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Miele vs. Jenn-Air Speed Ovens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

October 17th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Brett Lucero

jennair stainless speed oven JMC2430WS installedA somewhat new appliance that is becoming very popular in kitchens across America is what is known as the speed oven. Speed ovens are the combination of a microwave and an oven as one appliance, similar to the features of a convection microwave but with the aesthetics of an oven.

You can use the microwave for the reheating, defrosting and cooking features. Add in the convection oven features of browning, baking and roasting and you essentially have a super, speedy cooking appliance. They offer the convenient ability to either separate or combine the features of both. These ovens really excel by combining the speed of the microwave with the baking quality of the convection feature.

Several manufacturers offer this option in their current line but we will be comparing two of our more popular selling models, Jenn-Air and Miele.


miele stainless speed oven H4086BMMiele produces different models which vary in color, control features, and aesthetics. It’s available in white or stainless with two handle options. The main difference amongst the models is the chef vs MasterChef controls. Chef controls are your normal settings you’d see on a microwave or oven. What sets the MasterChef apart is it’s essentially a self-setting cookbook in your appliance. You pick what you are cooking and how you want it cooked. Then voila, the oven sets itself to the perfect cooking temperature and time. The following is their top of the line model, the H408 series show in both Classic and Europa style (on the right).

Miele H4044BM, H4084BM,H4086BM - $2199-$2999

  • MasterChef controls
  • Multi-lingual LCD display
  • Combination and individual convection / microwave programs
  • 15 operating modes
  • Dual timers
  • Delay start function
  • True European Convection- separate heating element behind the fan gives more consistent temp.
  • 1,000 watt microwave
  • Favorites storage
  • Infrared broiling system
  • Roast probe
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Lower heating element under cavity creates perfect, uniform cooking result


jennair stainless speed oven JMC2430WSWith an infusion of 300 million from its parent, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air as a company has once again reestablished itself in the luxury appliance niche. Until recently, they only offered this appliance as part of a combo micro/wall oven unit. Now it’s available as a separate unit. Available in black and stainless, the stainless has two handle options to match the rest of their appliance line. I like its LCD screen and Culinary Center control system.

Jenn-Air JMC2430WS - $1899-$2099

  • SpeedCook combines features of both microwaving with convection cooking and broiling
  • Combo Cooking-convection microwave
  • 4.3” Color menu driven LCD display
  • Steam Cook option-precise results when using a steamer
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Auto sensor microwave-senses humidity released by food for optimal results
  • Keep Warm option
  • Soften/Melt mode
  • Auto Convection Conversion-takes the guess work out of adapting recipes

Miele vs. Jenn-Air Speed Ovens

Both brands produce a great product. They both offer very similar base features (combi cooking, convection oven, LCD displays, etc.) but Miele offers some compelling features. The MasterChef is truly compelling. It’s literally set it and forget it but there are also a couple additional features.

First is the roast probe. The oven can be set to the desired internal temperature of the item and then shut off automatically when the probe reaches that temperature. Also, the AutoRoast feature is awesome. The oven sears the item by initially heating to a very high temperature to seal in the flavor then drops back down to the proper cooking temperature. Miele also uses an infrared broiler versus a standard electric broil element like the Jenn-Air. Infrared offers far greater results for searing as it has a higher concentration of heat directly to the cooked item.

You will, however, pay more than $900 for the Miele. Jenn-Air also has advantageous rebate programs for multiple purchases.

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Brett Lucero

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