalDry technology and Wi-Fi control.

Similar Dishwashers to Consider

You can buy an 800 series, but alternates are the better Miele dishwashers. The premium LG line, SKS, offers a 60-minute wash and dry cycle.

Bosch Benchmark Series

Benchmark is all new this year. It is now $400 less expensive than last year. Like the 800 series, it has the PowerControl spray arm and CrystalDry system.

Racking System: Benchmark also has smooth ball-bearing racks and a slightly larger third rack.

Quietness: At 38 decibels, the Benchmark is one of the quietest dishwashers.

AquaStop Leak Protection: In addition to its high-end models, Bosch's Benchmark series dishwashers come equipped with the innovative AquaStop leak protection system.

Cons to Buying a Bosch Dishwasher

Many people will never know the cons of buying a Bosch because they haven't been available since 2020.

Wash System

beko-cornerintense-wash-dishwasherBeko CornerIntense Wash Arm

Their washing system works, and the new PowerControl spray arm is interesting, but Miele, LG, GE Profile, and Beko have upgraded their dishwashers.

Special Cycles

GE-Profile-Dishwasher-Silveware-WashGE Profile Dishwasher with Designated Silverware Wash Jets

Many brands now have cycles to wash your dishes better. LG has steam to loosen those tough stains.

Beko and GE Profile have power washes designed for your sports bottles or silverware.


AutoDos Dispensing


Miele's special dispenser, the AutoDos, releases the right amount of detergent at the right time - and it works.

The Ultimate Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: Conclusion


What you buy depends on what you want.

The 100 series is good value but doesn't have the same build quality as the regular Bosch dishwashers.

The 300 is a real Bosch in all stainless with the better racks, but it is not quiet.

The 500 Series is quiet with better drying, while the 800 and Benchmark could be the best dishwashers for washing and drying.

However, you do have other options, especially under $1,000.

What do you think?




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