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The Best 30-Inch Gas Cooktops (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  August 30, 2019  |  12 Min. Read

Wolf  |  Thermador  |  Jenn-Air  |  Gas Cooktops  |  Bosch  |  BlueStar

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It's easy to be confused when buying cooktops and any built-in products. The familiar and popular brands like GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, Frigidaire, and Electrolux are not as strong in the cooktop category as they are in ranges.

Thus, your decision is now based on less-known specialists like Wolf, Fisher & Paykel, Thermador, and Jenn-Air.

As confusing as built-in cooktops can be, think of it as comparing only half of a stove.

It's a much easier decision with that mindset than the rest of your kitchen decisions, such as what kind of tiles, flooring, colors, and fixtures you want.

This article will show you the best products, their differences, and what features to look for in a cooktop.

The Best 30-inch Gas Cooktops For 2019

Jenn-Air JGC7530BS - $1,899

Jenn-Air cooktop JGC7530BS


  • Electronic Ignition and SureFlame Ignition Protection - SureFlame ignition protection prevents the burner flame from being extinguished by a sudden draft.
  • Cast Metal Knobs - These sleek controls offer substantial heft and precision while complementing the cooktop’s surface.
  • Low-Profile Design - With an extremely low profile, you can have a minimal look —nearly flush with the countertop - for an integrated transition to the cooktop.
  • 20,000 BTU Dual-Stacked burner- Power burner can sear, rabid boil, or achieve high heat for wok cooking and can reach ultra-low 700 BTU to melt the butter without scorching.
  • 12,000 BTU Burner - Experience a sturdy burner that’s ideal for everyday cooking but can also be used for sautéing or pan-frying.
  • 9,000 BTU Burner- A burner that reaches a maximum power level of 9,000 BTUs and fulfills most everyday cooking functions.
  • 6,000 BTU Simmer Burner - Melt chocolate and butter or simmer sauces just below boiling with a high-precision burner that offers a wide range of power.
  • May Be Installed Over Jenn-Air 30" Electric Single Oven - This luxury electric radiant cooktop can be installed over a Jenn-Air® electric single oven, offering additional design flexibility

Fisher & Paykel CG305DLPX1N - $1,299

Fisher and Paykel gas cooktop


  • Precise control - Simply turn the dials to ignite the flame quickly and safety. Innovalve technology allows you to adjust the flame with 180° gas valve rotation for super accurate temperature control.
  • Easy handling - With flat cast iron grates, pots and pans can easily be slid across elements, coming in handy in busy cooking environments.
  • Safe and sound - The Auto-reignite system means you don't have to hold down a dial while burners ignite - if a burner goes out it is automatically relit at the original flame setting.
  • Designed to match - The brushed stainless steel and polished metal trim has been designed for durability but also provides a modern, stylish finish, matching the Fisher & Paykel family of kitchen appliances.
  • Easy cleaning - The stainless steel component is easily accessible and quick to clean. Cast iron trivets provide a durable and stable cooking platform. Their rubber feet prevent them from scratching the cooktop.
  • Handy accessories - This cooktop comes with a small pan support and wok stand to complement different cooking styles.

Samsung NA30N6555TS - $999

Samsung gas cooktop


  • 19K BTU power burner has two rings - allows for two heating options: quickly bring water to a boil and maintain a simmer.
  • Blue LED illuminated knobs when the cooktop is on
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor the operating status and the power level settings of the cooktop elements as well as change the timer settings.
  • Griddle feature is great for cooking breakfast, making sandwiches, sauteing vegetables, to name a few.
  • Cast iron 3- piece grates
  • Sealed burners make the cooktop easy to clean
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Wolf CG304PS - $1,940

Wolf CG304PS 30-inch Gas Cooktop


  • Stainless steel top construction
  • Four dual-stacked, sealed burners with automatic reignition on all settings
  • One large 18,000 BTU burner, one medium 12,000 BTU/Hr sealed burner and two small 9,200 BTU burners
  • True Simmer setting on all burners – dual-stacked burners that keep the simmer flame a little further from the pot to maintain the precision in heat
  • Illuminated control panel with two-tiered control knobs
  • Low-profile cast iron continuous burner grates with a matte porcelain finish
  • Signature red, black or stainless steel control knobs – coordinates with an array of Wolf wall ovens

Thermador SGSX305FS - $1,799

Thermador SGSX305FS 30-inch Gas Cooktop


  • Overall 52,000 BTU output
  • Powerful 16,000 BTU Center Burner – provides substantial power for boiling water, searing foods or any high heat cooking such as stir-frying
  • Single point ignition - only burner that is being used is ignited
  • Exclusive 200 BTU ExtraLow burners for perfect simmering – great for melting chocolate, butter or maintaining the right consistency of delicate sauces
  • Exclusive, patented Star Burner provides superior performance – giving you more even heat distribution
  • Continuous grates allow pots and pans to glide smoothly across the cooktop
  • Progressive illuminated control panel with metal knobs – illuminates to indicate what level each burner is powered by
  • High-grade, quality die-cast metal knobs
  • The sleek control panel features glass and stainless steel – the durable composition of this cooktop can withstand the use of even the less than careful chef
  • Knobs feature a safety "push to turn" system

What Is The Best Gas Cooktop For 2019?

There is no clear winner for the very best, so it's important to consider various components that best fit your lifestyle.

Let's look at the major components you should consider and the winners for each.


Jenn-Air JGC7530BS

Fisher & Paykel CG305DLPX1N

Samsung NA30N6555TS

Wolf CG305PS 

Thermador SGSX305FS


30"W X 21"D X 4 1/2"H

30"W x 207/8D x 2 5/16"H

30''W x 22 1/3''D x

30"W x 4"H x 21"D 

31"W x 21 1/4" D x 3 3/16" H

Top Burner Rating

20,000 BTUs

19,000 BTUs

19,000 BTUs 

18,000 BTUs 

16,000 BTUs 

Simmer Burner Rating


3,500 BTU

5000 BTUs

9,200 BTUs

200 BTUs

# of Burners





Open or Sealed Burners






Best Cooktops for Simmering

Winners: Thermador and Wolf

Thermador has the lowest simmer because they have an intermittent simmer to keep low median temperature.

Wolf has a 3-stage burner with a smaller flame from the top at the simmer setting with a low of 500 BTU versus 200 for Thermador. Wolf can simmer on all burners versus two on Thermador.

Most Powerful Cooktops

Winners: Jenn-Air, Samsung, and Fisher & Paykel

Jenn Air has a Dual stacked 20,000 BTU burner, while Samsung and Fisher & Paykel tie both with wok burners up to 19K BTU’s.

Best Cooktops for Aesthetics

Winners: Jenn-Air and Fisher & Paykel

Both cooktops sit the most flush and are theoretically the easiest to clean.

Best Cooktops for Value

Winners: Samsung, Jenn-Air, and Thermador

Samsung looks good for the price as an individual unit. Jenn-Air and Thermador have great rebate programs throughout the year.

The Most Reliable Cooktop

Winner: Wolf

Wolf is the most reliable cooktop on this list based on over 36,687 completed service calls.

Most Reliable Gas Cooktops for 2019

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Kitchenaid 1 41 2.44 %
Samsung 1 9 11.11 %
Bosch Appliances 14 123 11.38 %
Fisher & Paykel 1 8 12.50 %
Wolf 23 168 13.69 %
Jenn-Air 22 137 16.06 %
Thermador 22 130 16.92 %
Bosch - Benchmark 5 26 19.23 %
Miele 6 27 22.22 %
Gaggenau 8 18 44.44 %
Bertazzoni 1 1 100.00 %
Grand Total 104 724 14.36 %

Last year, our service department logged over 36,000 service calls. We measure reliability as service calls divided by sales over 12 months.

In terms of reliability, the five best are about the same with Samsung and Fisher & Paykel being the best. Bosch and KitchenAid were sold to builders, so their results are unclear.

Builder sales require less service because move-ins can happen over years. Also, I am not certain whether all the residents call us with their service problems.

Cooktops need service on par with appliances in general at 14.36% versus appliances as a category at 13.4%.

It is important to know what company will be fixing your new cooktop (and your appliances).

Research repair with the same effort as your purchase decisions.

If you want to learn everything you need to know about gas cooktops from reliability to the benefits of gas cooking, click here for our free buying guide. 

Best Cooktop for Wi-Fi Connectivity

Winner: Wi-Fi Samsung

Right now Samsung is the only company with Wi-Fi on this list for now.

There is no question. Smart appliances are the future in this industry. One day, you will press a button on your range for your turkey, and your oven will prepare it to your liking.

That oven will also scan the ingredients in your refrigerator and order automatically for home delivery. It will then set the proper cycle on your dishwasher to clean your dishes.

But we are not there yet.

Presently, the Samsung cooktop can sync with your hood to exhaust. It can also be turned on/off remotely with an app on your phone.

Smart appliances are in their infancy with only basic functions. There are also connectivity and security issues to be addressed by all manufacturers.

Our Final Advice 

Ultimately, it depends on what you value. Remember a cooktop is half a range. You are only comparing power, simmer, reliability, and price.

Another big factor in choosing the right cooktop for you is the configuration of the burners and placement of the knobs. Find the cooktop best suited for how you cook.

Save money by timing or combining your purchase.

Cooktops have become more price-oriented with Samsung in the market. Samsung is not an off-brand with poor design and reliability. Their products are reliable and beautifully styled.

So, other companies have to take notice or their lose market share. 

Samsung's problem mirrors many other companies because service and support in many areas can be lacking. Their popularity makes it much worse. You have to be doubly sure there is repair in your area.

However, will you pay almost double for a Wolf and 50% more for Thermador when Samsung will have decent features for much less.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a cooktop and a rangetop?


You are probably confused about what the difference is. The main difference between a cooktop and rangetop is their installation or how your rangetop or cooktop sits on your counter. 

Think of it this way: You are comparing the top half of a professional range to the top half of a regular range.

Rangetops look like a professional gas range without the oven below. The knobs sit on the front of the unit, and they have a bulkier, more industrial appearance.

They also are available with either a griddle or grill component in the larger 36, 48, and 60-inch sizes.

Cooktops, on the other hand, sit on top of the counter and are cut into the countertop. They are only available in 30 and 36-inch sizes. 

Traditionally, rangetops were known to have more powerful burners than a cooktop. However, cooktops today have one or two professional burners with a less expensive price tag.

Unfortunately, they are installed differently as we said before. You do not want to make this mistake.

Rangetops have to be installed on the cabinet while cooktops are installed into the counter.

Cooktops are suitable for new and existing kitchens while it's hard to install a rangetop in an existing cooktop opening.

If you are considering a rangetop or starting new construction, plan ahead with your cabinet maker.

2. What are the best cooktop brands for 2019?

The best gas cooktop brands to consider are:

  • Thermador
  • Wolf 
  • Jenn-Air
  • Samsung
  • Fisher & Paykel 



Part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. Did you know they are the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in the world?

Founded in 1916 in California by William E. Cranston, and began as a manufacturer of electric items, most notably portable and built-in heaters.

In 1932, Thermador established its appliance manufacturing as Cranston merged with business owner H.H. Fogwell to form the Thermador Electric Manufacturing Company. Thermador is now owned by the Bosch Company since the 1990s.

The Bosch Benchmark series launched in early 2014 as Bosch's premium line.



The Sub-Zero Freezer Company was founded in 1945, by Westye F. Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin. For more than 70 years, Wolf has been synonymous with professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels.

In March of 2000, the company became part of Sub-Zero and was adapted for the serious in-home cook. Adapting to an ever-growing kitchen design segment.

Sub-Zero, reinvested in Wolf and redesigned the line completely with better simmers and double convection technology in the ovens.

Get our free guide which explains all the popular features for gas cooking products.



The original Jenn-Air Products Company was founded by Louis J. Jenn in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1947, later becoming simply Jenn-Air. In the early years, the company focused on manufacturing and marketing of industrial fans for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

In 1961, Jenn-Air's integration of one of these fans to a cooktop range lead to the invention of the first self-ventilated downdraft range.

The company grew its product line to include many other kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and small appliances such as mixers and blenders.

Unfortunately, the brand languished after it was purchased by Maytag and the demand for downdrafts dissipated in the 1990s. With investment from Whirlpool, once again, Jenn-Air is a brand to be considered in the professional range category.



Samsung is a Korean based industrial company founded in 1938 by Byung-Chul Lee. They have been known for very innovative electronics such as televisions and cell phones.

Samsung is now one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world and the number one brand in sales in the U.S.

In 2015, They bought built-in specialist Dacor and now are marketing built-in products under the Dacor and Samsung labels

Samsung in any market has consequences for the existing brands and how you shop in general.

Fisher & Paykel


Fisher & Paykel have been designing products since 1934. Since then, it has grown into a global company in over 50 countries. They manufacture products in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Thailand, and New Zealand.

They are known for their high-quality apartment size appliances, especially refrigeration. Most recently Fisher & Paykel was purchased by Haier out of China.

You may know Haier for buying and turning around GE appliances.

3. What are the best features to look for in a new cooktop?


Here are the best features to look for in a new cooktop. 

  • Cleanup: Look for removable knobs and an upswept lip or rim to contain spills. Look for sealed burners and grates that are dishwasher-safe.
  • Burner Layout: Many cooktops come with burners designed explicitly for low-heat tasks (like simmering) or high-heat tasks (boiling). There should be enough space between burners to use several pots at once without juggling them. Smaller burners should be in front so that you attend to tasks that require close attention, like simmering.
  • Controls: Make sure they're easy to access and are legible. Touchpad (electric only) controls are easier to use than knobs or dials. Knobs on the front of the cooktop (rather than the side) offer more cooking space and are further away from the burners making your hands less vulnerable to burns. They can also be easier for children to reach; some models have a push-in and turn feature for safety.

If you want to learn more about what to consider when buying a gas cooktop, click here for our free buying guide. 

4. How many BTUs do I need for my cooktop?

BTU’s choices will depend on how the customer would like to cook. High BTU's for wok cooking and searing. Low BTU for simmering and melting without scorching.

On a ten-year-old cooktop, the max BTU was about 15,000. Now you can buy burners 19,000-25,000 on cooktops and rangetops

5. When is the best time to buy a cooktop?

For commodity brands like Samsung, LG, and GE, buy around holidays for the best price. You can save 10-30% just simply by purchasing your appliances around Black Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents' Day, and July 4th.

For the premium brands like Wolf, Jenn-Air, and Thermador, combine them with other purchases for rebates.

Thermador has 1,2, free or free dishwashers and hoods with other Thermador purchases. Jenn-Air has a similar $1,200 cashback program.

Additional Resources

Get the Yale Gas Cooking Buying Guide with features, specs, and inside buying tips to all the brands. Well over 580,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

View our gas cooking buying guide

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A few review sites have placed this at the bottom of their articles. So here is our take: Our mission is to find reliable products for you to buy. Other review sites may say this as well.

However, we don’t love every product. Quite frankly, it costs us way too much money in repair costs to support less reliable brands.

In fact, we sell fewer brands than most appliance stores. Here is why:

We feel it is our responsibility to repair your appliances after you buy them.

We now have 30 service technicians, each averaging 8-10 calls a day Monday through Friday, plus another 110 on Saturday. That's over 30,000 service calls logged in one year.

The labor rates of fixing an appliance do not come close to the true cost in any product’s warranty period.

That is why no major retailer has a service department. It costs too much labor, money and time.

Our Blog is a bit different than most others you will read. We cannot write glowing reviews of unreliable products.

Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. Only then they will understand the consequences of their marketing.

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