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Miele PerfectCool Integrated Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

October 13th, 2015 | 3 min. read

By Francesco Froio

So you want the look of an integrated refrigerator but can’t figure out how where it will fit. Perhaps, the $7,000-$10,000 price tag for a Sub-Zero or Thermador could be an issue.

We often see concerns due to the height and width of most 84 inch tall integrated refrigerators. Miele has recently released a new line-up of integrated refrigerators solving the sizing and pricing issues.

Let's look at the company and then the new products.

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Miele is a German company that was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkmann, originally creating a factory to make cream separators. Today, Miele is the largest family-owned appliance company in the world, still led by the Miele and Zinkmann families.

Miele is one of the most reliable brands carried at Yale, at an astonishingly low 2.9% service rate in the first year. One of the reasons for this is their extreme detail in quality assurance, and the fact that they only outsource a miniscule amount of parts in their products. 

That being said, Miele does not manufacture refrigerators. Their US integrated products is produced in Thermador's Turkish facility. These units are similar to products sold in Europe manufactured by Liebherr. 

Miele does add value with exclusive features inside the refrigerator like lighting and better temperature control within the bins. They are really outsourcing the box and adding the interior. 

Integrated Refrigeration

Integrated refrigeration has become an extremely popular choice in kitchen design. Being fully integrated it allows you to completely blend into your cabinetry so much that it would be hard to distinguish your refrigerator from your cabinets.

Can you tell where the refrigerator is in this line-up?

These products will also be more energy efficient than other types of refrigeration. The reason for this is because they are even shallower than a traditional built-in or counter-depth, so it will require less energy in order to cool. 

Individual refrigerator and freezer columns also give you the flexibility of having two smaller units in separate parts of the kitchen for even more design flexibility.

New Miele PerfectCool Refrigerator Series

They have 3 models in this line-up: 24” all refrigerator, 24” all freezer, and a 24” bottom mount refrigerator / freezer. They are also only 70” tall, which is much smaller than the typical 84” height integrated units on the market. All these units are panel ready with no option to purchase a stainless steel door.

Let’s take a look at the different models:

24” Bottom Freezer Refrigerator KFNS 37692 iDE - $3499.99

  • FlexiLight – Shelf Mounted LED Lighting
  • Soft Close Door
  • DynaCool Air Circulation
  • Easy Sensor Controls
  • PerfectFresh Pro Bins

24” Freezer Column FNS 37492 iE – $3399.99

Freezer on left

  • PerfectFresh Bins
  • Soft Close Door
  • NoFrost Bins
  • Easy Sensor Controls
  • Plumbed IceMaker

24” Refrigerator Column KS 37472 iD - $3099.99

Refrigerator on left

  • FlexiLight Shelf Mounted LED Lighting
  • PerfectFresh Drawers
  • Bottle Rack
  • Comfort Clean Dishwasher safe Shelves
  • Soft Close Storage Drawers

Due to the size of these units, you will notice a much smaller capacity. The refrigerator column is 10.2 cubic feet, the freezer column 7.8 cu. ft, and the bottom mount fridge / freezer 8.2 cu. ft. The all refrigerator column has more capacity is due to the increased door bin storage. 

There are some nice features to like in regards to food preservation such as the PerfectFresh Pro bins. It will keep fruits and vegetables fresher for a longer period of time, by having a perforated cover over the bin that keeps them at the ideal temperature for freshness. 

I also like the FlexiLight LED shelves in the refrigeration unit adjustable for the best lighting no matter where food is stored.

One important installation note is the venting requirements for these refrigerators. Although they are only 69 ¾” tall they require a space of 78 ¾” for proper venting. The units will vent out from the top rear so you will need to plan to have either a venting grill over the unit, in between the housing and ceiling, or through a suspended ceiling.


From a price perspective these units are about half the cost of most integrated columns on the market.

However, most of the others are wider and taller for more capacity. I would recommend this unit if you want an integrated look to blend into custom cabinetry, but do not have the space for more standard size units. 

The venting requirements over the top can cause a lot of service issues if not installed properly. I like these for specialty sizes. However, the 84 inch sizes will offer bigger capacity with no addition venting concerns.

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Francesco Froio

Francesco Froio is the General Manager at Yale Appliance in Boston. Francesco has over 15 years of sales experience. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife and three boys. He also is, of course, a big Boston sports fan.

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