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Dacor vs. Miele Induction Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

July 22nd, 2015 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

If you are shopping for a new induction range, then two of the premium brands you may want to consider are Dacor and Miele.

Both are luxury appliance brands with different philosphies.Both companies are, however, family owned

We will briefly look at both companies, their products and then compare at the end.First, let us review the benefits of induction and how it actually works.


Induction is magnetic heat. The magnets excite the metal in the pan and the pan actually cooks the food.

It is the fastest and most responsive burner on the market. It is even faster than a professional gas burner

Induction is also the most efficient, so it requires less venting than gas burners.

I also like the induction for families, because children can not turn on the range accidentally. It only heats up when it senses metal (the pan) on the burner (Read: Why is Induction Cooking Better?).




German based Miele is the older of the two companies, with over a hundred years in existence and distributes it products in more than 40 countries worldwide. They are known for their rigorous manufacturing standards and product reliability.  

Their induction products are in fact brand new to the market.

Miele 30" Induction Range HR1622i - $6,999 


The Miele HR1622i 30” induction range has both M touch and backlit precision knobs for control of the range functions.

The oven is fitted with TwinPower convection fans for  faster circulation of heat, and a wireless roast probe.

Induction Top

Residual heat indicators for each cooking zone indicate when surfaces are still hot, automatic pot size recognition, and booster function on all cooking zones are handy functions.


In addition, it has been programed with more selective modes including convection surround slow and auto roast options, warm-up cookware, rapid preheat, Sabbath mode, pizza, keep warm, reheat, browning, moisture plus, and defrost.

Its safety features include a safety shut-off when the appliance is not in use and a system lock.  


However, the real advantage is the MasterChef and MasterChef controls. It has a GUI interface (like your smart phone).

All you do is choose the meat and level of doneness and the oven automatically sets the time and temperature.

Have a look at Miele's MasterChef Plus controls here:


The MasterChef Plus is a setting for 16 types of bread. It cooks bread by injecting steam during the cycle. The moisture creates the crust on the bread.

Steam assist injection is a great finisher to foods like pizza. It crisps the cheese on top, keeping the bread inside moist (note: you need to run a water line to the range).


California based Dacor has been in existence for 50 years, and distributes its products in only North America.

They are real innovators and can be credited with the first convection 30” ovens, first induction ranges and first wall ovens with internet capability.  This is in contrast to Mieles' slow to market approach

Their products have always been state of the art and super functional.

Dacor Renaissance 30" Induction Range RNR30N - $5,299



The oven is equipped with two adjustable gliding racks in their large 4.8 cubic foot oven.


Induction Top

The Induction top also has a SenseTech™ induction technology, which automatically detects the presence and size of your cookware. This function also turns off the burner automatically within 30 seconds if no pan is detected to help save energy.



This range features six oven cooking modes, which provide different automatic modes for various foods.

Safety features include a child lock-out feature which disables the controls when the range is not in use, and residual heat indicator lights which remain on when the ceramic surface is still hot.


The Dacor Renaissance induction range series has a wide digital glass touch control panel for seamless and easy control of all functions including, delay timed cooking and automatic hold. 



I like the Dacor, especially the precise digital controls for the burners versus the knobs on the Miele. It is also $1,700 less than the Miele range.

However, when you start from the drawing board and have access to technology, you can really create a truly better product.  

The MasterChef feature on the Miele are really the best controls offered on the market. It will allow you to cook not only better, but differently in ways you cannot with any other range, especially with steam. 

Miele is also the most reliable brand we sell at Yale. For that reason, if price isn’t an issue, consider the Miele.

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