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Buying a 33-inch counter-depth refrigerator is perhaps the hardest purchase not just for refrigerators but for any appliance.

Even before the pandemic and chronic shortages, you could only choose between a few manufacturers.

Now it's likely you will only have a choice of one or two depending on your area.

In this article, you will learn the six best 33-inch refrigerators to consider.

Then we will show you some alternate strategies to buying a refrigerator for standard and counter-depth options in your kitchen.

Let's get started. 

Best 33-Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators for 2021

1. Samsung Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator RF18HFENBSR - $1,249


At one time, this refrigerator was one of the single most popular searches on our website for any product.

Samsung was the largest and most popular at 18 cubic feet.

It is a French door refrigerator with a pull-out bottom freezer like most brands.

Unlike most brands, this unit has twin cooling. Samsung's twin cooling feature prevents warmer refrigerator air from mixing with the colder, drier freezer air for better-tasting food.

Think fresh fish odors from your refrigerator in your ice cream. A two evaporator refrigerator prevents that from happening.

Samsung is number five for reliability at 20.9% in the first year based on 37,061 service calls logged last year.

However, their service lags way behind their sales.

It's important to know how the product is fixed before you buy it. Not to just pick on Samsung, the same could be said for many other brands.

Samsung has a bigger logistical problem because it is the number one selling brand in the US.

At one time, this refrigerator sold for $999. Now it's $1,249-$1,549 when you can find it.

Availability is currently Samsung's biggest problem next to service.

We haven't been able to order this refrigerator in over a year. I would check locally in your area.


  • Counter-Depth - Sleek Design Adds Style and Allows for More Workable Space
  • 18 cu. ft. Capacity - Spacious Fridge Provides Food Storage Flexibility
  • Twin Cooling System ® - Keeps Perishable Fruits and Vegetables Fresher
  • Automatic Ice Maker in Freezer

2. GE Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator GWE19JSLSS - $1,899


Haier has revived GE after years of dormancy.

Like Samsung, they have twin cooling. They also have some pretty cool settings like TurboCool for adding colder air into the refrigerator for loading fresh groceries.

The GE GWE19JSLSS is also a smart refrigerator offering the ability to monitor your refrigerator and adjust settings from an app on your phone.

You can buy this refrigerator with an ice dispenser or in the customizable, more upscale Café line as well.

Of all these brands, GE has the best service with parts and technical support. They even operate their own service department.

It's a good consideration if you are buying your refrigerator from a store without a service department.


  • Counter-depth design
  • LED lighting
  • Multi-level freezer baskets
  • Quick Space shelf
  • It fits 33" openings
  • Internal water dispenser
  • Factory-installed icemaker with water filtration system
  • Two humidity-controlled drawers and a full-width adjustable-temperature drawer
  • Turbo Cool setting

3. Fisher & Paykel Counter Depth Bottom Mount Refrigerator RF170WDRUX5 N - $2,599


Fisher & Paykel has great aesthetics and several different model options, including a model with a water dispenser.

However, other than the contemporary styling, it is hard to justify the price given the Samsung option.


  • ActiveSmart Technology - Keeps food fresher for longer
  • Ice Maker
  • Water Dispenser
  • Spacious Freezer

4. Fisher & Paykel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator RF170ADUSX4 N - $2,899


The RF170A series comes as a French door with a bottom freezer and a water dispenser.

Fisher & Paykel offers this refrigerator with or without internal water and ice dispensers.

You also have the choice of having a dispenser on the door. It's less expensive without the dispenser at $2,099. 

Lastly, if you like a single-door model, Fisher & Paykel offers a 33-inch single-door counter depth refrigerator.


  • Design quality
  • Water on tap
  • Clever energy
  • Ice maker
  • Designed to match
  • Easy cleaning

5. Fisher & Paykel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator RF172GDUX1 - $3,099


This refrigerator is very similar to the model above. However, this refrigerator is 70.5 inches and includes a freezer drawer.

The ice maker is located in the freezer drawer, which is unique. Most internal ice makers, including other Fisher & Paykel models, are located in the bottom freezer compartment, which isn't as convenient.


  • Design quality
  • Freezer Drawer including ice maker
  • Water on tap
  • Clever energy
  • Ice maker
  • Designed to match
  • Easy cleaning

6. Frigidaire Counter Depth 4-Door Refrigerator FRQG1721AV - $1,599


We haven't sold Frigidaire in 5 years. I thought this refrigerator was interesting because it's available.

The four-door style is a bit much for a smaller refrigerator. It's similar to a side-by-side refrigerator, so you have less lateral storage than the others.

Still, it's better than waiting for 6-12 months for a Samsung.


  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Store-More™ Refrigerator Bins (Gallon Size Bins)
  • LED Interior Light
  • Crisper Drawers
  • Adjustable Freezer Storage
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Alternate Solutions for 33-Inch Refrigerators

First, let's cover some kitchen design basics.

Appliances are designed to fit cabinets. A standard refrigerator cabinet is 30 or 36 inches. However, you can buy 24, 27, 28, 30, 42, and 48-inch refrigerators along with the 33 inches as well.


You do not have to place your refrigerator in the middle of your kitchen for design purposes. Refrigerators can be placed anywhere without interrupting the flow of cooking and cleaning.

Pro Tip: Your stove, sink, and dishwasher should be placed in the middle of your kitchen or within one step of each other.

30-Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators

Beko-Dishwashers-and-AppliancesBeko 30-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Mount Refrigerator BFBF3018


You want to plan for a 30-inch refrigerator with a nice mix of exclusively high-end and affordable luxury brands like Sub-Zero, Miele, Thermador, Bosch, or Beko for a new kitchen.

36-Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators

Professional-refrigeration-at-yale-appliance-in-hanoverSub-Zero Professional 36-Inch Refrigerators at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Thirty-six inches is now considered the standard dimension in most new construction.

You will have tons of affordable, professional, and integrated options in 36-inch widths.

The price is better per cubic foot as well in this size

Solutions for Your Existing Kitchen

Thirty-three inches is not uncommon, yet manufacturers have minimal solutions.

Another consideration is buying a standard depth refrigerator. The difference between standard and counter depth is usually 6-8 inches.

With standard depth, you have more capacity up to 7 cubic feet and have way less expensive choices in different configurations like top mount and side by side refrigerators.

You will see the textured sides off these refrigerators, unlike the counter-depth types.

Also, you will have less space between the island and the refrigerator, so measure first.

Best 33-Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators: Key Takeaways

The bad news is you have limited options made more limited by the lack of production.

You have four available choices for brands.

For new kitchens, consider another width like 30 or 36 inches.

For an existing kitchen, you have many more choices in a standard depth refrigerator.

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