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5 Best 36-Inch Dual Fuel Professional Ranges for 2020 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 09, 2020  |  10 Min. Read

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Last week, we updated the Best Gas 36-Inch All Gas Professional Ranges. It's pretty in-depth.

But sadly, just as you may start to understand how to buy a professional (pro) range, this article should complicate your decision a bit for one reason:

Buying a dual fuel (gas over an electric oven) instead of a gas oven will have completely different recommendations.


BlueStar doesn't manufacture a dual fuel range. Also, Wolf and Miele have much better dual fuel ranges than their all gas models.

However, the same is true for dual fuel, as was true in last week's all gas article. That truth is:

There is no one best range for every feature.

A range matches your cooking style, whether it's baking, broiling, grilling, roasting, or griddling.

Professional-Gas-Ranges-at-Yale-Appliance-in-Hanover-1Professional Range Learning Center at Yale Appliance in Hanover


In this article, you will learn the best features from the best brands like Wolf, Thermador ranges, Miele, and JennAir.

  • Best Dual Fuel Range for BTU Output: Wolf DF364G
  • Best Dual Fuel Ranges for Simmer Performance: Thermador PRD366WGU and Wolf DF364G
  • Best Dual Fuel Range for Grill & Griddle Accessories: Wolf DF364G, JennAir JDRP436HL, and Miele HR1936DFGD
  • Best Dual Fuel Range Oven: Wolf DF364G
  • Best Smart Dual Fuel Range: JennAir JDRP436HL
  • Best Dual Fuel Range for Cleanability: Miele HR1936DFGD
  • Best Dual Fuel Range for Oven Controls: Miele HR1936DFGD

You will also learn reliability based on 35,256 service calls our service department logged last year or 100,000 service calls in under three years.

First, let's talk about what is not a professional (pro) range, then we will compare gas and dual fuel. At the end of this article, you will also see am induction pro range alternative to consider as well.

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What is Not a Professional Range

Fisher-&-Paykel-Kitchen-Boston-ShowroomFisher & Paykel Appliances at Yale Appliance in Boston


Verona, Bertazzoni, Ilve, and Fisher & Paykel all have 36-inch ranges and are marketed as "pro-style types."

They do not have the BTU output or feature set to be considered professional ranges.

Along with output, there is little in terms of functionality. Most have just basic clocks and modes.

Buy them if you are looking for style and a more affordable price.

What's The Difference Between Dual Fuel And All-Gas Professional Ranges?

Wolf Pro Ranges - Duel Fuel Vs. All Gas


Dual fuel is automatically considered better than all gas when you walk into a store. Yet, you don't have a clear picture as to why for a $2,000 upcharge.

Electric is better for baking because of its drier heat. Self-cleaning is also a standard for electric and is only offered on a few all gas models.

Gas, however, is moister for better roasting.

Also, infrared is better than gas and way better than electric for broiling. It looks like this:

Bluestar Infrared BroilerInfrared Broiler In An All Gas Professional Range At Yale Appliance + Lighting


Pro Tip: If you like baking and added features, then dual fuel may be better. If you like to broil or roast, consider all gas.

What complicates the dual-fuel versus all gas choice is Wolf, Miele, and Thermador offer upgrades only on their dual fuel ranges.

It has nothing to do with gas vs. electric. These companies only manufacture a better range in dual fuel.

It's the reason why I am writing this article because of dual fuel, and all gas recommendations are so different.

Let's look at some dual fuel ranges.

Gas Vs. Dual Fuel Professional Ranges [VIDEO]


5 Best 36-Inch Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

Wolf 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range DF364G  

Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range

Wolf was independent until being purchased by Sub-Zero in the late 1990s. Known for their stylish looks, red knobs, and their twin convection-powered oven, Wolf is an excellent baking range.

They also have a rebate program with Sub-Zero and other Wolf appliances.

Hallmarks of a Wolf Professional Dual Fuel Range

Their burners max at 20,000 BTUs on two burners. Their grill and griddle are both infrared gas.

Infrared is a more intense direct heat than regular gas for grills. Its easier to clean because it evaporates the grease drippings as well.

Wolf's dual convection is thermostatically controlled on both fans for the best temperature control.

Unlike other dual-fuel models, the fans can work independently or together for an ideal temperature.

Are Wolf Professional Ranges Worth It? [Video]


Miele 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range HR1936DFGD - $9,949

Miele Dual Fuel Pro Range

"Forever Better" was inscribed on the first products that the Miele founders produced.

They have the best controls with the MasterChef but have not invested in Wi-Fi yet. Miele will offer 10% rebates with the purchase of other Miele products.

Hallmarks of a Miele Professional Dual Fuel Range

Miele has incredible technology. You set the food and your specified doneness, and the range calculates the time and temperature. The grill and griddle are infrared and similar to Wolf.

You also have steam functionality(requires water line) to caramelize meats or bake bread. In fact, you have 16 automatic programs just for different types of bread.

The grill and griddle are both infrared.

It's a cleanable range, and both the grates and burner caps are dishwasher safe. You can self clean the racks as well.

Miele has a combination of high output and lower output burners. Half is 19,500. The other half are two at 13,600 and 1 at 12,500.

So the output could be better.

Want to learn more about Miele's MasterChef programs and their best features? Click here to download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide.

Thermador 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range PRD366WGU - $9,699

Thermador Dual Fuel Pro Range

Thermador, a division of the German Bosch company, is known for cooking. Their professional ranges feature the star-shaped burner and the lowest simmer.

Thermador changed their pro range to include Wi-Fi as well. However, they are the only single convection range in this comparison.

They offer two different ranges.

Pro Harmony Vs. Pro Grand

Thermador Pro Grand Vs. Thermador Harmony 36-Inch Professional Range

The Pro Grand has a clock, one higher output burner at 22,000, and a proof mode in the oven. The larger oven is due to depth.

This series is available with an induction burner as well.

The Pro Harmony is less expensive and more popular because its 24-inch depth is in line with your cabinets and doesn't protrude into your kitchen.

Hallmarks of a Thermador Professional Dual Fuel Range

Thermador has a decent all-around burner. The Thermador Star Burner tops out at 18k BTU in the Harmony and 22,000 in the Pro Grand.

There are two burners capable of x-lo simmering(perfect for soups/sauces). The raised pedestal style also offers easier cleanup.

Wi-Fi allows you to start, pause, and abort oven programs remotely via the Home Connect app on a mobile device.

Great rebate program with free dishwashers and hoods with qualifying purchases.

However, they lowered half of the burners from 18,000-15,000 BTU, and we said the only single convection oven previously.

JennAir 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range JDRP436HL - $7,699

JennAir Dual Fuel Pro Range

JennAir was well known for downdraft ranges and cooktops. The parent company, Whirlpool, finally invested 300 million dollars in cooking, specifically on their wall ovens and professional ranges back in 2007.

Their new range is laden with a serious amount of tech and connectivity, along with some great features.

They offer a clean chromium infused griddle, infrared grill, and 20,000 BTU max burner output.

JennAir now has two new different series, the Rise and Noir:

JennAir Rise & Noir 36-Inch Professional Gas Range


Hallmarks of a JennAir Professional Dual Fuel Range

Both series, the Rise and Noir, are beautifully styled.

The updated app allows for voice command and enhanced culinary center showing you the doneness before you cook.

It is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to cook with Yummly and other cooking apps.

They now offer an infrared grill in addition to their easy to clean chromium griddle.

Best 36-Inch Dual Fuel Professional Ranges [VIDEO]


Which 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range Is The Best?

Best Dual Fuel Range for BTU Output: Wolf

JennAir and Wolf top out at 20,000 BTUs. Miele comes in at 19,500 and Thermador at 18,000 with the Pro Grand at 22,000. All are extremely powerful. At one time, 15,000 was considered powerful.

Best Dual Fuel Ranges for Simmer Performance: Thermador and Wolf

Thermador-range-cooktop-star-burner-1Thermador's Dual Fuel Professional Range Star Burner


If you're looking for precision in simmering, Thermador is the lowest with achievable lows of 100°. It is, however, an intermittent simmer or, in other words, an on/off simmer.

Wolf-burnerWolf's Dual Fuel Professional Range Sealed Burner


Wolf does have a great consistent simmer at a temperature of 375° on the smaller burner.

Best Dual Fuel Range for Grill & Griddle Accessories: Wolf, JennAir, and Miele

JennAir-Chromium-Griddle-Pro-RangeChromium Infused Griddle on a JennAir Professional Range at Yale Appliance in Boston


Wolf, JennAir, and Miele have the infrared grill and griddle. Yet, the electric grill of Thermador was a bit more consistent front to back in our testing.

For ease of clean up, the chromium infused JennAir griddle is the best.

Best Dual Fuel Range Oven: Wolf

Twin-ConvectionWolf Professional Range Twin Convection Oven


The new JennAir, Miele, and Wolf all have twin convection to move even more air. Wolf, however, has thermostats on both fans, so they work independently based on temperature.

The other manufacturers have one control for both fans.

Best Smart Dual Fuel Range: JennAir

JennAir-Connectivity-With-Professional-RangesJennAir Connectivity with Professional Ranges


Jenn Air and Thermador offer connected ranges. Remote diagnostics, preheating, and remote monitoring

Both have APPs with recipe tie ins. JennAir is more robust, but Thermador's HomeConnect App is more reliable.

Best Dual Fuel Range For Cleanability: Miele

Miele has dishwasher safe caps and grates. You can also leave the racks for self-cleaning.

Best Dual Fuel Range Oven Controls: Miele

Miele kitchen at yale appliance in hanoverMiele Professional Range at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Miele does not have Wi-Fi. However, their MasterChef controls are still the most intuitive. You just program the food and how you want it cooked. The range calculates time and temperature.

The Steam Assist feature will also allow you to add another dimension to your recipes and overall cooking.

Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing a Professional Range

professional-ranges-at-yale-appliance-in-hanover (1)Professional Ranges at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Rebates & Promotions

Jenn Air offers a $1,000 credit towards a qualifying second Jenn Air piece with a pro-range purchase. Thermador offers a free dishwasher with the purchase of their range. (Or you can receive a credit of $1,399 towards the Thermador dishwasher of your choice).

Miele and Wolf both offer rebates as well. Miele's are typically geared towards full kitchen purchases while Wolf has individual and package rebates at different times.

Dual Fuel Professional Range Reliability

The following are service ratios for these brands dual fuel ranges:

Most Reliable Dual Fuel Pro Ranges For 2020

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Miele 14 23 60.87%
Thermador 60 113 53.10%
JennAir 13 28 46.43%
Wolf 68 224 30.36%
Grand Total 155 388 39.94%

The average appliance is 13.4%, so all these brands are higher. Premium products have more service as a general rule. It's not always service but education and adjustment.

Which 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range Should You Buy?

blog.yaleappliance.comhubfsYale-Home-Show-Framingham-Wolf-KitchenWolf Professional Cooking Appliances at Yale Appliance in Framingham


It depends on how you cook.

Wolf is a solid all-around performer with great baking capability. Miele has the most cooking functionality with steam capability. It even has 16 automatic recipes for different types of bread.

JennAir is a beautiful range and another all-around performer. Their app can help you cook almost any food. Like Miele, their functionality is excellent.

Thermador has excellent burners, especially with the simmer. They probably have the best rebate program, as well.

Reliability, especially education and minor service, is a factor when buying any of these ranges. You should consider the company with the best service in your area.

36-Inch Induction Ranges

Before you think about a dual fuel or all gas pro, consider an induction range.

Wolf 36-Inch Induction Range:


Hallmarks of Induction Ranges

Induction is the fastest to boil with the best simmer. It's hotter than a BlueStar at 25,000 BTU and better than the Thermador 100 BTU simmer.

It's simple to clean and requires less venting than a gas range. Mass Residents: You can even bypass Make-Up Air regs with a 400 CFM vent depending on how you cook.

Lastly, induction is the most child-safe because the magnetic burners need to sense metal to activate.

Why you shouldn't buy induction: Induction doesn't have a grill or griddle. It also requires more amps than gas. In some areas of Boston. that could be an issue

Frequently Asked Questions

48-inch-pro-range-display-yale-appliance-hanoverProfessional Ranges at Yale Appliance in Hanover


1. What's the difference between a gas range and a professional range?

A gas range has gas burners and a gas oven. The gas oven in a pro range typically has an infrared broiler(intense heat for searing). Gas Pro ranges will have more high output burners whereas gas ranges will have better controls and baking drawers

2. Are dual fuel ranges better than gas ranges?

I wouldn't deem one better than the other, as both have their benefits. Really it all depends on how you are going to use them. If you do a lot of baking that requires precise temperatures, dual fuel is better. If you do a lot of broiling or roasting, all gas is better.

3. How do I choose a dual fuel range?

It depends on what you value. Do you value having a grill, griddle, high or low BTU output, simmering capabilities, a convection system or other features like Wi-Fi and steam? It's all a matter of what's important to you, how you cook, and what you'll actually use.

Additional Resources

If you need any more information on professional cooking products, read the Yale Professional Range Buying Guide with BTU output and features of every professional cooking product on the market. Well over 820,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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