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Best Dishwashers Under $500 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

October 15th, 2020 | 3 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

You're probably wondering if you can buy a good dishwasher for under $500.

A dishwasher that can clean and does not sound like a truck is driving through your house.

There isn't much good news for appliances like dishwashers these days.

The price of steel has been increasing. COVID-19 has interrupted supply chains. Only more expensive products are being built and shipped.

But yes, you can still buy a good inexpensive dishwasher for under $500 if you know where to look.

This article will cover three good dishwashers under $500, their features, and reliability.

Features Unavailable In Dishwashers Under $500

Specialized Cleaning Cycles: You get the basics with these dishwashers like Heavy, Normal, and light wash. There are no specialized sprays or cycles for china and crystal.

Third Rack: I used to think third racks were a gimmick. However, having silverware on the top rack creates more room below for plates.

Quietness: The minimum standard for quietness is 44 dB. One of the brands below is close, but you will hear any dishwasher above 44 dB.

3 Best $500 Dishwashers For 2020

1. Beko DUT25401X Dishwasher – $499


Beko is one of the most popular dishwashers in Europe. They are also own the Blomberg brand and manufacture the Viking dishwasher.

This dishwasher is similar to better dishwashers with its all stainless tub and is the quietest on this list 48 dB.

The upper rank can be changed into three different positions to accommodate pots and pans, like many better dishwashers.

Beko DUT25401X Dishwasher Review [Video]


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2. Bosch 100 Series SHEM3AY52N Dishwasher – $499


Bosch's "entry" line features the Aquaflow protection system. This prevents very expensive water leaks.

The so-called Ascenta is different from its main line of dishwashers.

The bottom is plastic, not stainless, and has a noticeably lighter door. There is no adjustability in the top rack either.

Stil, Bosch is reliable and has a good name if you are a contractor or looking to sell your house.

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3. Samsung DW80R2031US Dishwasher – $476


Samsung technology and design are apparent in their entry-level dishwasher.

The bar handle gives the dishwasher a clean, modern look. The upper rack has multiple height adjustments to fit dishware. It also allows for taller wine glasses.

This dishwasher has four basic cycles, Normal, Auto, Heavy, and Express 60.

However, it is the loudest at 55 dB on this list by far. What does 55 DB sound like?

Listen here by watching the video below. 


Which Dishwasher Brand Is Most Reliable?

Dishwasher Reliability From January 2020 to September 2020 

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Signature Kitchen Suite 1 2 50.00 %
JennAir 117 269 43.49 %
Fisher & Paykel 48 142 33.80 %
GE Appliances 9 46 19.57 %
Thermador 102 592 17.23 %
Cove 9 57 15.79 %
Miele 93 593 15.68 %
Café Appliances 9 63 14.28%
Bosch - Benchmark 10 82 12.20 %
Bosch Appliances 314 2670 11.76 %
GE Profile 7 63 11.11 %
Samsung 94 904 10.40 %
KitchenAid 79 851 9.28 %
LG Electronics 1 16 6.25 %
Beko Appliance 13 372 3.49 %
Whirlpool 14 533 2.63 %
Blomberg 0 224 0.00 %
Grand Total 920 7479 12.30 %

You are looking at our the amount of dishwashers we serviced and shipped from January 2020 to September 2020.

We divide sales into service calls for a service percentage.

Bosch and, surprisingly, Samsung are on this list.

This blog has become a magnet for people who despise Samsung.

The problem with Samsung is their inability to handle issues after the sale. They lack service in certain markets.

You should inquire about service before you buy Samsung (or any other appliance).

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Best Dishwashers Under $500: Key Takeaways

dishwashers-at-yale-appliance-in-hanoverBest-Selling Dishwashers at Yale Appliance in Hanover


First, you can buy a good dishwasher for under $500.

From a feature perspective, the best dishwasher on this list is the new one you have never considered or even heard of.

Beko is an excellent product. It's a new brand, so make sure there is service in your area.

Bosch is the best name with a proven track record.

Samsung is good for apartments and reliability, but it's loud.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Decibel Rating?

A decibel rating (dB) is a measure of sound. The lower the number, the better when buying a dishwasher.

2. What Is The Range Of dB "Quietness"?

Fifty decibels is like the sound of a typing keyboard. Sixty decibels is like the sound of ocean waves crashing. Eighty decibels is as loud as a blow dryer.

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3. Who Is Beko?

One of the top European brands. They are Turkish company-operated worldwide. They are sold in over 140 countries. Beko offers everyday conveniences for household appliances.

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