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Brett Lucero

Brett Lucero has been with Yale Appliance + Lighting since 2005, working in our delivery team before transitioning to the sales department. Brett enjoys spending time snowboarding, striper fishing, and golfing.

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The Best Microwave Drawers for 2017 (Ratings / Reviews)

by Brett Lucero

It seems the microwaves presence in the kitchen is on the decline in recent years. Typically, a microwave takes up valuable work space on the countertop or upper cabinet space (especially in the case of built-ins).

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Are Steam Washing Machines Worth It? (Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Steam has become more popular as the price difference between steam washers and regular front load washers has diminished over the last few years.

Regardless, laundry is generally cheaper to buy around holidays with rebates and promotions.

“I get the point of steam in a dryer but what does it do in a washer?”

This is a question I’ve been posed numerous times in the past. Is there some actual benefit of this feature? Let's look at the features and decide the value.

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Topics: Steam Washers

Jenn-Air with Nest vs. Miele MasterChef Plus Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Brett Lucero

Remember The Jetson's? The family would talk into their oven and out would come cooked food instantaneously. Well, we are not there yet.

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Topics: Miele, Jenn-Air, Wall Ovens

Jenn-Air vs. BlueStar Gas 48 Inch Professional Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Brett Lucero

It is amazing, but these products have almost nothing in common. The burners, oven, griddle and controls (or lack of) all work differently. Jenn-Air, like Wolf and Miele, is commercial with the clock, timers of a residential range. BlueStar is simply a restaurant range modified for the home.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Professional Ranges, BlueStar

Best 48 Inch Pro Gas Rangetops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Brett Lucero

You really have two choices in kitchen design. You can buy a range and have burners, or a cooktop and an oven in one general area.

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Topics: Wolf, Thermador, Miele, Jenn-Air, Professional Ranges

BlueStar Side Swing Professional Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Take a look at this row of professional ranges. See something different?

That's right. BlueStar is the only one with a side swing door. It is unique. But should you consider it in your kitchen?

We look at the attributes of a side swing door, but first we'll look at BlueStar as a company and other features of their professional range.

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Topics: Professional Ranges, BlueStar

Best 30 Inch French Door Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Brett Lucero

There are three popular widths for refrigerators: 36", 33" and 30". Why are they so popular? Appliances fit cabinets. You will never see a 37" refrigerator, because it cannot fit inside a popular cabinet.

That being said, a 36" is by far the most popular and has the most selection. You are probably reading this because you cannot find a decent 30 inch refrigerator. It is pretty amazing, because most city apartments can only fit a 30 inch fridge.

There are very few actually, because most 30 inch seems to be for less expensive ($499 and up) top mounted refrigerators. However, French doors have better refrigeration space and are generally considered nicer looking.

Below are some of the best 30” French door refrigerators.

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Topics: Refrigerators, French Door Refrigerators

LG vs Samsung Front Load Washers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Brett Lucero

LG versus Samsung. They are both Korean manufacturers that recently burst on the appliance scene.

For LG it was about 10 years ago and Samsung about five. Both are widely regarded for style, features and technology.

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Topics: Front Load Washers, Samsung, LG Electronics

Best Double Drawer French Door Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Whirlpool introduced the first French door refrigerator in the 1980's, but discontinued them. In the 90's, the choice became side by side or top freezer. Then bottom refrigeration became popular, then French door refirgerators and now French door double drawers refrigerators.

Double drawers are a bit harder to buy then a regular French door, because the inside and extra drawer differs between manufacturers. It can be confusing. We look at the four most popular and then compare.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, GE, French Door Refrigerators, Samsung, LG Electronics

Bosch Benchmark vs. Jenn-Air Induction Range (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

by Brett Lucero

Bosch and Jenn-Air have both introduced new slide-in induction ranges. Today we’ll compare what sets these two ranges apart.

You might be confused with so many similarities. We will look at both companies, products as well as induction technology. 

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Induction Ranges, Bosch Benchmark

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