Should You Buy a Kitchen Appliance Package From the Same Brand?

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Appliance packages are a relatively new phenomenon, becoming popular 15 years ago and accelerating during the recession. We’ll look at the benefits, and whether you should consider buying products from the same brand for your kitchen.

One of the advantages to buying all your appliances from the same manufacturer is aesthetics. See these Frigidaire appliances? There are actually three different series. All have different handles and aesthetics, and that is true for most brands. Even the stainless has different shades.

As important as aesthetics are, rebates have become a huge part of the appliance business. At certain times, the incentives can be 30-35% of the actual product value. However, you have to buy at least two or more from same manufacturer.

There’s one time when it might not make sense to buy a package from the same brand. In integrated kitchens, most of the appliances are paneled, so there’s no real contrast of aesthetics. On the super premium side as well, two of the biggest companies, Miele and Sub-Zero, have either no rebate program or very little in terms of dollar savings.

Lastly, you should buy what you like. Whether it is a powerful stove or quiet dishwasher regardless of rebates. However, in many instances, you will probably conclude aesthetics and rebates are just a smarter way of buying an appliance package.

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