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Miele vs. BlueStar 36 Inch Professional Ranges (Reviews / Ratings)

July 29th, 2016 | 4 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Miele and BlueStar. Now, here is an interesting comparison. These two manufacturers build ranges with feature sets on the polar opposite of the spectrum, and both are strong contenders in the professional range marketplace. 

48" BlueStar Range featured in Chef Aliyyah Baylor

What makes these companies and products so different and which one would you continue to be happy with after a year, five years, or even twenty?

It’s important to first understand each company’s philosophies and mindset when it comes to choosing a range.

We will look at both companies, both products, and then compare.


“Immer Besser” is their company mantra and means forever better. Miele is a German company that was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhardt Zinkann. Miele still remains a family owned and operated company to this day, 117 years later.

What makes Miele unique? Well, nearly every single part that Miele puts into their products is manufactured by Miele themselves. This outstanding vertical integration allows Miele to have outstanding quality control.

German engineering and design, quality control, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and a multiple generation family backing their product are reasons Miele is a potentially very reliable option.

Later, we will investigate whether Miele design and controls in their products is right for you.


bluestar kitchen

BlueStar Platinum Series


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BlueStar is a U.S based company that prides itself on long standing American heritage and bringing home chefs restaurant quality results at home.

Founded in 1880 in Reading, Pennsylvania, the company handcrafts their products in the same location to this day.

Perhaps BlueStar’s American pride, restaurant style controls, and functions speak to you. A deeper look at the feature set will give you a better idea if you will enjoy this range for years to come.

Miele 36” Dual Fuel Ranges - $8,999

HR1936 miele 36 inch range dual fuel


  • 4-6 Sealed burners (Depending on Configuration of Grill, Griddle or All Burners)
  • (3-4) 19,500 stacked high power burners
  • (1-2) 12,000 stacked low power burners
  • True Simmer on all burners
  • 4.6 cubic ft oven
  • Dual Convection Oven
  • Soft Close Door
  • Clean touch Steel

Miele’s range is innovative. Released in 2014, Miele has built a range with controls and features not seen before. In the M Touch Dual-Fuel ranges, Miele’s touch-activated control boasts Miele’s proprietary MasterChef operating mode.

Armed with a wireless temperature probe, twin convection and Miele’s Moisture Plus, M Touch guides you through over 100 cooking programs from Sponge Cake to the Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

Watch Miele's MasterChef controls in action:

Miele’s Moisture Plus provides up to three bursts of steam throughout the cooking process to insure a tender moist interior on meats and shiny brown crusted exterior on breads. No other range out there offers this steam assist feature with and automatic cooking/baking interface.

If you do a lot of entertaining, this range deserves serious consideration as it will allow you to step away, cook a roast or bake a desert to perfection and you get to more time with your guests.

However, if you aren’t feeling automation, the range also includes all standard operating modes from bake to maxi-broil and can hold its own in raw cooking power.

BlueStar 36” Platinum Series - starts at $8,069

Bluestar 36” Platinum Series

Slide-In Ranges


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  • 25,000 BTU Power Burners
  • 15,000 BTU Standard Burners
  • Interchangeable Griddle, Grill or French Top
  • 130° Simmer Burner
  • 5.0 cubic ft oven
  • All Gas Convection Oven
  • Endless Customization

Bluestar’s Platinum range is a workhorse. This Clydesdale of a range has endless customization options not only in burner selection, but in color options as well; over 750 to be exact. The customization doesn’t end there.

You can also customize the knobs, trims, backguards, and burner configuration. This 36” range truly shines in its burners capabilities. The high power burners top out at a blistering 25,000 BTU's. The open style burners allow you to remove the grate and do some serious wok cooking.

If having six burners isn’t your thing, you are able to swap out two of the burners for a griddle, grill or even a French top. 

If flexibility in cooking surfaces and options is important to you, the Bluestar Platinum Ranges are the only range that you can switch between cooking surfaces. This is not only great for variety in everyday use; it truly speaks to the inspired home chef who likes to experiment in the kitchen.  

The BlueStar oven is the only true gas convection oven on the market today offering the best baking conditions possible. They also employ an infrared broiler for rapid heat to 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it is one of the best ovens on the market for broiling. 

Now, how do you decide? How do you cook and what would make you satisfied with your range for years to come? Let’s recap.

Miele vs. BlueStar 36" Range Comparison


The MasterChef Program offers hundreds of automatic cooking modes with and without steam assist, between this automatic cooking functionality, steam assist, and easy cleanup, Miele wants to make cooking with incredible results easy and enjoyable all while you get to spend more time with your family and/or guests.

Like baking bread for instance. This range has 16 automatic programs just for bread. The technology allows you to cook way differently without guesswork.


BlueStar’s Platinum Series Ranges, on the other hand, are workhorses that shine in their customization capabilities and pure power. The all gas convection oven is unique in the market.

While Miele may give you hundreds of cooking programs to choose from, BlueStar gives you pure flexibility from 6 burners, a griddle, a grill or even a French top based on your needs for that meal.

Like a more powerful range, BlueStar has the most powerful array of burners as well as a better broiler…and your range can be completely different from any other.


Reliability is huge especially for us, because we service what we sell. In other words, we do not want to create our own future problems.

Miele is too new and BlueStar is new to us. So we will see.

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