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Beko Vs. Bosch Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  September 30, 2020  |  8 Min. Read

Bosch  |  Dishwashers  |  Beko

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Last week, we wrote an article on the 5 Best Bosch Dishwashers.

The crux of the article was here are the best five and good luck finding three. Bosch has been hit hard with COVID-19 throughout the supply chain, like most manufacturers.

With social distancing guidelines, efficiency drops because they have to produce products in a new, less efficient way.

Then add exploding demand. None of us are planning that European vacation anymore, so home improvement becomes more critical.

Maybe you were also sick of your appliances after being quarantined for six months.

So exploding demand and limited supply are a problem.

A big problem, as you will discover.

So you have to be aware of alternatives to out of stock products.

First, you will learn about Beko and whether you should buy unknown brands, and then we will compare a couple of Bosch and Beko dishwashers.

Beko is very different, so it will be an interesting article to read.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Beko?

Beko-dishwasher-featuring-controls-(1)Beko Top Control Dishwasher


Beko is Turkish and popular in Europe. They have a unique Green philosophy. They also produce dishwashers in the US for Viking and are the parent company for Blomberg.

Beko is known for its compact laundry. In Europe, everyone has close laundry. Currently, they are the most reliable after Bosch.

They also won our “Project Produce” for the best freestanding refrigerator keeping food fresher for a more extended period. They were runner up to Sub-Zero overall.

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Here is a look at Beko’s best dishwashers for 2020.

Beko DUT25401 Dishwasher - $499


Beko DUT25401 Dishwasher Review [VIDEO]


Beko’s Most Popular Dishwasher: Beko DDT39432XIH Dishwasher - $849


Beko DDT39432XIH Dishwasher Review [VIDEO]


Should You Buy An Unknown Appliance Brand?

I would automatically say no before the last recession.

However, like most people, I saved money by buying generic or private label brands and still do.

For appliances, it's a bit different than toilet paper.

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If a product needs repair, then you need a person to fix it.

Most lesser known brands fail at support (then again, many of the major brands do as well). Before buying any brand, inquire about the warranty, installation, and service after the sale.

Take the additional step and call the service agency before buying it. Then you will know definitively.


Bosch-Dishwasher-InstalledBosch Dishwasher Featuring AutoDry


Bosch dishwashers are made in North Carolina, even though they're based in Germany.

Their weakness was always drying. Most European stainless tank dishwashers use the condensation from the wash and JetDry to dry dishes.

Last year, Bosch improved their drying on some models featuring AutoAir popping open the dishwasher after the cycle is complete. This will release the moisture and speed drying.

Bosch's better models have their CrystalDry using volcanic elements to increase heat and absorb moisture.

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Here is a look at Bosch’s best dishwasher in comparison to Beko for 2020, the SHE3AR75UC.

Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher SHE3AR75UC - $599


Bosch’s Most Popular Dishwasher: Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher SHS863WD5N - $849


Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher Review [VIDEO]


Beko Vs. Bosch Dishwashers

Where They Do Not Compete

Bosch sells the bulk of their dishwashers from $849-1300 with a popular dishwasher series at $499-599. Beko sells the majority of its dishwashers from $499-1100.

Over the last few years, Bosch has targeted Miele and has competed on mostly higher prices of $1,100 and more.

At that price, they have their CrystalDry of volcanic elements to emit heat and absorb moisture. Their AutoAir will also open the door to remove steam for better drying.

Bosch and Beko compete heavily for two models. At $499 and $849.

The pricing in appliances changes every holiday, so these are average prices.

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Let’s take a look.

Beko Vs. Bosch Dishwashers Under $600

Beko-vs-bosch-dishwashers-under-600Beko DUT25401 Dishwasher | Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher SHE3AR75UC


What They Have In Common

Both have similar cycles. Pots and Pans, Normal, and Delay Start are the main options. Bosch does have a delicate cycle, and Beko does not.

How They Differ

Water heating

Bosch will heat the water to 161, whereas Beko uses inlet 120-degree water.

Wash Action

Bosch dishwasher with spinning wash arm Bosch Upper Wash Arm In Dishwasher


Beko has three full wash arms versus two for Bosch.


Beko is 48 dB or about 20% quieter than Bosch at 50 dB


The Bosch Ascenta tub is stainless with a plastic bottom. This differs from the regular Bosch dishwasher line.

The doors on the Ascenta models are also lighter than all the other series.

Beko doesn’t change their tub or door. It is all stainless, so you do not have to clean the plastic bottom.

This next comparison is Bosch’s most popular dishwasher against Beko’s best-featured dishwasher.

Beko Vs. Bosch Dishwashers Under $900

Beko-vs-bosch-dishwashers-under-900Beko DDT39432XIH Dishwasher | Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher SHS863WD5N


What They Have In Common

Third Racks

Bosch-500-Series-Dishwasher-SHPM65Z55N-InteriorBosch Dishwasher Racks


Beko-dishwashersBeko Dishwasher Racks


They have a similar 3rd rack along with an adjustable top rack as well.


Both use condensation drying as well.

How They Differ


Both are quiet. The minimum standard for not hearing a dishwasher is 44 dB.

Bosch is 44dB. Beko is the quietest at 39 dB. Lower-priced KitchenAid dishwashers are also 39 dB.


Bosch has a 60-minute wash and dry cycle for lightly soiled dishes.


Beko-Dishwasher-With-AquaIntenseBeko Dishwasher With AquaIntense


I have been saying dishwasher cycles are a merely different wash, rinse, and temperatures for years.

AquaIntense is different. Its concentrated spray heads on the right side of this Beko dishwasher to scour heavily soiled dishes.


Beko-Dishwasher-ControlsBeko Top Control Dishwasher With AquaIntense and AquaFlex Cycles


Beko adds a cycle for more water pressure on the plates with a light spray on top. You can wash lasagna pans and wine glasses in the same wash by using AquaFlex.


Odors emit positive ions. This Beko dishwasher has a negative ion generator to emit negative ions to cancel odors at the source.


Beko has Wi-Fi so you can control the dishwasher remotely through an app on your phone.

Have questions? Click here to check out our Learning Center.

Are Beko Dishwashers More Reliable
Than Bosch Dishwashers?

Dishwasher Reliability From January 2020 to September 2020 

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Signature Kitchen Suite 1 2 50.00 %
JennAir 117 269 43.49 %
Fisher & Paykel 48 142 33.80 %
GE Appliances 9 46 19.57 %
Thermador 102 592 17.23 %
Cove 9 57 15.79 %
Miele 93 593 15.68 %
Café Appliances 9 63 14.28%
Bosch - Benchmark 10 82 12.20 %
Bosch Appliances 314 2670 11.76 %
GE Profile 7 63 11.11 %
Samsung 94 904 10.40 %
KitchenAid 79 851 9.28 %
LG Electronics 1 16 6.25 %
Beko Appliance 13 372 3.49 %
Whirlpool 14 533 2.63 %
Blomberg 0 224 0.00 %
Grand Total 920 7479  12.30%

You are looking at our the amount of dishwashers we serviced and shipped from January 2020 to September 2020.

We divide sales into service calls for a service percentage.

Bosch has been amongst the most reliable dishwashers sold. With Beko, it's unknown because the brand is new in the US.

Read More: Most Reliable Dishwashers

Beko Vs. Bosch Dishwashers: Key Takeaways

First, over $1,100, Bosch is your only choice. With their newest dry cycles, it is the strength of the brand.

For this comparison, Beko is worth considering. Although they are new in the US, they do have a proven track record in a tough and crowded European market.

Bosch does have speed cycles and reliability, but Beko has more features to clean your dishes.

Ultimately, you almost have to buy what is available when its time to shop.

If Beko has similar reliability as their other products, it may be an excellent 4th premium brand along with Bosch, KitchenAid, and Miele.

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