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Electrolux vs. Bosch Kitchen Appliances: Which Is Better?

December 14th, 2015 | 7 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Which brand of appliances should you buy for your next kitchen: Electrolux or Bosch?

In this article, you will learn the features and possible problems when buying both, as well as direct comparisons between Bosch and Electrolux.

In the end, you will have a much better idea of which brand may be better for you.

The main point to remember from this article is both have strengths in different categories. However, checking available services in your area is key to buying either.


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Company Profiles



Electrolux is based in Sweden. They also own the Frigidaire brand.

They manufacture appliances globally. Most US appliances, such as laundry, are made in Mexico. Electrolux’s compact washers and dryers are made in Italy and Poland.

We haven't sold Electrolux in some time, but it's not a reflection of their quality. Our company mainly focuses on service, so we can't sell and service every brand.

Nonetheless, I personally like some of Electrolux's appliances.



Bosch is based in Germany as a division of the huge BSH Home Appliances Corporation. You also know Bosch as the owners of Thermador and Gaggenau.

Bosch also operates the largest dishwasher manufacturing facility in the US.

Then again, they started as a dishwasher company.

They have significant manufacturing in the US. Their compact laundry is based in Germany, and their refrigerators are from China.

Where Electrolux and Bosch Do Not Compete


Bosch Built-In Refrigerator

Bosch will have lower prices on their dishwashers and more expensive built-in refrigerators under the Benchmark series.

On the other hand, Electrolux will have full-size laundry and specialty built-in refrigerators.

To provide a comprehensive overview, we've compared Bosch and Electrolux product categories in the same price range, including refrigeration, dishwashers, gas, and induction cooking.

Electrolux vs. Bosch Kitchen Appliances: Which Is Better?



Electrolux offers three French door models with dispensers and double drawers.

In addition, they offer affordable counter-depth column refrigerators and freezers with similar cubic footage to built-in models.

Note: The refrigerators are a custom dimension at 32 inches width, meaning you will be locked into that dimension unless you remodel.


Bosch has nine models ranging from $2,999-$8,699, from basic French door refrigerators to integrated refrigeration.

Let's compare two similarly priced French door refrigerators from Bosch and Electrolux.

Electrolux ERMC2295AS vs. Bosch B36CL80ENS Refrigerators



The size is similar. Bosch is 21 cubic feet, while Electrolux is 21.8.

Both are on the smaller side. The average for a counter depth is about 23 cubic.

LG's Counter-Depth MAX refrigerator tops out at 26.5 cubic feet.


Both have air and water filtration.

Bosch may have an edge because they have an ethylene filter. Ethylene is a gas emitted from spoiling foods.

Filtering helps slow the process as well as the cross-contamination with other foods.

Cooling Systems

Bosch is the only two-compressor, two-evaporator freestanding counter-depth refrigerator.

Twin compressors keep the refrigerator and freezer air separate, so tastes and odors don't transfer for better-tasting food.

Because the warmer air of the refrigerator is not cycled through the freezer, you have less defrosting and better energy efficiency.

Humidity Control


Electrolux TasteLock Crisper Drawers with Auto-Humidity Control

Both have humidity control. Bosch has their VitaFreshPro crispers that utilize air directed from the compressor to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

On the other hand, Electrolux has their TasteLock smart crisper technology which effectively removes excess moisture and creates a protective barrier against dry air. This helps to prevent spoilage, shriveling, and the growth of mold.

Energy Efficiency

The twin compressor Bosch is more efficient than the Electrolux at 568 KWH for the Bosch versus 667 for the Electrolux, according to EnergyStar.Gov.

According to my electric bill, the cost in Massachusetts is about 28.4 cents, so that's about $28 per year or about $300 savings based on an average life of 10 years.

Stainless Interiors and Surfaces


You see metal in all commercial refrigerators. Stainless is nonporous and more hygienic than plastic.

However, stainless absorbs cold better, so your food or juice will be colder when placed next to it.

Both refrigerators have stainless in the back while Electrolux has stainless throughout the refrigerator.


Both have a water dispenser, but Electrolux has an external water and ice dispenser, while Bosch is internal for water and manual for ice.

Refrigerator Drawers


Electrolux TempAdapt Refrigerator Drawer

Bosch is a straight freezer drawer, while Electrolux is convertible to be either refrigerator or freezer. LG and Samsung have convertible drawers as well.

Smart Functionality

While smart features are limited in a refrigerator, you will receive push notifications to change your filters or if you leave a door open.

Bosch is Wi-Fi enabled throughout their whole line with their HomeConnect App, while Electrolux does not have any smart functionality in any of their appliances.

Which Refrigerator Is Better?

Aesthetically, Bosch will be better because you have equal doors, while Electrolux is off-center.

Electrolux has a convertible drawer, a dispenser, and a metal interior. Bosch is more efficient with a much better overall cooling system.

Both have their merits.


Where Bosch and Electrolux Dishwashers Do Not Compete

Electrolux markets three dishwashers, two at 24 inches, one at 18 inches, and Bosch markets 52 models.

Economy Models

Bosch will manufacture the 100 series at lower prices. You can also place a panel on a few series of Bosch dishwashers.

Panel-Ready Dishwashers


Better yet, a panel looks good on a Bosch because it is seamless to the cabinet, unlike many other brands.

Bosch 800 and Benchmark Series with PowerControl and CrystalDry Features


Bosch also has innovations in their PowerControl Spray arm where you can control the intensity of the wash for baked-on lasagna pans or China or both at the same time.

CrystalDry uses zeolite, a volcanic element, to emit heat and absorb moisture to effectively dry even plastics.

Electrolux EDSH4944AS vs. Bosch SHP65CM6N Dishwashers



They both have stainless tubs and have similar cycles, including a 30-minute cycle to clean mid-size loads.

Washing Performance

Bosch uses their three-wash level system. Electrolux is similar. Electrolux's LuxCare is an "orbital" arm projecting water in different places.

That said, both should wash well (as most do).

Rack System

You have three racks with a top for silverware on both.

Drying Performance

Both use condensation drying with an added feature. Condensation is the heat from the wash, plus an additive like JetDry and time.

Your plates and cups will be dry. However, less dense items like plastics will have residual moisture.

Electrolux PerfectDry circulates the air "to eliminate towel drying." However, circulating heat and steam will still leave residual moisture.

Bosch is a bit better at popping the door open 30 minutes after the end of the cycle, releasing the moisture.

Bosch SHP65CP5N dishwasher (3)

Steam will not reform as that thin coat of moisture if you wash before bed. The best drying method is their CrystalDry for another $200.

Silence Ratings

Bosch meets the quietness standard at 44 decibels, while Electrolux is slightly higher at 45 dB.

You may hear the Electrolux slightly in an open kitchen design.

Smart Functionality


You wouldn't think smart is a big deal in a dishwasher.

However, you will receive a push notification when the cycle is over, so you don't open your quiet dishwasher in mid-cycle.

You can also create and customize your cycle right on the App. It's not necessary, but it's kind of cool.

Which Dishwasher Is Better?

Bosch is a dishwasher company. Have to give them the edge. Bosch dishwashers are also incredibly reliable with a 5.1% service rate.

I haven't sold Electrolux in 10 years to know about the reliability. Their 4.3 rating on their website is not a good sign.

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Gas Ranges

Unlike the dishwashers and stoves, both companies do not manufacture many cooking options.

They both have larger 36-inch stoves, but Bosch is new and made by the Italian manufacturer SMEG.

Electrolux ECFG3068AS vs. Bosch HGI8056UC Gas Ranges



Unlike the last two comparisons, the prices are not similar. Electrolux is $3,599 while Bosch is $2,549.

In both the gas and induction ranges, Electrolux and Bosch have plenty of cooking modes like pizza, proofing, and several convection options.

Slide-in vs. Front Control

Slide-ins will be mounted over your countertop. They are the best for cleaning because food won't drizzle down in the seam between the stove and cabinet.

Front control can replace your freestanding range, whereas you need minor countertop modifications for the slide-in.

However, the front control is not as cleanable as the slide-in.

Oven Capacity


Bosch is a bit larger at 4.8 cubic feet, while Electrolux is 4.5 cubic. Both are a bit smaller than average at about 5.3-5.5. LG is the largest at 6.3 cubic.

Burner Configuration


Both are five burners with the griddle burner in the middle:

  • Bosch has 18,000, 15,000, and 10,000 BTU burners, as well as two additional burners at 5,000 BTUs each.
  • Electrolux has two burners at 18,000 BTU, two burners at 12,000 BTU, and one burner at 10,000 BTU.

The Electrolux power burners are a more durable brass as well. Electrolux is better overall for output.

Warming and Storage Drawers

Bosch has a warming drawer, while Electrolux is storage. Warming drawers keep food for up to three hours without dehydrating to mush.

You can keep your plates warm as well. You would pay about $1,000 just for a separate drawer.

Which Gas Range Is Better?

Have to give the edge to Electrolux. Their burners are better. However, Bosch does have a warming drawer and is $1,000 less expensive.

Induction Ranges

Electrolux markets two induction ranges, one at 30 and one at 36 inches. Bosch sells four induction ranges, three in 30-inch and one in 36-inch.

Once again, one 30 and the 36-inch range are manufactured by SMEG and are relabeled as Bosch.

Bosch is a slide-in with a warming drawer, while Electrolux is freestanding with a storage drawer.

Why You Should Consider Bosch and Electrolux for an Induction Range


Both Electrolux and Bosch are 40 amps, so they don't use the whole 50 amps.

Bosch is by far the most reliable induction range on the market at 5.1% service in the first year, about half the average.

I think (my theory) that when you have voltage spikes, it can fry the controls. However, amps mean fewer problems.

Induction cooktops are reliable, using only 30 amps.

Most other induction ranges use 50 amps and have a higher repair rate.

Electrolux ECF13068AS vs. Bosch HIIP057U Induction Ranges



Bosch is $4099 while Electrolux is $5499

Induction Burners


Both have bridge elements to join two burners together for an oblong dish or pan.

Bosch's induction range has two 2200-watt burners, one 2600-watt burner, and one 1400-watt burner. You can boost the two left and one right burner to be 3700 and two 3600 watts.

Electrolux's induction range includes 1400-watt, 2300-watt, 1850-watt, and 1400-watt burners. These burners also have the capability to be boosted to higher wattages, such as 2300 watts, 3700 watts, 3000 watts, and 3000 watts.

A boost will take some power from the adjacent burner to achieve the maximum output.

Oven Size

Both ovens have a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet.

Which Is Better?

Both ranges have good output, 4.6 Cu. Ft. ovens, and less amp load on both. However, Bosch is $1,600 less than the equivalent Electrolux.

Key Takeaways

Both are unique in appearance and have decent functionality except for the smaller-than-average oven capacity.

However, you will spend less with Bosch for the same or better features.

Both are good, with Bosch being the better value.

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