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Electrolux vs. Miele Front Load Washers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

January 15th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Most people really never make this choice based on measurement. Miele is 24 inch and is designed to fit in tight spaces or under a counter. Electrolux is a standard size at 27 inches wide. Almost every other feature as well as price is different as well.

I just renovated my laundry area and decided to change my 12 year old Miele for a new Electrolux in the newly larger area. The dryer on the Miele wasn't working properly even though I could have had it fixed. However, this post will compare both machines, both companies and the evolution of the front load washers over the last 12 years.

Let's look at the companies:


Miele is the largest family owned appliance company in the world. They are specifically known for their dishwashers and laundry. Unlike every other company, Miele manufactures almost all of its components and produces all of their products in one German factory. This stringent approach to production creates a longer lasting machine with fewer service calls. At 2.9% service incidence in the first year, Miele is the least serviced brand at Yale.


Electrolux is the largest appliance brand in the world and based in Sweden. They have been in the US since the early 90s with their acquisition of Frigidaire. The brand Electrolux has been introduced more recently and has had its share of issues, mostly due to refrigerator issues.

Unlike Miele, Electrolux is a global manufacturer. The laundry is actually manufactured in Mexico, but a good share of their products are produced in the US. Their products are feature driven and the quality is more consistent with the rest of the industry at about 20% within the the first year.

Electrolux vs. Miele Front Load Washer

electrolux-front-load-laundry-jan-2014 miele-front-load-compact-laundry-jan-2014

Electrolux EIFLS55IIW & EIMED55IIW $1749

Miele W3037 $1999 & Condensation Dryer T8023C $1499


I will be honest. I stuffed the heck out of my Miele, and it always worked and held a lot of laundry. Remember, compact front loaders still have no agitator and are about the size of a regular top load washer. Electrolux, however, is much larger at 4.2 cubic foot. I went on a bike trip for 10 days, and the Electrolux washed everything with room to spare. In the last 12 years, front load laundry has become larger, except for 24 inch which is the same size.


Electrolux also has more cycles and a better display than the Miele. I like two cycles in particular. Steam is an excellent cycle to refresh fabrics or blast out heavy stains. Steam is a recent phenomenom in washer being introduced first by LG about 7 years ago.

I also like the quick cycle of 18 minute wash and dry. The quickest for my older Miele was over an hour. Those are the best for me, but Electrolux has tons of options. Candidly, I will use just the basics.

Fine Washables

Miele's improvement has been the HoneyComb or perforated drum. Fabrics do not touch the bottom of the drum, because of the perforations. The fabrics glide over the surface. Miele can wash fine washables in their washer, whereas most cannot.


I live on a third floor walk up in Boston. The Miele used to shake the floors. I would only wash my clothes when my downstairs neighbor was not around. Electrolux and other front load manufacturers have improved vibration due to the popularity of third floor installations.

Which do you choose?

As I said before, most people do not have a choice. The decision is difficult as they both have very different attributes. Miele is the quality leader and will break down way less on average than any other machine. It is also the only machine with the ability to wash silks and fine washables.

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Steve Sheinkopf

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