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New Thermador Vs. Wolf Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

June 21st, 2019 | 5 min. read

By Nic Dednah

The most popular comparison for luxury wall ovens is Thermador vs. Wolf.  

When we last reviewed Thermador and Wolf, Thermador was less expensive with Wolf having better features.

Now that Thermador has extensively redesigned their products, is Wolf still better?

In this article, you will learn about the differences between Thermador and Wolf double wall ovens, their best features, their main differences, and lastly, their reliability based on 34,687 service calls reported by our service department.

In the end, you will have a concrete idea of what to consider for you and your family.

Thermador Wall Ovens

Thermador is part of the multinational BSH company and is one of the most popular luxury appliance brands currently on the market.

Their new wall oven has some unique features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, rotisserie, and an advanced meat probe.

Thermador Wall Oven Models

Masterpiece Style


Yale Appliance Boston Showroom - Thermador Masterpiece Wall Oven Display

Professional Style


Yale Appliance Boston Showroom - Thermador Professional Wall Oven Display

Standard Wall Ovens:


  • Proud or Flush Installation - Flexibility with the style of installation      
  • True Convection - Precise airflow to ensure even cooking      
  • Fast Self-Cleaning  - Self-Cleaning that only takes 2 hours
  • SoftClose Hinges - Door will never slam shut      
  • Fast Preheat - Oven will preheat in about 7 minutes +/-    
  • Temperature Probe - Oven shuts off at a specific internal temperature

Deluxe Wall Ovens


  • Max Broil - 4800 Watt Broiling Element
  • Multi-Point Probe - Ensures a perfect internal temperature
  • Rotisserie - 12-pound capacity rotisserie (dishwasher safe)
  • 4 Telescopic Racks - Standard version comes with only 2
  • 3 Extra Cooking Modes (16 Total) - Adds Max Broil, Max Convection Broil, and Rotisserie

In their line, they offer a MasterPiece Series, with a touch panel and a Professional Series with knobs.


Thermador MasterPiece Touch Control Panel

Both series offer convection, a temperature probe, and ball bearing racks, similar to Wolf. However, Thermador’s Deluxe version wall ovens allow more features.

The Deluxe wall ovens added features like “Max Broil,” a commercial-style rotisserie, multi-point temperature probe, and four easy glide racks (2 in the non-deluxe version).

The added features are no longer limited to the Professional Series wall ovens. You can now choose the Masterpiece or Professional look in either standard or deluxe versions.

The first is the option called “Max Broil.” If you love a good steak, this may be the oven for you. The Max Broil feature will turn Thermador’s normal 3,000 watts, 12 pass broil element up to 5,000 watts for better searing.

The second option is the built-in Commercial Style Rotisserie. This rotisserie can cook up to a 12-pound roast or poultry evenly on all sides while sealing in all the meat’s juices.



An additional unique feature for a high-end brand is their seven-minute fast preheat.

The third option is the multi-point temperature probe. Both the standard and deluxe ovens feature temperature probes.

However, the multi-point probe has three areas at which it reads the temperature. The standard only reads the temperature at the tip of the probe.

The multi-point probe doesn’t require you to have the tip of the temperature probe perfectly centered in your roast to ensure you achieve the appropriate internal temperature.

It is also Wi-Fi enabled so you download recipes and control the oven remotely.

You can also buy in a side swing model, so you don't have to lift your turkey over a door.  They also have combination wall ovens with steam and microwave as well. 

What Thermador Did Not Improve

The look is new, and the Wi-Fi is cool along with the added features.

However, they did not change the internal mechanisms. You are still using basic, single convection with no menu-driven functionality.


Wolf is the second largest family-owned appliance company in the world, after Miele.

For years Wolf has set the standard, offering two of the best convection systems available, with their duel convection and “verticross” blower convection system.

Wolf Wall Oven Models


E-Series Dual Convection


  • Proud or Flush Installation - Achieve whatever installation look you desire
  • Dual Convection - Ensure a precise temperature and even cooking
  • Temperature Probe - Oven shuts off at a specific internal temperature
  • Ball Bearing Rack - Makes heavy dishes easy to insert and remove
  • Feature - definition or use



  • Tubular Blower - Tubular blowers vertically mounted to promote extremely even heating
  • Wolf Gourmet - Guided Cooking walks you through recipes step by step
  • Deeper Cavity - 3.3 Cubic Feet of usable space vs. 2.3 on E series
  • More Style Options - Offers the transitional look in stainless steel style has knobs

Wolf elevated cooking with their newer convection system. As pictured, the new dual verticross convection system features two corner column fans, allowing for the best heat saturation and distribution when cooking.

Their ovens have a 7-inch full-color LCD touch panel display, as well as a 14% larger interior oven cavity.

The ovens will have a redesigned heating element, that will not only preheat faster but cook faster.

In addition, they have added “Wolf Gourmet”. This feature will offer a menu of presets automatically controlling the cooking of commonly prepared meals.

It even determines the best rack position to take any guesswork out of cooking.

Their E series is less expensive but still offers twin convection.  Their system is better than other convection types because the fans work independently based on temperature eliminating any cold spots.

The M-Series of Wolf Wall ovens have three different styles you can choose from.

  1. Transitional: Sleek with a traditional tubular handle.
  2. Professional: Offers physical knobs to match with a pro handle to match their pro ranges.
  3. Contemporary: Offer a sleek look and handle free design can be installed flush.

Wolf vs. Thermador Wall Ovens


Wolf E Series Wall Ovens

Wolf M-Series Ovens

Thermador Standard Wall Ovens

Thermador Deluxe Wall Ovens


4.5 cu.ft

5.1 cu.ft

4.5 cu.ft

4.5 cu.ft


3 styles

4 styles

2 styles

2 styles

Guided Cooking










Differences between Wolf and Thermador

Whether the E-Series or their newer M-Series, Wolf has the better convection system with either the twin or blower style. Thermador has a better broiler and a rotisserie.

Wolf's M-Series offers guided cooking along with the rack placement while Thermador's recipes are accessible with a Wi-Fi connection.

Wall Oven Reliability

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Jenn-Air 103 363 28.37 %
Wolf 77 451 17.07 %
Thermador 61 270 22.59 %
Bosch Appliances 53 341 15.54 %
Miele 33 303 10.89 %
Bosch - Benchmark 28 134 20.90 %
Kitchenaid 23 138 16.67 %
Whirlpool 6 71 8.45 %
Samsung 4 22 18.18 %
Gaggenau 3 38 7.89 %
Frigidaire Professional 3 2 150.00 %
BlueStar 2 8 25.00 %
Frigidaire 2 1 200.00 %
Dacor 1 0  
Bertazzoni 1 15 6.67 %
Blomberg 1 6 16.67 %
Frigidaire Gallery 1 3 33.33 %
Fisher & Paykel 0 9 0.00 %
Samsung Chef Collection 0 2 0.00 %
Electrolux 0 2 0.00 %
LG Electronics 0 1 0.00 %
Amana 0 4 0.00 %
Maytag 0 1 0.00 %
Grand Total 402 2185 18.40 %

Wolf is about 5.5% more reliable than the Thermador wall ovens based on sales vs service data for 2018.  Most of the more reliable wall ovens have basic functions.

Which Wall Oven Should You Buy?

Comparing both Wolf and Thermador’s wall ovens, they are both excellent. It’s a tough choice.

Thermador has the better rotisserie, broiler, and is a lower price than the Wolf. You also have better promotions with free dishwashers and hoods with qualified purchases.  

The Wi-Fi will enable you to look up recipes and activate the oven remotely.

Wolf still has a much better cooking system, twin convection in the E series, and the newer blower convection in the M-Series.

You will also have guided cooking with the Wolf.

Even after all the changes, Thermador may be a bit closer, but Wolf is still a better cooking appliance. Thermador is the less expensive alternative by $1,000 to 2,000 plus promotions.

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