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Should You Buy a Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range? (Reviews/Ratings)

July 26th, 2021 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Should You Buy the New Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Ranges

Wolf redesigned their dual fuel professional ranges.

In this article, you will learn what Wolf improved in their new dual fuel pro ranges, what they may be missing, and how a Wolf range may fit into your cooking style.

We will also compare Wolf's new ranges and their features against any other brands you may be considering, like Thermador, Miele, JennAir, Hestan, and Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS).

In the end, you will know whether this range is right for you.

New Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range Review

Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range Features

Wolf Pro Range Sizes

Wolf's pro ranges are available in 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches. With these sizes, you have the option of having the stovetop come in all gas burners, gas burners with a griddle, or gas burners with a grill.


Wolf Pro Range Stovetop Options

1. Burners

Wolf improved their burner control and igniters. Their simmer has always been effective, employing a three-stage burner to maintain low heat.

It's just as effective as the Thermador XLO burners with their intermittent simmer of 100 degrees.

Wolf has always been reliable, so it's interesting to see an improvement. What they did not improve was their burner power, with a max of 20,000 BTU.

Some of the new brands have 23,000 BTU burners like SKS or 30,000 BTU like Hestan.

2. Grill

Wolf's infrared grill is excellent. It's better than BlueStar and Vikings all gas grill and certainly better than Thermador's electric grill.

Infrared is a direct heat and is used for better searing. Infrared is used for Lynx's sear element in their professional outdoor bbq grills. Also, a gas grill diffuses the heat and is much harder to clean than infrared.

Wolf improved the grill by adding three settings for different types of food.

3. Griddle

Like the grill, infrared powers the griddle and is the best for consistent directed heat. With infrared, BTU output for the griddle was increased to 15,000 BTU.


Wolf Pro Range Oven

Wolf's oven before was the best in the industry with twin dual convection. Unlike other ovens, Wolf used two thermistors, so the fans worked independently.

Now, Wolf added their Verticross convection system (shown below) using blowers instead of fans. It's been in their wall ovens for years.


Blowers deliver more air than fans for more consistent heat. You also have added space in your oven.

Wolf Pro Range Controls

Gourmet Mode

Gourmet mode is another pre-existing feature from their M-Series wall ovens. The oven will calculate time, temperature, and even rack position by selecting the food type and weight you're cooking.

You also have 50 pre-programmed recipes. The only competitive controls are the Miele MasterChef with 100 recipes and steam functionality for break and hardening foods.

JennAir has their Culinary Centre showing you pictures of how the food will look before it's cooked.

Neither will let you know the best rack position.


The new dual-fuel pro ranges have a touchscreen instead of the old clock and timers. It flips up when not in use.


Wolf officially entered the smart age with a fully functional system to control your phone with an app.

You can preheat your oven, change modes, adjust temperatures, and turn it on or off from your office or your kid's soccer game.

It's the most functional, yet it lacks the recipe tie-ins of the Thermador Home Connect App.

What Wolf Could Have Improved

I am splitting hairs a bit because the range is competitive in the market. The improvements address different cooking styles.


Thermador and SKS have separate steam ovens, so you can cook a meal in steam. Miele has the steam assist to bake bread and harden foods. Wolf does not feature steam in their ovens.

Higher Output Burner



Wolf's power burner maxes out at 20,000 BTU (shown above). Their other burners max out at 18,000 BTU and 15,000 BTU. Wolf's burners are competitive overall, but brands like Hestan, SKS, and BlueStar have higher burner output.

Hestan has a 30,000 BTU burner as well as 23,000 BTUs and 15,000 BTU. BlueStar has 25,000 and 22,000 BTU. SKS has multiple 23,000 BTU burners.


Induction is faster to boil with an infinite simmer. Thermador and SKS have an induction set of burners on their professional ranges, while Fisher & Paykel has half induction and half gas burners on their 48-inch ranges.

Then again, Wolf manufacturers a 36-inch all induction range.

Sous Vide

SKS offers a sous vide water bath on their stovetops. Sous vide cooking uses precision boiling in a bag to cook your food.

Should You Buy a Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range?


Yes, you should consider a Wolf dual fuel pro range. They didn't overhaul the entire range by adding steam, induction, and sous vide features.

However, they improved the necessary parts for using this range successfully. Their infrared grill and griddle are the best you can buy.

Wolf now has the best oven available with a combination of the Gourmet mode and Verticross convection system.

Fro the basics of cooking, Wolf may be the best range on the market.

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